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@34bps @The_Analyst Everbody Knows the Duke Bros would never leave the Main Line for Winnetka or Lake Forest@The_Analyst they wanted to do pork bellies not OJ but CME did not cooperate, maybe Chicago was plan originally??@JackHBarnes whats your edge, quackers? http://t.co/HKu4oevzfi cc @FranklinForward@kyles09 fund that big has gotta be team managedand lets face it smid cap is labor intensive and deserves super high fees to pay the peeps@kyles09 Jack Laporte was the man, amazing how well New Horizons has done for a long time and I assume the new guy has kept process going
@kyles09 all I know is that we often referenced the T Rowe comparison in mid 1990s in our marketing literature and provoked lotta discusion@JackHBarnes if its only 50% fat then I say eat two to get 100% of the recommended allowance@LWinthorpe T Rowe's been cautious 4 some time, had an interesting take in Dec on reason for IWMs relative valuation http://t.co/I5DkRafWVy@gregorylent I posted that to lure @nelderini out of his lair, he loves Kemp and talking decline ratesWhy the shale revolution is not about to end: Kemp http://t.co/annhWPryrx@EconomPic but that is a separate matter. But rest up this weekend, the homestretch to 2014 is coming into view@EconomPic yes I gotcha. Also wud add I think the year end mark-up artistes have lots more to work with in WinTel than IWM into homestretch@EconomPic I guess what I am trying to say...if was indeed a "regime change" then its more likely still early innings, let it run its course@EconomPic have wintessed some multiple contraction for avg IWM component but not enough 2move needle in weighing machine industrial complexor more accurate to say, relative valuations as they always update in recent semi-annual commentary http://t.co/FEritNUQ5NCAPE arguments will never end but T Rowe New Horizons long running commentary on valuation is more actionable imo http://t.co/DyRTB5ASva@hmeisler the blue court is much preferable to the green court that still existed in that 2004 final they just replayed snippet of@EconomPic should say small cap, was early days of style box then. But Russian begat LTCM, that fall of 1998 was a real doozy@EconomPic so far this year still kinda reminds me of the WinTel market of '98 was frustrating year for SCG stylebox http://t.co/8ZFckeHT4AThe rising tide lifting all boats has driven the average Small Cap growth fund to a negative 58 bps YTD performance (per Mstar)@LDrogen lovin podcast u did http://t.co/l4Ndnh1DEz maybe can improve sound quality in weeks ahead? good stuff tho
FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap http://t.co/4rmiGcYf6w best run for equities since November
@kunal00 Sparty On@hmeisler icymi http://t.co/ctwy28V0mA urban tennis ftw@jasonWSJ great piece@oknotsomuch on any given day when you had sleeves rolled up and working on catalysts that wud not become apparent/headlines for weeks/mos@oknotsomuch sure, was thinkin more buyside when I was 20 stocks of 85 we owned & knee deep in co specific issues oblivious 2 world/macro@LWinthorpe IWM total return YTD pretty punk I think the dorks debating CAPE forget to say that maybe it worked with small caps recently@LWinthorpe he wud ask me why I scratched SPLK at 43 a few weeks ago. Serenity now, insanity later@LWinthorpe yeah but she is behind lotta the sentiment swings I think Ari Kiev would tell us to stand our ground, stick to the disciplineTruth, when you are in co specific trenches RT @jdorman81: I spent 15 yrs in finance & know very little about finance http://t.co/zjHQYlSFsd@LWinthorpe now T2108, NAAIM/AAII, Fund Flows Stochastics etc not leaving that much meat on bone now. Fear & Greed only 42 tho@LWinthorpe "positioning" discussion we had with Felder early August. Its always positioning and sentiment, always always always@LWinthorpe I was a champ first 45 days of Q3, this week ok but did not make enough hay week ended 8/22. But this month gets back to that...@DavidSchawel up the creek without a paddle? no, but he had a texas hedge on this week long china/short usa indices http://t.co/G01uJHCX6J@LWinthorpe what a month. I kinda have a weird grudge against the last 20 pts in S&P in a way that only Hussman or Zerohedge wud understand@groditi if Jason Zweig spent a day with me he wud switch teams and write about crazy clients & stop constantly bashing well intentioned 65s@groditi I am getting advice on custodians and football spreads. Pls make them stopSomebody needs to downgrade GE to Lieutenant Electric@DavidSchawel you can check flows every Sat on their website I think showing they have more goin on than just DXJ which maybe lost lil 2 EWJ@DavidSchawel have not bounced it off anyone but wud guess few Sellsiders egging em on and then competitive thesis, fee compression etc.@DavidSchawel check this out too they are treating Jono like he is running Individual Investor Group part Deux http://t.co/OH5rIOY1Ie@DavidSchawel WUBA cut next qtr revenue guidance and then stepped up spending guidance stock down 10 pts since. needs to marinate over wkndWUBA markdown aisle 5 everything must go@LWinthorpe yeah he was good. Iranian immigrant his dad worked for the Shah till they fled. Lotsa cloak and dagger moves on and off pitch@LWinthorpe guy on my high school soccer team is on CNBC saying there is not a residential REIT bubble@conorsen yes of course, had that earnings report circled on calendar for 3 weeks. Lotsa pin action@conorsen I think end of marking periods very important, last day/first day month qtr year. Weighing machine can pick voting machine pockets@conorsen HYG observation to start the month was good, Cashin talking "crash" the AM of August 1st also notable. Didnt quite expect this tho@christopherhuff "FBR cuts SPLK price target 27 pts expecting multiple compression" now they tell us
