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Yeezy is back! ๐Ÿ™Œ Listen to @kanyewest's latest release, "All Day," right now: http://t.co/YgE9KUSPQ4 http://t.co/4AbgNYhGDa@thatstevef Hi, Stephen! You should be able to just add her to the plan through her existing account. Here's how: http://t.co/wMRwAFurlH
@AndrewCMiller whale that sounds like a lovely day, Andrew.@isabellabolivar anything for you, Isabella..@DisneyMusic we've got no worries for the rest of our days with this classic playlist! http://t.co/oFsXzbalDr@timmybicicleta @StephLauren now grab that shampoo bottle and transform it into your mic. http://t.co/5adE8I5Xih
@PeterHollens all we have to say is welcome home, Peter! http://t.co/nOAZTFNYmiToday @justinbieber can legally drink in America, but he'll always be a baby-faced heartthrob: http://t.co/VDDhyBFa4L http://t.co/gTxulPNnau
Leonard Nimoy was more than just Spock; he was also a director, a photographer, and a musician: http://t.co/EfpkXl8Oeo #RIP
Gear up for @RixtonOfficial's debut release on Tuesday with exclusive vids + more at The Drop: http://t.co/kCuySHTSMm#BRITs2015 shone a light on @JamesBayMusic. Follow his complete playlist for a brand new track http://t.co/pVmfn835gU#MakeASongBritish Telly (ft. Beyonce)... right, @SpotifyUK? http://t.co/QuRdrL12hv@SayyLilBri Check this playlist out! http://t.co/wXlkCTzPiXCongrats to @SeinaboSey for her Swedish Grammy for Best New Artist! Listen & see why Sweden's got the next big thing: http://t.co/AyPcma1xyZ@EmmaBennett14 Here's some "new" old music! http://t.co/qC2qH6PW6p@ilove2runn Next time you want to switch up your running playlist, check this out! http://t.co/GXhCDj4LwR@kylezard Maybe you just need to switch it up! Here you go! http://t.co/D1VXISQw2l@P_Cakez ๐Ÿ™‹ We do! http://t.co/ldkJkTw280@Lupelupe18 That's what we're here for http://t.co/Xynbey3XDz@one1sb Check this out then! http://t.co/L77erMm1CL@barbiedolltroye This should cheer you up! http://t.co/j25npbZ4LU@ffsitsbex No prob! http://t.co/BWhJaqt9Ng@TaelorNicole13 Here ya go Taelor! http://t.co/2hE142YNihPrepare to sing-along with our latest desktop update - it comes with fully integrated lyrics powered by @musixmatch http://t.co/5ZMipGWfERThere's a new way to enjoy Lyrics on @Spotify desktop powered by @musixmatch https://t.co/jY2j3gRpbe Coming soon to all desktop users.
Retweeted by SpotifyWe're announcing a very cool feature today. Check out our @Snapchat story to find out what it is. http://t.co/dgkPNJdGe7
Watching the #BRITAwards2015 tonight? Follow @SpotifyUK for live updates as it happens! http://t.co/5pLFtfOO0d
@mylifeisforhire This will definitely cheer you up! http://t.co/2ymnrNKkC7@soph_mw The day's over! Time to sit back, relax, and listen to some tunes. http://t.co/k72unTqNdv@Brenduuur Not after you listen to this! http://t.co/1IPbY16S4b@DrewannMishler Here you go! http://t.co/RVPHKMTkKoDetroit's @bigsean has every reason to flex, because his new album, "Dark Sky Paradise," is all fire. Stream it now: http://t.co/ajUmpRc6fg40 years ago today, @ledzeppelin smashed every idea they ever had into this epic double-album: http://t.co/arHUzs77qv http://t.co/rU92yE5FKQ@BobbyBirk Here you go Bobby! http://t.co/OxnD8WLDCz
@TheGregWhoLived An awesome way to keep motivated! If you ever wanna mix it up, check out http://t.co/uOq4ebv6rX :)@TheGregWhoLived what type of music do you like to listen to on your long runs?@GabyChristops We'd beg to differ. http://t.co/Twm07wcQxA@D_Sherm5 Your wish is our command! http://t.co/F9eCdFKdec@wetookpolaroids We got you! http://t.co/mB2ZAusJA3@mariah_verigan what type of music do you like to listen to!"There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes & heroines are or were." #BlackHistoryMonth http://t.co/ECXvxW9IQY@WhitneyTeal85 hey whitney! this should get you in that singing spirit! http://t.co/mVR6ICChYJ
We asked #Oscar host @ActuallyNPH to pick his favorite @TheAcademy Award winning songs. Listen now and pick yours: http://t.co/rIo9nmR1ev"And the Oscar goes to..." Which of these nominated tracks gets your vote for @TheAcademy's "Best Original Song"? http://t.co/KIiY15nKM4
.@imaginedragons All of them! http://t.co/TamCVFGKbD
@kimbabykuypers hey, Kimberly! @SpotifyCares can help you out with that. Hold tight!@stockwellapril Hey, April! The code isn't required to RSVP. Would you mind trying again to see if it will work for you? Thanks!@ISBLIVE the invite code isn't necessary to sign up, so you should still be able to RSVP. Let us know if it doesn't work for you!@badcamfly @badtylerfly @bad_klay_fly Party time! Who are you all excited to see most?The #SpotifyHouse is back for Year 4 at @SXSW with unique experiences & a killer lineup! RSVP: http://t.co/XegTvWkSx5 http://t.co/PQHAXxKMUZ
.@JamesBayMusic's epic #SpotifySession performance yesterday had our London office under a spell. Thanks, James! ๐Ÿ™Œ http://t.co/T6YLr63vWl.@aerosmith Psyched! #NowPlaying (on repeat) - http://t.co/e317nTPlmUProducer. Rapper. Mogul. Quinquagenarian. Wish Compton's finest a #HappyBirthday & share your favorite @drdre track.
