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Matt MacInnis @stanine San Francisco, CA

Founder and CEO of Inkling

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@njsantana @CA_DMV That's for your license, not your car registration (I think).I just renewed my car registration online with the @CA_DMV and it took less than a minute. Think about what that *used* to take… phew!Hey @GQMagazine: nice website! http://t.co/6aalfn4IxXHaven't worked much w/Habitat yet, but every employee I've had contact w/@Inkling has been super-helpful & responsive. #eprdctn
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I wish I could tag colleagues in emails like I can in Tweets! ( cc @olofster )@_sunilrawat See also: “I'm going to San Fran.”
Fox News discussed race in America with a panel of 5 white people http://t.co/vPDck7xr9h (h/t @KathrynBruscoBk) http://t.co/KcNfHYOkro
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisHow did people avoid un-skippable YouTube ads before windowed multitasking was invented?Our company dinner at @Inkling tonight was @rosamundesf … so good. We ate it all and then just kept eating the sauerkraut!
Drucker: "A well-managed organization is a 'dull' organization." Drama and heroics are symptoms of the opposite.
@me1000 n!@me1000 y!@me1000 y
Your binders don't return data, so you should drop your company's deforestation program and use @Inkling instead. :) https://t.co/0BqMIyi6eeTIL Torani, the syrup company, was founded and is still based in San Francisco.Outlook server on the other end returns my msg for "inappropriate language." Says I should "consider rewriting." Offending word? "Bullshit."Baristas who put the lid's sippy hole over the seam in the cup.
OH: "Shoving content into a PDF and uploading it to be viewed through a mobile phone is hostile to end users." Agree.
@pmarca The laws of physics are a bitch. Not even software can fix them.
On Sex and the City, Big was a character who permanently lived in the back seat of an Uber.Restaurant websites.Great to see the @WomenWhoCode crew at @Inkling tonight!Even well-intended tweets about the sensitivity of this topic are getting me into trouble on twitter. Damned if you do, damned if you don't!@jeevesmeister Maybe "PC" is the wrong term. I just think if you feel like *you* (female, black, gay) are "taboo," it's not very welcoming.@jeevesmeister Interesting. My take is just that well-intended people worry about offending people when talking specifics race/gender/etc.Political correctness suppresses uncomfortable conversations about diversity at work, which leads to less diversity. Kind of ironic.
45-year-olds who skateboard.
"A confident regime that considers itself a world leader should be able to handle truthful examination and criticism" http://t.co/yKSBcWUeAc
I hope the airlines are buying lots of cheap options on fuel at these prices.Urbandictionary really helps me feel "young" and "in touch" with the kids these days.This evening's flight on @BLAHAirlines was just as expected! http://t.co/WwBAxwzVsTContributor of the Week: @stanine for his comment on "Native Apps: A Game Startups Can’t Win." https://t.co/QhlJ4jnZaw
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisBrilliant visual of how much public space we cede to cars http://t.co/2fE0GNWlwK ht @mikefarrell
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Watching a regional jet deplane into the terminal is a bit like watching a clown car empty out. How many did they get in there!?"Modern publishing is bidirectional." -@luyenchou (I probably shouldn't live tweet a private meeting, but it's a simple insight.)Christmas muzak everywhere!!!!!!@vasugi @beccashapiro The folks at the Kong have infinite memories. And they don't age. Perhaps they are immortal?
I find myself more nervous on a train at 120 mph than on a plane at 500 mph.
The invention of concave vanity mirrors must have been a boon for the facials industry.@KarlTheFog was a question on Jeopardy tonight. That's not trivial!Something tells me the person who made this sign knew it wouldn't be terribly "effective." http://t.co/X4SW4cy0nLIn email, “under separate cover” is a funny skeuomorph to consider.Remember when your Mac used to work? Ah, the good old days.
Ahh. WiFi, good service, and good food over the north Atlantic with @VirginAtlantic. A real airline.
"To hang up, hang up." HA! “@BLAHAirlines: Do you own a telephone? If so, you should use it to dial 1-844-BLAH-AIR.”Do you own a telephone? If so, you should use it to dial 1-844-BLAH-AIR.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@ed_lea What is a product without a business? It's an art project.@tgfrancom I just followed you. Can you please DM me?
Bluetooth headphones have changed my musical life. I have uninterrupted music pumped into my brain, even while walking around the room.@pcho Wow, I have those exact dreams, too. Must say something about the impressionability of the young brain.