Bullish sentiment tops 50% for the first time since 12/26/13, in the latest AAII Sentiment Survey http://t.co/p8fDhaRNkZ bears below 20%John Lennon's killer: 'I'm sorry for being such an idiot' http://t.co/FJV4RVtLOM Parole denied@joerexrode I don't think Spurrier's team could stop East Carolina today http://t.co/U8cedVlFJuU.S.-based stock funds attract $6.1 billion over week ended 8/27: Lipper http://t.co/xR4tqZg6eG high yield pulls in $672 million@azdeandobbs then there is this fwiw http://t.co/Sy805mD6w5 have not seen him on teevee much lately@azdeandobbs jeez down 464 bps YTD Shaoul's star dimming a bit or is it Aronstein's rodeo he is only one listed at Mstar?@azdeandobbs everybody is picking on them now https://t.co/8gNzXUVkOsSPY down 5 bps MDY down 32 bps IWM down 51 bps IWC down 57 bps see a pattern? #2014@christopherhuff ah I bot it there on that thesis and scatched it/lost lil cuz I am too jittery. dangit, did not expect such a beat thoNo mention yet by Obama of the formation of the Strategic Rose Reserve?@christopherhuff finding its sea legs enough is enough I guess.Story Stock Du Jour shakes it off today MBLYFireEye, Palo Alto Top Security Picks at Stifel http://t.co/hcJdAOLiUi via @barronstechblogDeutsche Telekom Said Open to T-Mobile Talks at $35/Share http://t.co/vxgRBCFhbG@AZ_Analyst imo a lot of negative stuff I am hearing was more appropriate 6-8 mos ago seems like they were slow to figure it out/piling on@AZ_Analyst getting closer to point where stock can outperform despite multiple compression? cuz still proly deserves mc@AZ_Analyst yes but mkt will look thru it after next 2ndary, can say it is becoming less of an issue than it was. but stock still needs time@AZ_Analyst valuation to comps gives me pause and overhang from VCs still issue tho diminishing but I think they have executed pretty wellThe College Football Grid of Shame http://t.co/zdjvQVP5y3 lulz Florida St and BamaWUBA gonna hold Monday's lows? fwiw looks like Passport sold a bunch might have used July/Aug strength to sell the rest@AZ_Analyst wonder how many people picking on SFM here have stepped foot in one. But if Florida decision sticks discipline might b coming@AZ_Analyst I just think it is gonna take a lot to see those stocks at new lows. Need to get thru mutual fund fiscals and YE, but i gotta@AZ_Analyst people pressing shorts. U see how much SFM went up in 2 weeks? overhang/valuation is issue, still, but.. http://t.co/vCGi0BWKLx@AZ_Analyst I just can't imagine sentiment will get much worse to group, imo is as silly now as it was 1.5 years ago, mirror image
Having an alleged dog abuser on the payroll isn’t the best PR for a private equity firm http://t.co/nw1dSZTrLn@HFMLarryBird rare sighting of the elusive creature http://t.co/MufJfbZRxBWedbush Starts SFM at Outperform $37 target. Group (WFM TFM) has bottomed?Centerplate issues statement after CEO was caught beating a dog http://t.co/rlukKUz4tw still has his job@hmeisler Stifel init $45 target@montoyan once big boss yelled at us 4 not working hard enough & then said "I am really stressed out building a golf course on Nantucket"@conorsen @montoyan you guys wouldn't really fit in at the Chicken Box http://t.co/6MueTxqErS so never mind with the woop woopShort interest figures updated yesterday through 8/15 settlement - GTAT battleground escalates http://t.co/9Gh6UgGOrc@LWinthorpe seeing first 60s T2108 prints since July 14th. this rally is as remarkable as the slow slide was, flip side of coin@AZ_Analyst post earnings report high. WFM ripping too
@DavidSchawel MegaloppaheadsSmead Capital: Active Management Isn’t Dead http://t.co/CtbSn3VSqq not enough of a Zweig takedown. Next@TheMostRKM me2, caught intro in ur sunset/timelapse video. PS Good luck in next round! she looked good, keep it going@nickconfessore whoops sorry. No its been a while, miss it. But if traffic is not bad 2.5 hrs, leaving qwaag 2 get u at LGA not so appealing@TheMostRKM there is no sanctuary from Coco at the tennis center. She really rocked that 3rd set http://t.co/z5odZ17fOK@nickconfessore you know it is a cab to Jitney's airport connection off the LIE and then right into Qwaag@hmeisler not sure thought they called him an indie on tv few minutes ago and wikipedia sez "he was" there for 17 years. but now an adviser?@hmeisler so Darst left Morgan Stanley?@ericjackson I know a guy who turned down the first ad sales job at ESPN he has some funny stories@pkedrosky as soon as Jack Ma finishes his Tai Chi session http://t.co/Exso0zQYDSMorningstar gives Janus a "D' grade for corporate culture http://t.co/Lbze0gxsog no grade inflation in Denver
$200 Billion of Australian LNG projects nearing completion are being undermined by cheaper US shale gas http://t.co/jVH69grVCQJimmy Page tickets for 92nd St Y http://t.co/sfSFqs07q9 getting pricey http://t.co/bHrtqN9Fkd@oknotsomuch Willie Hernandez needs to teach those Tiger closers the screwgie@401kRIA Rosewall? loved stories barnstorming Aussies in 50's/60's drinking like fish, played hard lived hard@Nonrelatedsense if he gets to do that we all should get to use Small Cap Growth as our bogey this year
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