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@BenedictEvans thx@nelderini hey look the Saudi's figured out how to get out of this mess http://t.co/7ypxHUZ0Nf@BenedictEvans re Apple Pay loyalty programs, have been trying to figure that one out@IgorGreenwald I guess Citi upgraded to neutral from sell but this was more interesting I thought http://t.co/jxgkO52HVz@IgorGreenwald you should have been around here a few years ago when FCX was the most adored and loved stock now barely see it mentionedCopper has 'fallen from grace' - now favorite metal to short (CNBC video) http://t.co/spZGIBoQVE ok time to buy FCX?@DasanRedux I agree it kinda feels like trading odd lots in a rollover IRA@AlexRubalcava move to New York and start walking@nelderini buy low sell high how is their history of purchases, seems like they could have done better over the years?@nelderini when are we gonna stuff more oil in the SPR?BREAKING: Driver of snowplow, which French oil giant total CEO's plane crashed into, was drunk - Russian Investigative Committee
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Amid Ebola scare, airlines approve fare hike http://t.co/ug5iGqhqw6Putin's Coup http://t.co/pSbyILvL42@Bankrchick Be kind, gracious and confident http://t.co/jHsYhNDmGu #12 and help Dolphins if they get beached@conorsen really not making hay when the sun shined@pcdunham treble damages http://t.co/99dvwnSlBY or somethun like thatTRN better call Saul@HCPG maybe they were scrambling to reel in IWM shorts too weds/thursHedge Funds Suffer Worst Week Since 2011 http://t.co/k4twryNWGl event driven down 420 bps@pcdunham oh yeah and this DOH http://t.co/3pVr87qARp@StockCats is this a wall of worry? https://t.co/FjMFw9EyY6Airlines Hike Fares as Price of Oil Drops; DAL started on Oct. 16 hike of up to $10 round trip matched by LUV, UAL, AAL: FareCompare
Retweeted by StockJockey@plainview_ I wish Charlie Weis wud take a stroll thru Ann Arbor to give those people a good scarePaulson throwing hail marys@georgepearkes he needs to talk about NOV tho - love his broader pts but gotta imagine a tough run since 6/30@georgepearkes don't mess with Old Wall@gatorcapital thx!Anybody been watching day to day inflows at JNS since Gross - any money trickling in yet?@plainview_ Lane Kiffin makes the short list http://t.co/Esi17v1q2v@pcdunham longs getting punched in the face without a plan that thesis sure turned on a dime@pcdunham thx almost bot it back under $35 but those concerns highlighted are indeed the issue@DasanRedux my hedgie/activist puker basket SUNE QEP HTZ among others@DasanRedux oh yes I am well aware of that and the holders list as of 6/30@DividendMaster its def a concern maybe with oil I am willing to look thru next 18 months but other 2 tuf to make case 4 emthx for quick replys on SUNE its gonna be a sunshine day https://t.co/aEGfVxyq0p@DasanRedux seems like one of the more obvious hedgie puker plays they really ralphed that up last week'sup with SUNE@dailydirtnap thank god the government is here to help@dailydirtnap Expect More Bond-Market Volatility, Liquidity Problems – JPM http://t.co/dTIzG6VQfB "now a permanent feature of treasury mkt"Bullish Sentiment in Tickersense Blogger Poll rises off record low http://t.co/JBtBnXPQUy
Great chart from BTIG this evening. More generally, tend to agree with their broader take on market at this point. http://t.co/v5ZNcPnwG6
Retweeted by StockJockey@chigrl Oil Workers Earning $179,000 Expose Norway to Crude Crash http://t.co/1yF4CXvipx@Jesse_Livermore @WD_15717 Shire/AbbVIe is being compared to UAL mini crash of 10/13/1989 we did get a scary retest http://t.co/B4qyfhjIj3@Jesse_Livermore @WD_15717 yes they might have to chasem and who sez Thursday AM retest of Weds afternoon was not the retest? + IWM moved on@Jesse_Livermore now that dust settling willin 2 consider but not as actionable as BABA top call was in real time given 70 handle ES bounce!Shire/AbbVie "gut punch" and hedge fund unwind marks low like BABA top? anyone, Bueller, @Jesse_Livermore@Nebrewska yes 3-1 wud be amazing. Wud like to see playoff got to 8 tho, #9 wont feel as bad as #5@Nebrewska MN finishes IOWA OSU NEB WIS so we will see that they are made of@Nebrewska East Lansing. Also MSU does not play MN which might hurt SoS a touch. NEB needs to win out and face MSU or OSU to help those 2?@Nebrewska oops OSU at #13 too, so that MSU OSU game obviously huge if next wknd holds up@Nebrewska only non SEC teams in top 15 SoS - FSU, Oregon, TCU, UCLA, Mich St, AZ, Clemson, USC@Nebrewska right at number 15. Bosa and a few guys pretty scary good but I have not seen them play much this yearMichigan State and Ohio State are only 2 teams in both the Top 15 for NCAA Total Defense and Total Offense, Bama 3/16 tho@JeffCNYC and the plugged in peeps that bot those and others cud be called most street smart prowling Wall & Broad@JeffCNYC will also b curious to c how Jana holdings from 6/30 filing perform from 10/15/14 to 6/30/15 the liquidation is over for most partCollege Football Strength of Schedule rankings via @KPIsports http://t.co/LYhP2Way2j@JeffCNYC was surprised mkt was not weak into BABA like was for FB but that