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#THATSAWINNER! Final: #STLCards 3, #Brewers 2 (13 inn.). W-Freeman (2-0) L-Nelson (2-8)
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@mattbrick1 what's your magic number now?@mattbrick1 very. And I have to turn it off and go to a meeting!Ooh look...a bacon seed 🌿🐷 http://t.co/z8V9D1G11s
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@CarwynCellars You're actually trying to kill me.@hoppysquire @LeMandapantz @_mitchobsession @gerertthegreat @Jforced The imperial stout was tasting pretty good, I thought.@worstbloke As requested: #nowplaying http://t.co/mn3IXpNJ9Y@vivaelbirdos I was so dubious about keeping him in the rotation earlier in the season, but he's come good. Throwing some spectacular stuff.Despite #indyref being a YES/NO question, the Lib Dems have still managed to lose six seats.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiHOW TO KEEP YOUR MOM OFF TWITTER http://t.co/dndMLJ6P2M
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiGoddamn. You could put this album out tomorrow and it would still sound ahead of its time.New washer doesn't arrive until tomorrow. Which means one last trip to the laundromat today. Blergh.@ruminski nice. Np that. MF DOOM is back in fine form. http://t.co/vVMGiWszMW
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@worstbloke Good work!.@ruminski Top choice. Seems sacrilegious going from KISS to JAMC but I just might...
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@worstbloke I think I might do old/new, put on the first Raveonettes album next.@worstbloke Yep. And every time I throw it on I realise that I don't go back to it nearly often enough.#nowplaying http://t.co/BHz4f5vt5L@_thehorse Well I can only hope that my experience has been out of the ordinary. But thanks for the update.Four days and counting waiting on @_thehorse to reply to a simple email about product availability. Shocking customer service.Hands down one of the best pictures I've ever seen #indyref http://t.co/p7bF0MOg6t
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBugger. That Jayhawks version cuts out halfway through. Here is a slightly inferior Louris solo take. ♫ http://t.co/CJ1TS6J44lCan't find the original Golden Smog version on here, so this will have to do. Still a stunning song that has c… ♫ http://t.co/1PzewK79koCNN Poll: Is mathematics important? NO: 476% YES: a donkey http://t.co/0ec1wqpNKp
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI hope the results come in Eurovision style via representatives of each region. "hello Scotland, this is North Lanarkshire calling"
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
"Cokey mime Cale, your finger scares me, and has likely been in bawtles. D:"Favourite YouTube comment ever: "Oh fat Cale, you can give it to me any time bb..."https://t.co/Q9Lmn8oKCvFragments Of A Rainy Season. Something perversely satisfying about listening to a Welshman in the midst of #indyrefOh Scotland, why do this so publicly? :( http://t.co/JGvqRVh2NQ
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIn the case of a 'yes' vote, Dr Leah Clinics will be offering 50% off the removal of any #UnionJack tattoos made obsolete by #indyref
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@JimSRush this reminds me of @pwcc.#Bill gives very specific but very important life advice http://t.co/5G7CXTa28x
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@Defenestrator1 ...feelings will only reinforce their behaviour.@Defenestrator1 they're toddlers. They haven't learned how to express their desires. Coddling them or looking for ways to validate their...@Defenestrator1 they don't want to be desired. They want to own and control.@Defenestrator1 because they want to live in a world of privilege where women aren't human beings.@Defenestrator1 because they haven't stopped to analyze the destructive cultural narratives that inform their sense of entitlement to sex.@Defenestrator1 Bullshit. Plenty of guys with less than decent looks or social skills or "status" get laid, because they're decent humans.@Defenestrator1 Sex is not a right. End of story.@Defenestrator1 You're flirting with MRA/PUA paradigms here. Alphas and betas, etc etc.@Defenestrator1 no, am attitude that sex is a right led to the violent expression of underlying misogyny. Entitlement.@Defenestrator1 nobody wants to fuck them because their attitudes towards women are repugnant. This isn't a disability we're talking about.@Defenestrator1 "getting fucked by all the hot girls I want is a right, not a privilege?"@Defenestrator1 how do you mean?@Defenestrator1 ...no obligation to treat you with any regard.@Defenestrator1 I could opine as to underlying causes, but I don't give a shit. If you can't learn how to behave in society, society has...@Defenestrator1 Hang on, when you're talking about gamer gate, it's this stuff, yeah? http://t.co/osT8atsLHz@Defenestrator1 Entitled to have their every disgusting thought and opinion heard, considered and validated..