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@ReformedBroker Ivy has some 'splainin to do, drag her ass back on the showIndonesia to make it even harder for foreign miners http://t.co/WzmfBgfSJkChina factory activity shrinks for fourth month http://t.co/22lUhdhsvaMark Cuban's Foray Into the Edtech Industry https://t.co/nqC7NpUfzS cc @mcuban
"Chinese manufacturing is weak across the board but consumer growth is holding up - and on-line businesses are growing almost exponentially"China - Total Freight Transport Growth YoY http://t.co/KF5o43uInsChina - M2 Money Supply Growth http://t.co/XLBs7tFKgGChina - Loan Growth http://t.co/uhsowAmc6cAckman promised Herbalife whistleblower as much as $3.6 million http://t.co/bFqePJ6M1w@DavidSchawel despite all the drama of late, an IEF allocation in the contest is exactly....unch@HCPG yes, for sure. But it is starting to remind me of the late 80s in some ways, vaguely, quick bucks and Barbarians@HCPG thx, I need to sleep on this one but sure seems like he is pushing the envelopeIf wax drips on your head during the commute home it is probably from Ackman's wingsGoldman Sachs Asset Management buys a "Smart Beta" shop http://t.co/eEmulsiApH dummies?@dasan buy the Schoenebaum tweet https://t.co/5j3MAParRp and sell the newsGilead's stock is really ripping/the afterhours quotes seem to be sticking/I am unpleasantly not long@oknotsomuch 5-7-5 is the current Elliot Wave patten in DXJ and also Haiku building blocks@hmeisler Sell in May the DXJ. But only if you are willing to...overstay last week in AprilIf anyone can put "Sell in May" into a haiku pls submit it@christopherhuff alas, the train is still at the station but I think it is belching smoke@IvanTheK so TWTR turned red cuz they did not enable a #timestamp function?IEX'S exchange plan stirs queue jumping argument http://t.co/L9Z9KP01Bf@hmeisler we can't sell until May unless you can you make that rhyme, something like "up 70 handles in a week, tomorrow cud be bleak"Will Morningstar put PIMCO in the penalty box? http://t.co/Mm8eAjitZT want this plot to twist, I've had enough mystery@Gunntwitt was poring over Andor's sheets a few weeks ago and bot a few but that was good miss long@Spencerjakab everybody in my stream is angling for a hook in the Salmon storyMDSO will leave a mark today
Whitebox Advisors' Andrew Redleaf, Avenue Capital's Marc Lasry discuss how they started and grew their firms http://t.co/tWfzYYW5UnKeystone Pipeline delay gives boost to Obama's political base http://t.co/NhMKF0QYJ7@Trace_Urdan did you go to Cuban's presentation on retention? With Copley?Facebook: Credit Suisse Ups to Buy, $87 Target http://t.co/Ech6C2Gpul thats whats app afterhours@duckstocks the first blogger to suggest it would walk the plank if i was running things around hereBrace yourself: Sell in May and Go Away http://t.co/LY2FoMU7kY its started, like the swallows to Capristano can set watch by old saw@hmeisler only recall driving over Verrazano once on way to Gettysburg but did not set foot. I was Midtown Tunnel guy, April to Oct@hmeisler 20 yrs in City and never stepped foot on Staten Island.Next time I am there will ride ferry roundtrip & scratch it off bucket list@IvanTheK yes. I had my eye on that shackteau for years, lower $, and sad their will be no more stories about Quogue Market on Mad Money@IvanTheK further east Cramer is pretty much unch and looking for a bid http://t.co/QYtQ2ZgNo2@IvanTheK Woodside is next?UPDATE 1-DoubleLine hires Pimco exec for new bond product team - Reuters http://t.co/Pgc0gIS5SV $$
Retweeted by StockJockey@zerobeta Chrystia sure was a great spender of OPM but that was then and this is nowBlogger Sentiment Poll: 42% bearish vs 29% bullish $SPY http://t.co/Rr05fDvcR4
Retweeted by StockJockeyRandom Elon Musk/TSLA story for die hard fanboys only http://t.co/2pUcQOmUB7"GS points out that net purchases of European stocks by U.S. investors have totaled $120 billion over the last 12 months,near a record high"@hmeisler F&G was very surgical, like laser guided smart bomb, rest of my indicators were more Memphis Belle over Germany but I limped home@hmeisler I have weighted it now in a basket, stochastics got there too, wud have liked to seen lower T2108 & larger ETF ouflows but not bad@hmeisler yeah, I am just saying looking back that one was perfect, I was active there, would not waste all that talk going into it!@hmeisler single best (in hindsight) indicator was the Fear & Greed Print in high teens?@BarbarianCap would have to mean 2 lines, will say the one I frequent can clear the line much faster than I ever thought possible@BarbarianCap no I don't think so, not in this context http://t.co/4LqWkCnhroHow can CMG fastest locations process 6 transactions a minute a peak lunch rush? Crazy. Anyone eat at East 44th lately how is location doin?DXJ Month to Date flows thru 4/17 are Abesmal http://t.co/Kw24OupzMZIs LEJU discount to Z more compelling than WB to TWTR? maybe its not the way to look at it but...pondering that and the meaning of life here@DavidSchawel @Dutch_Book Matty's contributions to inefficient markets make the world go round@Dutch_Book somebody really needs to bayonet the British Officer on AMC's Turn. The guy pisses me off more than Matty@The_Analyst @Dutch_Book Matty misses $9 billion asset in SOP analysis, his Intrade odds on passsing CFA plummet http://t.co/RyhF9LYuWu@Morgan_03 Holy Guacamole http://t.co/sz9KmzuV5XBlair's FB earnings preview - number out after close on Weds http://t.co/aRaeDIqpjv
