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@thirstyinmelb we must have just missed you.Nothing better than getting off the plane & having an unexpected date night with the hottest beer geek in Melbourne. http://t.co/LRhW0602Zb@viper_114 we accidentally went to T1. T4 is 15k away on the other side of the damn runways. Who designs an airport like that?Unadulterated dickbaggery.Which jackass designed the Perth Airport? Why in the everloving fuck would you put the terminals 15k apart?Jesus Christ, Twitter. Just stop talking about the hereditary parasites and maybe they'll go away.
Enjoying work so much today that I don't even care that I missed seeing the Cards win over the Brewers.What in the hell are we doing today? Having fun, that's what. http://t.co/JOBVnHjyjK
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiWhy would you need to read the bible when this explains life? @expat_erin http://t.co/SnNUaHUxdU
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIf we can knock over this shoot day in under 12 hours I'll be both shocked and amazed at my own abilities.
@Fozzaroo Little Creatures Fremantle.@ruminski If you fold a pizza up into quarters it's really just a biggish sandwich...
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiDid he eat a whole damn pizza? Hell yes, he did.@thirstyinmelb @thewobblythong had a couple there last night. Guessing well be back before the trip is over.@NakedNed @alisterrobbie it's a tough life, but someone has to do it.Hello, old friend. http://t.co/NskvGtBFCo@woopsa_daisy @alisterrobbie How was Denver?@woopsa_daisy @alisterrobbie brilliant! Just leaving now. The guys were all great.Actually, it's like an even sadder version of the Tom-Cruise-sings-along-to-Tom-Petty scene in Jerry Maguire. @alisterrobbieGunning the rental Yaris. Backstreet Boys on the radio. @alisterrobbie and I know how to get pumped for a day of shooting.
It's @thewobblythong. He's a pensive guy, pondering his @sixpoint Righteous Ale. http://t.co/D6Sp1gSbju@maxbrearley bread in common is maybe two minutes from the front door of our hotel. Sold.@maxbrearley @pedestrienne thanks kids!@pedestrienne @maxbrearley no specific area. We have to make our way from the airport to Freo, so anywhere really.Greetings, Perth! I require breakfast and a Bloody Mary. Where should I go? (Ping @maxbrearley & @pedestrienne)Being on a plane at 0650 on a Sunday shouldn't be a thing that actually happens. Adios, Melbourne. See you in a few hours, Perth.
Em route to @TwoRowBar to try the @toolbeer pomegranate tripel, if anyone is in the neighbourhood...@MartinPribble the Rodenbach is my pick of the lot there, though.@MartinPribble I enjoyed it.@MartinPribble and be warned: the "saison" is more of a hefe.@MartinPribble yeah. The Rodenbach cab pretty much go anywhere before the hoppy stuff.Yeah, there should be a service to do this. Actual surgery. http://t.co/S70db9TglF HT @HorrorPicx via @thegrugq
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@MartinPribble 5, 1, 4, 3, 2, 6Hey, here's a bit of fun: Alejandro Escovedo brings David Hildago onstage to tear the balls off of "Like A Hurricane" http://t.co/nC7qZxRrZBFUCK.@mattbrick1 any game that the Cubs lose is a great game.And here comes the 11th inning.@mattbrick1 Nope. Struggling to find time to catch anything but Cards games. Who won?That was one hell of a ninth inning.The Cards' bullpen is disgraceful today.Nothing worse than turning on a game in time to watch the Cubs take the lead.And Kim Gordon falling over & still screaming from the floor.I vote for Pat Smear's goofy dancing during the verses on Lithium as the highlight of the Nirvana induction.
Is there a German word for "the embarrassment felt in front of the barber when you obviously haven't had a haircut in too long"?If a fellow was in Pyrmont, Syd, for the weekend, where would he drink?
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThis is an overblown fucking monstrosity of a song and I love it so hard. Great live version. ♫ http://t.co/ugwAnvI05F#FlashbackFriday @ragibson @cailyoung @ruminski @AllForBeer @Dan_0 http://t.co/w66E35erKH
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@cailyoung Hair of the Doge?Con: the Overseas album is way too short. Pro: I generally end up playing it twice in a row when I put it on.Melbourne taxis are cheap. Correctly priced for what we get - shite.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNo, autocorrect. I meant "sleep", not "slap". Am I really that violent?