@Defenestrator1 Entitled to ownership of that space. Entitled to put women in their place through threats of rape and murder.@Defenestrator1 ...or just entitled.@Defenestrator1 Because people who behave repugnantly shouldn't be coddled. And I would question whether most of them feel powerless...@MarynkaVerte @Bacchus_Brewing @AlehouseProject you make a compelling argument.@MarynkaVerte @Bacchus_Brewing @AlehouseProject I'm very tempted to head down. Was supposed to be giving myself a night off...@viper_114 I brought back all big bottles - will need help with them!@viper_114 legend. I'll let you know when I plan on opening my US bottles as well.@viper_114 yeah, I've been itching to try the Jai Alai.@viper_114 So hard to find outside of Florida or I would've brought some back.@viper_114 You been getting any Cigar City brews in Florida?@WatupButtercup1 @bbcmelb Well done. See you there.@WatupButtercup1 @bbcmelb Wouldn't miss it. You?@thirstyinmelb @bbcmelb Spotted that -- just wondering if there was any word on the non-Cantillon beers as well...@bbcmelb Any word on the full taplist yet?Glasses are here! #ZwanzeDay2014 #2days http://t.co/ROk04PNl0w
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@MarynkaVerte Congratulations?In his last three starts, Wainwright has pitched 26 innings with an ERA of 0.69 and 18 strikeouts against 4 walks.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@CarwynCellars @nowtapped Great move to get your list on there.That's Adam Wainwright's ninth career shutout. This one came on fewer pitches (102) than any of the previous eight. #stlcards
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski#THATSAWINNER! Final: #STLCards 2, #Brewers 0. W-Wainwright (19-9) L-Fiers (6-3) Adam Wainwright's 21st career CG/9th ShO
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@mattbrick1 If there was an accurate answer to this question, would you really want to know?Massive thanks to @gemmajones Clive Bourne, Jimmy Harmsworth, @ruminski and anonymous for you contributions! https://t.co/wVN3oo0fCk
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiUgh, iOS 8 is so annoying. http://t.co/jNFSSHxltg
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@AnnaBrownfield My pleasure. Anything else I can do, let me know!
After so many great @Uber experiences in the US, it's disappointing to come back to Melbourne and get a driver as clueless as most cabbies.@KateLJordan Hair product in the South. Beard conditioner in the North.@Dan_0 Of course we didn't have enough!@Dan_0 We only had two!"HOW COULD YOU EVER THINK ABOUT PAYING THAT MUCH FOR A MEAL?!?!?" Tweeted from a $1,000 phone.7 AM start + jetlag = fading fast...@WatupButtercup1 @CarwynCellars Unbelievable. And the beer, of course. Also me holding up the bar because it's a 5 minute walk from work.@WatupButtercup1 you need to hit up the mezcal list at @CarwynCellars bar. Thank me later.Cards vs. Brewers in extra innings. Chances of seeing Marco Gonzales as a pinch hitter? There are worse options on the bench. @vivaelbirdos@mattbrick1 @AleOfATime @thirstyinmelb @KateLJordan @LeMandapantz Yo Dawg! I heard you like QR codes etc etc...YO I HEARD YOU LIKE HOLDING CAMERAS SO WE PUT ARMS ON YOUR ARMS SO YOU CAN CAMERA WHILE YOU CAMERA http://t.co/8FdDgHzGsv
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIs Lance Lynn the most underrated pitcher in baseball? Great profile by @LangoschMLB: http://t.co/zZMc9JOfQF
@mariellam @Dan_0 http://t.co/wQYlxxot9k@CarwynCellars I have thoughts on this.I walked in and they were playing Townes Van Zandt. Now they're playing Lee Hazlewood. As if I needed more reasons to drink here.I might be at @CarwynCellars again.@Jforced low hanging fruit.@Jforced Could we play with delicious things and consume baby animals instead?@cinemaviscera Never going to happen. The TV review format in Australia will die out. Nobody else will have the trust of the oldies.Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThat being said, I can't say that I mourn the loss of hegemony. I've seen great films tank just because they got panned by D & M.If Tuesday had a face, I would punch it.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski...how distributors change their acquisitions and marketing strategies to account for the loss of a reliable bums-on-seats driver.The retirement of Margaret and David is going to have a significant impact on the blue rinse box office dollar. Will be fascinating to see..@Alexifront Also, please follow me so I can send a DM - wanted to run something past you. Many Thanks.@Alexifront They did indeed! Except for the bottle of Blood Ov Kings which I found in St. Louis then promptly drank before I left.Possible bridge to social conservatives? > ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools @TPM http://t.co/XD7qJF5YEb
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
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