If you're reading this, it's because @Drake's new mixtape broke a US Spotify record: 17.3 million streams in 3 days! http://t.co/iDBsstF5P3
Retweeted by Spotify@Destovo Well lucky for you it's #NewMusicTuesday! http://t.co/jU1kwAjGgN@haleygraace we know a few new songs, Haley... http://t.co/NVQrolsx7y@jbackie we've got you covered, Julia! http://t.co/v86r0KfKPV@mhendrock *high five*Save the EDM for another night. Turn up this #MardiGras with our Crescent City favorites: http://t.co/K7OPm9GgI3 http://t.co/sb3ki7EsXd
Retweeted by SpotifyHow do you think @edsheeran is celebrating his 24th birthday? Just #ThinkingOutLoud... #HappyBirthdayEdSheeran
@StefyB85 not many can say they met their future husband on the set of a music video about their ex. What a story, Stefy!We have "You And I" on repeat to celebrate @ladygaga and @TaylorKinney111's engagement. http://t.co/cqZ9l7LXgs #CongratsGagaAndTaylor@TheTsel Hey, Ty! For questions about your account, @SpotifyCares can help you out with all of that. Just send them a tweet!@V1X3N8 Hey, Vix! @SpotifyCares should be able to help you out in no time.@paulinabtw of course we love you, Monica! http://t.co/BiEh3P6cum@tashafarias right back at you, Tasha. <3@ccphotographic welcome to the party, Chris!@charlesvtiu which playlist were you pumping, Charles?@NathalyMtz we love you back! http://t.co/UYbQ5FeMdv@johnandthecure <3@sailorjess we like the sound of that, Jess!@yaado_ke_sahare maybe you need a little bit of rainy day inspiration, Navya. http://t.co/4njPJJkYh3@kinley_grayson we like the sound of that, Kinley. Can we join? http://t.co/D36hUNw8fY@kriiiiisssstynn and good thing you've got this rainy day playlist to keep you company, KP. http://t.co/BxRtFn26BE@Davy_the_Dave and with a solid playlist to keep you company, you know today is going to be a good day, David. http://t.co/9bQyyXvafi@Xxxtra_Small sounds like you'll be needing this, Kara... http://t.co/KG3Nw3sitd@downtowntx but at least you have a beautiful new rainy day playlist to get you through it, Jessica. http://t.co/KjGFNNOzuW@kenchanted We've got a few in mind, Kennedy. Try this one out! http://t.co/755VipdoK4@kararuns729 here's a playlist filled with the perfect tunes for a night run, Kara. Now grab those sneakers! http://t.co/pJqujWTov0@gold_lilies what type of music do you like, Dani?@beckyloveshugs it's okay. We'll forgive you, Becky.
Celebrate #NirvanaDay the grungy way OR the spiritual way ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽธ http://t.co/HXI53YDAkx http://t.co/WY4w6oVuIs http://t.co/yWlyHT9t0ULove is the best, except when it's the worst. #SinglesAwarenessDay #LoveStinks ๐Ÿ’”๐ŸŸ http://t.co/RGm81V1ogN http://t.co/53QYPetDBkEach month we let you know which Community Ideas we'e taken on board. Here's what we implemented for you last month - http://t.co/leOxhC03sI
#SweetSpot the place where the songs you โ™ฅ meet. Create your own loved up couples playlist: http://t.co/LryZaFWwbG http://t.co/5EWVbZflw9This #ValentinesDay, peep our official #LoveSongs playlist, built by all you lovely lovebirds: http://t.co/qXtCvl89Mv http://t.co/BMrEbs7FgU
Heavy metal was born 45 years ago today. Throw up the horns and relive @BlackSabbath's debut: http://t.co/MS6g3pj29E http://t.co/yEECEQZE9JForget Mr. Voorhees. Spend 2015โ€™s first #FridayThe13th with a playlist of our favorite Jasons: http://t.co/E2CDBT3ljj http://t.co/qZd34dNqPRWhile you slept, @Drake dropped a new mixtape ๐Ÿ™ http://t.co/4r1l4rrLeM #ifyourereadingthisitstoolate http://t.co/YWcncPRnNZ
Retweeted by SpotifyGot Premium? @Shazam your best music moments, and weโ€™ll put them in a playlist for you. http://t.co/FGTSazue5m http://t.co/kUgcGiSLcM
I want your hot brains and intestines, endlessly. #ZombieSongs http://t.co/FBvHJd5n58Ready for real love? Find out with help from @BuzzFeed, @JessGlynne, @cleanbandit & @TheChainsmokers. #ValentinesDay http://t.co/SEoXAHCRV7.@IHOP Here's our order - http://t.co/uqQWGeYlHLRomance is in the airโ€ฆ Or is it? What songs do you hear when you see this #EmojiInkblot? http://t.co/HCDsWZeokI@IfYouSeekJuan Head over to the following website to put in both of your favorite artists and that's it! http://t.co/1xMWUVzXP8@IfYouSeekJuan find out how different (or similar) your musical tastes are with your significant other, Juan!@psssst_marty how many degrees of musical separation did you both have?Just because you like each other, doesnโ€™t mean you like the same music. Find your #SweetSpot: http://t.co/1xMWUVzXP8 http://t.co/Wy03DLM7Oy
@self_pity99 we want to know whether you think #LoveStinks or if you're into #LoveSongs, Jannie! Let us know your favorite songs for either.@jzucker Hi, Jordan. That shouldn't have happened! Would you mind messaging @SpotifyCares so they can look into this for you? Thanks!
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