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@msholyangels17 Share the link with us, Kora!#NowFeeling like we won't stop til we get enough... of the King of Pop. Happy birthday, Michael Jackson. http://t.co/UVY0opcRdHWhere else can you get a playlist that has @Alt_J & @Nickelback? This week's #Viral50 is filled with diverse acts: http://t.co/96GGD96TAW
Retweeted by Spotify@tim_bertolet Thanks, Timothy!@lionsthread And so clean! http://t.co/mmvRZoAB05
@LSemerdak @SpotifyCares can help with that!@Ice_Grillz_ Spotify does not censor music. We make music available in whatever form it’s given to us. http://t.co/w5NOF2OOFH@mikeredz22 Hey, the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify yet, but we're working on it!@AgathaBXbebe Thanks! You rock!@DagioNaga Hey, the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify yet, but we're working on it!@CheedYou Hey, the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify yet, but we're working on it!@IGeitung @SpotifyCares may be able to help you out!@sukrits25 This should help out for a bit: http://t.co/R3zm5Nbwyr@ignitethewriter Oh no! @SpotifyCares may be able to help.@ssteen3 Enjoy!@tbearw http://t.co/Q5kzeBPJUB@ChrisxGardner No problemo: http://t.co/ul0HvjnHne@VeeGuillen Here's a few lessons: http://t.co/ul0HvjnHne@mhammond_5 We've got a few lessons: http://t.co/ul0HvjnHne@lulwaaljehmah Here's an introduction: http://t.co/ul0HvjnHne@RomanAntoneYo Here you go: http://t.co/ul0HvjnHne@naddinne_ "Hold up, hold my phone" http://t.co/ToNcxPGFDQ@Cowabunga_Cole Champs! http://t.co/qu3ORS1qml@Mr_Differenter Stay fly! http://t.co/8zWvgnZ4sF@rmik22 Yes! http://t.co/oSSLmXvmvJ@FertileMindATL Stay fresh, Theodore! http://t.co/mmvRZoAB05@mylessch Lookin' fly! http://t.co/mmvRZoAB05@Britinystofen24 Bow ties are cool! http://t.co/mmvRZoAB05@staryuniverse Looking good! http://t.co/mmvRZoAB05@Frat_life_Us Try this playlist out: http://t.co/WfMb9IWHwKRelive the vacation memories, or start planning a trip, with these world music jams: http://t.co/R1Xmh4jyRC #NowFeeling jetlagged.@lindsaylophogus There's nothing quite like a capella! http://t.co/cWC5Km21jm
@helenofchoy Hey, the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify yet, but we're working on it!@ryankinter11 Give these a listen: http://t.co/WfMb9IWHwK@danarm91 Do you have Spotify Premium, Dan? cc @SpotifyCares@fayezyfizz That's odd. Maybe @SpotifyCares can help!@NicolasBoonaert Good luck, Nicolas! http://t.co/MCaKQieUdD@fayezyfizz Hit the ellipsis in the top right corner of the playlist; Then, hit edit!@NicolasBoonaert Uh oh, @SpotifyCares may be able to help!@htoadthegamer Rock on, Harrison!@onlineloserr We'd love to have them, but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/90SAJsrw39@geraldgoodson Have fun, Gerald! http://t.co/V63hFSWQ9x@mrjmj091978 He is the Blueprint! http://t.co/ikyZYjOXGMWhat you may not know about @RingoStarrMusic: Lefty. Married to a Bond girl. Now on Spotify: http://t.co/V63hFSWQ9x http://t.co/SVmUIahmiE@ChristianClark9 Enjoy! http://t.co/HagGJ7T41Z@Gemma_YM Try this playlist out: http://t.co/WfMb9IWHwK@dajashandreaa Here's some fresh tracks: http://t.co/CdDCAbyWXR@MJSpice_desu Give these tracks a listen: http://t.co/CdDCAbyWXR@Coffeybean4 Here's some songs: http://t.co/CdDCAbyWXR@HaroldJr94 We've got some suggestions: http://t.co/k8i9Md7uFL@victorcaballero Hey, the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify yet, but we're working on it!@Mr_What_It_Is Happy to help you get through the day!@KaylieDGAF Same to you! http://t.co/MCaKQieUdD@haifa_almathehi You have a great day, too, Haifa! http://t.co/MCaKQieUdD@violabugaqku Have a great day! http://t.co/MCaKQieUdD@JohnF_Piazza Sometimes a playlist can help, too: http://t.co/MCaKQieUdD@maya_greschitz Love ya back! http://t.co/MCaKQieUdDShare what your summer #soundslike – and get the perfect playlist back! Go to http://t.co/LzszRixAXf on your mobile.