score got settled, and now Volcker liquidity meme is everywhere2@JeffCNYC I just wonder if trotting out HYG/leveraged lending meme here is wise - that was story for June, along with pending BABA IPO@JeffCNYC flipside T2107/T2108 hit pretty extreme levels - cud still be buyer into Nov 2011 on those levels but this bull longer in tooth@JeffCNYC @daytrend not sure how scientific it is and can be sloppy into year end too but wud seem to pan out year after year@JeffCNYC @daytrend usually when I want to buy beaten down stocks in summer I remember 2 wait until we get into teeth of Oct 31st MF fiscal@daytrend @JeffCNYC maybe last wk stole from/accelerated - historical might b from last ditch MF tax loss selling?? https://t.co/Ns5eD3HBp4@daytrend @JeffCNYC seasonally next week is terrible and if we soften or retest people will be soiling themselvesCategory average for Small Cap Growth Mutual Funds YTD - 782 bps, for High Yield +253 bpsOpponents' records: MS St (.643), FSU (.540), Miss (.563), Aub (.675), Ala (.592), Ore (.583), ND (.531), MSU (.571), UGA (.469), TCU (.625)
Retweeted by StockJockey@pcdunham I never thought that noob wud win a Super Bowl must have been black swans@pcdunham GameDay to Baton Rouge. Don't screw this up Saturday@drewsharp one guy in the AP Poll had MSU ranked lower than you did maybe you can revote them to 14 http://t.co/GDbunMMvLR@conorsen @georgepearkes @ArchMcClure price to book multiples on a few of the homebuilders proly hit no mas land earlier last week ie buyem@Ana1Sima we are overseeding the lawn as we move from bermuda to rye but stop by the bar is stocked
@StaceyOrz @DrewCHallett @WolverinesMike they have a point, Cook threw 8 incompletions and they might not outgain Indiana by 400 ydsLipper theorizes recent ETF inflows were creations of units by AP's for brokerage clients to short as they hedged http://t.co/PWV4OqlibFGTAT plant layoffs to begin December 15th closure expected to be permanent http://t.co/qap3wbiFYO Merry Christmas@GMRobertson GE backlogs, remember trotting it out during 2011 mkt swoon I think. stock is just so boring tho 2me@GMRobertson I see that $250 billion number but you had a chart before? or cud see historical to compare maybe?@GMRobertson do u have that backlog number u were sharing 2-3 years ago? that was eye opening at the timeWanted: Ebola screeners at JFK for $19 an hour http://t.co/DwJXLksqzp beats flipping burgers?@dailydirtnap good piece - was that vacation during the quant stock meltdown in early August if memory serves me?What a Correction Feels Like http://t.co/qQ2ohq6jfZ written by @dailydirtnapFactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (0.99%), S&P (1.02%), Nasdaq (0.42%), Russell +2.75% http://t.co/Ss7nnwfqHu@BarbarianCap I prefer Palace Coup to Mutiny Gang they are wearing ties not flying pirate flags@georgepearkes someday i will relate story of launching David Faber's first big CNBC M&A deal & how lead2 Stephens Inc analyst going2 prison@jvposter @georgepearkes were his concern, ie almost manipulaton - it was just good feints and poker playing etc imo.
@jvposter @georgepearkes and I don't really think it portrays him in poor light, assuming the tom toms on the Hudson bit & related issues..@jvposter @georgepearkes I think PTJ wud be pleased it motivated people like Naufal to get in biz who had no intention to before seeing it@jvposter @georgepearkes our intention was to respect PTJs wishes and keep the video private circulating only between a few people but....@georgepearkes I don't think anyone but a professional librarian cud have done it. Maybe just one copy PTJ missed when they tried to bury it@georgepearkes from my recollection tracking down the video took over 6 months it was quite a sleuthing job and maybe only one copy existed@georgepearkes who was supposed to keep it on the DL and of course then it showed up on ZH a few weeks later@georgepearkes but the world came super close to never seeing that video it wud have never seen light of day if i hadnt sent it to tweeter@georgepearkes he gave it his co-PM and that was first scene he tried to describe b4 shipping me the burned CD in May 2009@georgepearkes my buddy's wife was a librarian and tracked that video down in an Alabama library, that was first scene he tried to describe@Nebrewska how many Buds do you have left?@plainview_ going after Atticus for CLF et al in Fall of 2008 was more apparent to me than this one but it is accurate to call it a shitshow@plainview_ its complex ecosystem & I cud see butterfly flappings its wings then leadin to recent cascade.How much is Jana down since 6/30?Top-Secret US Air Force Space Plane Lands After Almost 2 Years In Orbit http://t.co/2VnBSOVAZP@conorsen maybe too much money has gone to those guys past 18 months it has been the hot dot@conorsen I can see the quants stumbling into the same stocks and regretting it but these activists/event driven guys should know better@conorsen Events? Be careful what you wish for@TheStalwart This debacle in crowded activist/event driven funds is more like the Quant nightmare unwind of Aug '07 than the treasury action
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