Remember that every company you hate has genuinely good people working hard, somewhere, to make it better.@ed_lea I couldn't make @inboxbygmail work for me. Maybe I'm too old (or too busy?) for new tricks.The early incarnations: Ubercab, The Facebook, Apple Computer, Legend. (Are you as old as me?)Unfortunately, I had to uninstall @Google Inbox. Couldn't figure it out; cognitive load was too high, and duplicates mail notifications. :(
Ads that move across your webpage making it difficult to click the X instead of the ad itself. Seriously, @FortuneMagazine?
It can be difficult to see your own culpability in what others have done to you. But it's there.
Enjoy it. No Dynasty lasts forever. http://t.co/BXU8qk7Cr0Live photo from the Mission http://t.co/5fjgnRWqk6
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@pqmiramichi Ha! Helicopters, fireworks, and idiots committing crimes befitting of their intelligence. Go Giants!Breaking: a bunch of drunk guys are standing around a burning pile of toilet paper on a street in San Francisco.Is this guy from Chevy for real? What an embarrassment.I've always wanted to feel like San Francisco is somehow better than Kansas City. Now I have a reason!Remember when analysts were doubtful that Facebook could "figure out" mobile? Adorable.
What things do we install in modern buildings today that will quickly become as obsolete as pay phones have? http://t.co/0dpuD1RoZJMy Uber driver is trying to convince me that Steve Jobs was assassinated.
14 CFR 25.853g: "Regardless of whether smoking is allowed, lavatories must have self-contained, removable ashtrays." Thank you, @smistephenFailing to give good employees positive feedback is the Chinese water torture of managerial mistakes. I've learned it the hard way.Why do modern planes still have ashtrays? I'm sure there's a logical reason. Are airlines unable to opt out of having them?Just realized the "no smoking" kid in the @VirginAmerica safety video is the younger son in #Blackish. Immortalized there while aging on TV!
@ndrwhr You're one of the most interesting people I know. You should definitely interpret that mostly favorably.@pcho Arriving tomorrow!@bradneuberg Meantime, I'll keep tweeting at you between sets at the gym because I'm addicted.@bradneuberg I'll buy that argument once people come to understand that software addiction is an affliction, like sugar and cigarettes.Responsive design can be life or death! #WordPress #wcsf14 #RWD @WebTegrity http://t.co/F6Yv4UcW4H
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@bradneuberg So it's extremely difficult to imagine a "post-addiction" software world, as you describe it, if we want big financial success.@bradneuberg The most successful consumer software finds a way to activate the reward center nearly as effectively as caffeine and nicotine.
@kayvz I thought a meteor was skimming the surface of the atmosphere.What the hell was that sound over downtown SF just now?
If I got an infection and took probiotics, would I die?Saw a staff photo from @Zenefits today. Never before have so many *young* people focused on the insurance industry. No wonder they're huge!@devinrogerino I would give your tweet five stars if I could. ;-)Every time a desktop application nags me to install an update, I'm saddened that the future isn't here yet.@pmarca There's some schadenfreude in this point of view for those of us who take real risks (and comeuppance for the financial engineers).
I love that when @google's marketing shows an airline, they always use @VirginAmerica. (And not @BLAHAirlines) eg, http://t.co/tc5wr9ymMm"Your horse is biologically powered, so you'll never need gasoline to keep it running." Boom. Benefits!THANK GOD: "Your Creative Cloud applications are installed directly on your computer, so you won't need an Internet connection to use them."@startuployalist Laws don't control people, otherwise our prisons would be empty. We provide incentives and disincentives; best we can do.@startuployalist No, you cannot control someone else's behavior.“Predictions of an HTML-only world in which content shapes itself to the device have turned out to be inaccurate.” — http://t.co/yMj7IpBTPY
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@stanine you're going to love this: http://t.co/0PVjK5SwNl
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@rahulific We have a mommy room and a really big ping pong room at @inkling, but no nap room. Yet.@jkeltner Napping doesn't exactly play well to American work values. It feels French. ;-)@michaelgruchy NFLD FTW!!My own experiments, where N=1, show that everyone in the study is wildly productive after weekend naps. Everyone!I wonder whether we will ever have the liberality (not to mention infrastructure) to embrace naps at work. All science says it's a net plus.@jessicalessin The mobile web is awesome these days, but you won't get a great view of it from iOS because you're using mobile Safari. :(
Deemed too dirty for the New Yorker http://t.co/bXycjmaHQo
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@rohit_x_ I've disabled many notifications on Android…A company caring about me knowing is often inversely correlated with me caring to know@rahman_zaid I venture that all good managers are vulnerable with their employees. Micromanagement and information hoarding? That ain't it!@rahman_zaid I like @DanielPink's model: mastery, autonomy & purpose. People are intrinsically motivated; mgrs need only set the conditions.
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