@OliviaFrescura @SpotifyCares should be able to help you answer this question, Olivia.@katelynphilipp That's what we're here for, Katelyn!@onlyroyce Kind of like this? http://t.co/dnMZMt9GcbDark of the Moon is trending? We prefer "The Dark Side of the Moon." http://t.co/yKf0Op6k6I@ashlyn_stours And we love you too, Ashlyn!@taticanessa Sorry to hear you're having issues, Tati. @SpotifyCares may be able to help you with any issues you're encountering.@malape @nokia That's what we're here for, Maria. Enjoy it!@avoiding_people Happy to have you, Emily!@JPClassix Thanks for the shout out, Jonathan!@stvnperkins No worries, Steven. Happy listening!From today, #WindowsPhone owners can enjoy access to millions of songs on their smartphones for free. http://t.co/bLsEfLTDg8 #SpotifyWP8@bsrome We're so happy to hear that, Brandon! http://t.co/qQ2EhTn1cD
@FaeryBoots17 \m/ http://t.co/k5MA1DcKFTCheck it out: http://t.co/YwXm37CPCj. @SethMeyers crafted the perfect playlist to get your #Emmys pre-party started. http://t.co/5xV516CQoS
Retweeted by SpotifyTracks from @CrisCab, @BradPaisley, and @WeTheGriswolds come early. Start the week right with our #NMT playlist: http://t.co/HOlDT6HPr4
Retweeted by Spotify@Innocent_Bystan Here you go! http://t.co/7OousqDtvA@doriah7 We love you back, Doriah! http://t.co/PRlBhQ0Ro9@reneelynch Nobody messes with his clique http://t.co/1NZpSnuJYL@twebb101 Interesting idea! You should suggest it here: http://t.co/v6Qt7BZTaB With enough, kudos it could become a reality!@CascadianGinger Happy to help you beat down your morning! http://t.co/0voJAiR4wq@Valenciaaaaa___ She left us too soon: http://t.co/12uNvxVFgV@JUST_IN_35 She influenced so many others: http://t.co/dNz4EE1EjB #RipAaliyah@krissyso Her music lives on: http://t.co/12uNvxVFgV #RipAaliyahWe're having a #MusicalBattle today against @Spotify. Follow @Mashable on Snapchat to check it out! http://t.co/PrVaBsaJt9
Retweeted by Spotify@deloc_ She left us too soon: http://t.co/12uNvxVFgV@CoreyTheOutlaw Her music lives on: http://t.co/12uNvxVFgV@__trixie__ She influenced so many others: http://t.co/dNz4EE1EjB #RipAaliyahWe’re getting ready for today’s #MusicalBattle against team @Mashable. Follow us on @Snapchat to check it out. http://t.co/IUnURdJEKx
@KaminiAbdool We love you back!#NowFeeling like taking a #beachday*: http://t.co/ItNUqNHjQB *Also good for chilling in the #AC. http://t.co/bLEhGFU7tV
The #VMA Moonman puts the @Spotify playlist on shuffle, do you? http://t.co/bsKBdzbJje
Retweeted by SpotifyTurn up the tempo and follow #WeekendWeapons for fresh electronic tunes to DJ on @pacemaker http://t.co/fjpLK5mWdZ http://t.co/2uMrOYe1je
Here at Spotify we do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge a little differently. From our Founder/CEO Daniel Ek (@eldsjal): http://t.co/HLHzsnLkGZTake your day to 11 with our #Metal Crash Course: http://t.co/7OousqDtvA Explore our new Metal category on browse. http://t.co/RFaCtP57oQ@mikejd1996 Best fans ever! http://t.co/Q5kzeBPJUBYou say ridiculous, @HuffingtonPost, we say music for every moment. These playlists won't leave you hanging: http://t.co/eFqdpbLFHs. @Vyxl1 joined our Community's Top 10 this month. Which users got a personalized playlist for their contributions? - http://t.co/pKBRtwp1BeEver wonder what the 2014 #VMA sound like? Find out: http://t.co/bsKBdzbJje
Retweeted by Spotify.@Alt_J returns to the top of the #Viral50 this week with a new single. Hear it & more of our most-shared tunes: http://t.co/PyVWnEI2FQ
Retweeted by SpotifyAre you on @Snapchat? Follow us to see our #MusicalBattle against team @Mashable this Monday! http://t.co/JCNLHLzcWD
@johnkovacs14 Familiarize yourself with these tunes: http://t.co/v1bRVlE6KJThis is what it looks like when the world listens together - http://t.co/OdXebGyIwR #serendipity
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