@jdstein this was from maybe 4-5 weeks ago but these have almost faded away http://t.co/u6Q76tANUo@jdstein would say its peaking here, Oleander flowers are kicking right now, cactus are past lil peak, but felt like summer today, hi 80s/90Peaceful Easter in Paradise Valley but will re-deploy countermeasures Monday2 protect the garden #noQuarter4BugsBunny http://t.co/k5awyI7nqK@ChrisDubaya then there is this - after a big bounce https://t.co/r9laQ3vMJJ
@ReformedBroker guess who didn't pick up the phone when the market was shitting the bed midweek https://t.co/rAUaI50LbkVictory Capital buys Munder Capital http://t.co/aeTVbbVDxg Michigan, that hotbed of the buysideThere’s been carnage in hedge fund land this year, and the WSJ has some of the numbers on various funds: http://t.co/Wppxl4ZZFl @StockJockey
Retweeted by StockJockey50th percentile for Small Cap Growth Funds -341 bps YTD and -425 bps last 3 months@conorsen they kick saved the QQ and IWM and end of the quarter then April hit as margin clerk capacity utilization rose sharply@conorsen @LDrogen forget a 15 inch hole the Rules Committee just needs to legalize the foot wedgenobody wants a piece of them until they see everyone else chasing em then they bid up after swearing them off earlier in the dayAmerica gets ripped off for billions in a bunch of chinese reverse merger scams then two semi-legit Chinese IPOs come out priced right and@ChrisDubaya I think this sez it all, gets to my wonderment about pockets of carnage amidst calm DIA SPY in any case http://t.co/jRQrYbSgTU@DavidSchawel any possible combination of unit allocations in your contest almost result in a dead heat QTD maybe u need to grade on vol lol
James Saft: Hedge Fund Managers Drive Innovation and Bubbles http://t.co/k1XtZzoK2q Janeway makes cameo cc @pmarca@mariocibelli how often will they release sub numbers, quarterly?@HFMLarryBird How fired up are you for the Bad Boys 30 for 30? http://t.co/yH3kskVK2n Laimbeer drank Boston's milkshake@conorsen my Masters viewing time was the least since Charles Coody won. Strange but just didn't care@christopherhuff treat yourself to a brat and a beer at Berghoff, the wurst is over for TWTR just need a little patience, scale in imo@christopherhuff I own some - not all of em are acting great today but this SINA WB covering up some previous sins@IvanTheK @hmeisler hopefully u did not see me swimming naked as the tide went out earlier this wk.Had tons of cash2,but its all good again@IvanTheK @hmeisler IMO was almost as nasty as they get unless u owned DIA stuff@Ana1Sima just aim for Camelback Mtn will get u close@Ana1Sima I will blare canned chants of USA USA USA thru speakers that are hidden in fake rocks@Ana1Sima win all 3 and I babysit dogs while Chef cooks for you and u eat with the boyz@Ana1Sima if you lose all 3 to me you get Costco Hotdog and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Win 1/3 chose hamburger or chicken, win 2/3 Ribeye & Cali Cab@Ana1Sima Here is the deal: Pardise Valley Olympics Tri-Cathlon USA vs Canada - Bocce Ball, Ping Pong then shoot PoolThere was a lot at stake, making sure WB deal worked was huge. Stupid articles from Mashable et al like they know wtf they are talking aboutProtip: If you did not like this WB deal its never too early to start talking about the lockup expirationJack Ma painting the tape in his Cayman account #pendingZerohedgeLedePut in for some WB and set yourself up for better shot at desired Alibaba allocation. If that IPO was not so large wud be plausible theoryWhen you downsize an IPO and price it right it often gets more interesting but that is when media/twitter piles on negativelyCalamos' Board Cuts His Pay http://t.co/hxmzygTp7w stock might lift if they give him the electric chair@oslogrl how many Norwegians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?@James_v_S pair it with a hard, tannic 1975 Left Bank Bordeaux and man up@christopherhuff I thought was "avg pullback" from recent 52 wk highs, anyhoo...here is another piece on the beatdown http://t.co/nCc90SX9kxAll these stoopid new websites writing about IPOs dont know jack about how aftermarket is now poised 2provide better risk reward than mo ago@davidfaber Do you remember the Grow Group takeover story 1994/95-ish? That was ur first big scoop at CNBC imo@WillardOfOdds we have a CAB store nearby still have not gotten in there to check it out. Will do that soon and look into this SPWH@TJCooney I put wooden box filled with 70 lobsters and ice in hatchback of GTI. When I woke up hungover Sunday Ice melted car smelled like..See a pattern here? downsized, below range http://t.co/dTgdIC1ltl@conorsen I would always just call a company when it was in doubt and see what receptionist said when they picked up phoneHow to pronounce "way-bwor" http://t.co/zGyYtNRcfW get it right you gringos
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