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@rugratmike These songs should help you ease into your morning! http://t.co/ygMXVteyHM@Chyndelle Stay strong, Chyndelle! Here's a playlist for your cool-down http://t.co/f7b8rlhJtT@lovatoobrien Here's a good one: http://t.co/hgPlb7BxJW@virrey_lou08 Here ya go! http://t.co/rRrU066g9b@Blazelynn_18 We've got a playlist for that! http://t.co/Q2RJrDMf0C@MagoWacho Where's home?@SportsWriterGuy These tracks should do the trick! http://t.co/GRAF2eo56tTomorrow, we’re hosting a "Nobody's Smiling" listening party with @Common. Be part of the Q&A. Tweet now using #CommonQuestion.
Retweeted by Spotify@lumoutinhoo http://t.co/S6ID1T6cEg@YannBovi We'd love to have all of it available more than anyone but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/mNoQsdZEeS@AcsGarza We'd love to have it available more than anyone but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/mNoQsdZEeS@markovanbaston Are you still having trouble, Mark? @SpotifyCares should be able to help!Connect to some good vibrations. with Libratone and #SpotifyConnect - http://t.co/fXc7S3kTOK
@RudyMezzy Hold tight! It's coming soon.@OTKammah It's a really great session, can't wait to share!Celebrate @SantanaCarlos's birthday with some deep cuts by the legendary guitarist: http://t.co/Z8TzjHGP0D #LivingLegend
Feel the vibe and follow #WeekendWeapons for the latest Deep House tracks to mix on @Pacemaker http://t.co/U1jBau3y53 http://t.co/tKUksOM5UM
One of our playlists is getting a #TiestoTakeover. Tweet your favorite @Tiesto song and you could get a shout out! http://t.co/s211ZrG0CU@StaySoulless We'd love to have it available more than anyone but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/mNoQsdZEeS@LeviOHsa Glad you're a fan of spoken word! Our fans like poetry, we heard Just press play & you'll find The best music, word or rhymes@bennyaziz That idea has been suggested! You should give it some kudos here: http://t.co/7BhDtNqipz@Fool_4_Music We have her latest single exclusively on Spotify! http://t.co/BEKNnA1u0F@drownediva Have you heard her new single: http://t.co/BEKNnA1u0F?@bicephoran Keep dancin'!@peachyvicky She was one of the best. http://t.co/UL00edG855Indie releases ruled last week's #Viral50 with new jams from @Alt_J, @borgore, and @Grimes. Listen up: http://t.co/TvcQkuzvjI
Retweeted by Spotify@hannah_gowans Haters are gonna hate, players are gonna play (Reflections)@hcjourno Thanks-- let us know if you get that tattoo!@thainfamous_24 Yesss. http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@Olivia_Ohm Even better with a playlist: http://t.co/AA4p0qOhXh@NiqueG4L Play this on the way! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@naybrodski That calls for a payday playlist! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@Beccavalvoda Awwww yeaaaa! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@Moljayrox Woo hoo! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@llerraaa It really is! http://t.co/XFzHKO51jj@brycedaddy01 So true.@WShinely His music lives on!@eddiecirl @SpotifyCares should be able to help!@Louis_Clare Have you heard the latests single? http://t.co/BEKNnA1u0F@BritSirianni Have you heard the latest single? http://t.co/BEKNnA1u0FWe're opening doors to our new regional office in SG! A big thank you to our users & fans. http://t.co/xmBO7LfBuq http://t.co/yYAsnNeE0I