just saw a hipster ask if fish & chip shop had gluten free batter then chuck a tanty when they didn't. look at what you've become, straya.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@ruminski this is their MO now. Very few sitting #alp members with any honour or class. Rudd's inadvertent gift to us was exposing them.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBut they can't help themselves.This parade of ALP heavyweights taking public swipes at Carr is a bad look. Reinforces perceptions of internal division & pettiness.I'm calling it: @toolbeer do the best labels in beer. Their design sense is sophisticated and impeccable.In pretty much every "creative" job, a lack of ideas is evidence that you don't yet understand your client's needs. Ask more questions.@grrrouse Oh man. Sending good thoughts your way.Speaking of Big Star, I defy any of you to name a more perfect angsty teenage love song than "Thirteen".And the fact that Big Star falls into the "happy" side of my music spectrum says a lot about both my collection and my brain.OK, time to shift gears. Swapping out the mopey tunes for some Big Star.1) Write about beer. 2) Think about beer. 3) Think about drinking beer...Universe: please bring me a burger.@beatrixcoles Clients can smell fear or reticence. It's up to you to set the right tone for the interaction.@beatrixcoles Not me. And when I stopped being paranoid about writer/producer being the first line item clients would question, they stoppedHey @CommBank, your customers need a statement on Heartbleed ASAP. Why the silence?@soupkitchen @beatrixcoles Amen. And realising that people only place value on your time and expertise when you do.Guys in their thirties and forties looking serious while listening to Townes Van Zandt dot tumblr dot comI have a process. You wouldn't understand. #ttrtptHOLY SHIT DEADLINES EVERYWHERE! WRITE!!! *texts friends* *makes more coffee* *walks the dog* *looks at cowboy boots online* *tweets*Take me down to Subtweet City where the WHATEVER is YOU KNOW and the LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!new velvet underground live album from boston 12/68, sourced from long-circulating audience recording. http://t.co/H8UagOOde5 ht @aweissman
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiRain. Coffee. Gillian Welch. Cigarettes. Hello Thursday.This is one of the best pieces of advocacy video I've seen in a long time. Simple but devastatingly effective. https://t.co/dgTnnraZTD
Why aren't all of you at @TwoRowBar drinking De Struise with me?@mattbrick1 you coming down?@mattbrick1 @LadyLambic I'll be here for at least another hour or so.@mattbrick1 I'm already here and @LadyLambic is behind the bar.If you want more choice quotes from the Carr diary, tune into @jonathanvswan's feed right now. Absolute gold.@MartinPribble If there was a reasonable, credible alternative being offered, it would be harder for them to continue to not give a fuck.@MartinPribble The FF industry will do whatever they want until the opposition becomes more realistic than "stop using all fossil fuels NOW"@MartinPribble ...we need to be talking about nuclear, about least-worse fossil fuels.@MartinPribble ...about long-term strategies to improve the efficiency of renewables, and the energy mix we should pursue in the medium-term@MartinPribble ...about looking at geoengineering and other technological methods to combat climate change, as well as get realistic...@MartinPribble Mainstream climate change advocates need to shift away from the "MODERN LIFE IS EVIL! REPENT!" narrative and get serious...@MartinPribble If more people took the tone and tenor of @BjornLomborg, for example, we'd see a lot more progress.@MartinPribble Then supporters of climate science need to separate the science from the ideology & the apocalyptic ranting."Don't you know who I am? I am a middle-power foreign minister! And I would like to speak with your supervisor!"“Pathetic that the public service rules reduce me to that, an upgrade for a middle-power foreign minister.” http://t.co/1RAjesITxyAirline pyjamas? Seriously?#THATSAWINNER! Final: #STLCards 7, #Reds 5. W-Lynn (2-0) Ondrusek (0-1) SV-Rosenthal (3) HR-Molina (3). Peter Bourjos 3-4, 2 R, 2B.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@TrisD And it's coming from almost everywhere. Carpenter. Wong. Yadi. Bourjos. Adams.Tonight is the best I've seen the Cardinals offensively this season. 18 runners on base so far. Working the RBIs.@beergirlbites @ragibson @thirstyinmelb smoked mexican froyo burger cupcake truck.Anyone? RT @KateLJordan Where can I buy alpaca meat in Melbourne?I wonder what our Freedom Commissioner will have to say about our AG's enthusiasm for pervasive surveillance? http://t.co/c9JjWFxDj3Will Allen Craig shape up after a shaky start, or will he earn the "David Freese Offensive Disappointment Award" this year?Another home run for Yadi! His bat is on fire this year.Tell me again why Lance Lynn is in the Cards' rotation?
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