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@Caseydw Great idea! You should suggest it here: http://t.co/NM686m5z7Y With enough, kudos it could become a reality!@Lexy_Holla Carpe that diem!@hcjourno Did you have fun, Hannah?@hannah_gowans Play it loud and proud, Hannah!@Dawko88 We're glad you found us! http://t.co/BPA9ELrGQ8.@pmbauermusic Any playlist that opens with "The Imperial March" has us hooked! #NowPlaying http://t.co/h7bFfnF1sA Have an awesome night@claudio_seabra @SpotifyCares should be able to help!@Mbonds_ We can help! What kind of music are you into?@Yo_Abraham3 What kind of music are you looking for?@SwagAttackBiebs Who have you discovered most recently?@kyliejxnnvr Or the new album! http://t.co/Zt8e2MJPHS@inthekeyof_G We've got it right here! http://t.co/Zt8e2MJPHS@jahnia_ Great idea! You should suggest it here: http://t.co/NM686m5z7Y With enough, kudos it could become a reality!@JaimeJCandau @SpotifyCares should be able to help with that!@faithmassive You can share via email easily in the app or by sharing the track link!Listen to some of our favorite Mule covers & the original songs that inspired them in our new @spotify playlist http://t.co/j0hYlqim6i
Retweeted by SpotifyRemembering Johnny Winter. Reminisce with one of his best: http://t.co/4WLK58cask@Martysmiles What do you think of these tracks? http://t.co/IbRWVjPzBA@lissamarie_xoxo These track should do the trick! http://t.co/IbRWVjPzBA@cody_Perez58 These tracks should help you get swole! http://t.co/C1JJ5kdy0H@PRGirlLO What kind of music are you looking for?@KingDjordje Get ready to feel all the feels. http://t.co/mEAVkAwxh4@thealina ¡Muy bien!@Stensonator You're welcome!@katavonbora You're welcome! http://t.co/tKxOpJQvMI@mrbirl Interesting idea! You should suggest it here: http://t.co/NM686m5z7Y With enough, kudos it could become a reality!@animegrande Try using this link! http://t.co/cDyr7TWIYo@that_girl_jaci Good call! Love this track.@dipsetanthem You rock! http://t.co/tKxOpJQvMI@MoternMedia Wooooooooow. This is amazing.@UltimateK5 How did you come across this track?@DJTREX We'd love to have more available, but sometimes it just comes down to licensing: http://t.co/U0KLKwKh6w@k_so_glo This playlist should do the trick! http://t.co/3xo8FvPEFr
@aliyahjfields Happy to help!@brookespies Did you catch them at SXSW?@IanWright_1 Which playlist are you listening to?Our steadfast vision: make music available to everyone, everywhere, and ensure a #fairdigitaldeal4artists. Love the support, @winformusic.@DheerajSP Have you ever listened to The Prodigy? They have a similar sound: http://t.co/fu1yUMpGx1@_kae_marie_ Good call!@fitzsara Did you catch them at SXSW? http://t.co/3eLK492koX@thomasjo "Welcome Home, Son" is such a good track, too! http://t.co/fOyviQsTNN@TheKarpizzle Nice track! Have you heard "Dirt" yet? http://t.co/dJzoP1jtj7@elias1997 http://t.co/WvmwlpYaaO@olerulle Are you fan of the Diamonds album? http://t.co/z4tanmXTuv@ThomasAndrini Have you heard the remixes of Really Don't Care? http://t.co/LkCbU8u7NL@jhclutter Love this one! http://t.co/H5tXlsI3KUReply with a link to the song you're loving right now. #NowFeeling curious. http://t.co/0GDtJk2dqd@technochtitlan_ Like this one? http://t.co/lRFubZm7TC@saracecilia These tracks should do the trick! http://t.co/2vDYr0yEyR@MsWhitneyYates This playlist should help lighten the mood! http://t.co/l05MJdoW3G@PheliRululu What are you trying to playlist? We can help!@Jays_Cinderella His new album. So many feels.@goosebucket Agreed.@AaronNagler Nice pick!@calilacs Such a good track!@marquezm That's a good one!
Pause to find out which song you should listen to today. Then head to http://t.co/QieUZ3uI5U to hear more. http://t.co/6kLxLH3GLY
Retweeted by Spotify@brianfranzoni @SpotifyCares can help with that!@Paancho_G You're one of our favorites, too! http://t.co/KztqytM2J3
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