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@ChrisDubaya then there is this - after a big bounce https://t.co/r9laQ3vMJJ
@ReformedBroker guess who didn't pick up the phone when the market was shitting the bed midweek https://t.co/rAUaI50LbkVictory Capital buys Munder Capital http://t.co/aeTVbbVDxg Michigan, that hotbed of the buysideThere’s been carnage in hedge fund land this year, and the WSJ has some of the numbers on various funds: http://t.co/Wppxl4ZZFl @StockJockey
Retweeted by StockJockey50th percentile for Small Cap Growth Funds -341 bps YTD and -425 bps last 3 months@conorsen they kick saved the QQ and IWM and end of the quarter then April hit as margin clerk capacity utilization rose sharply@conorsen @LDrogen forget a 15 inch hole the Rules Committee just needs to legalize the foot wedgenobody wants a piece of them until they see everyone else chasing em then they bid up after swearing them off earlier in the dayAmerica gets ripped off for billions in a bunch of chinese reverse merger scams then two semi-legit Chinese IPOs come out priced right and@ChrisDubaya I think this sez it all, gets to my wonderment about pockets of carnage amidst calm DIA SPY in any case http://t.co/jRQrYbSgTU@DavidSchawel any possible combination of unit allocations in your contest almost result in a dead heat QTD maybe u need to grade on vol lol
James Saft: Hedge Fund Managers Drive Innovation and Bubbles http://t.co/k1XtZzoK2q Janeway makes cameo cc @pmarca@mariocibelli how often will they release sub numbers, quarterly?@HFMLarryBird How fired up are you for the Bad Boys 30 for 30? http://t.co/yH3kskVK2n Laimbeer drank Boston's milkshake@conorsen my Masters viewing time was the least since Charles Coody won. Strange but just didn't care@christopherhuff treat yourself to a brat and a beer at Berghoff, the wurst is over for TWTR just need a little patience, scale in imo@christopherhuff I own some - not all of em are acting great today but this SINA WB covering up some previous sins@IvanTheK @hmeisler hopefully u did not see me swimming naked as the tide went out earlier this wk.Had tons of cash2,but its all good again@IvanTheK @hmeisler IMO was almost as nasty as they get unless u owned DIA stuff@Ana1Sima just aim for Camelback Mtn will get u close@Ana1Sima I will blare canned chants of USA USA USA thru speakers that are hidden in fake rocks@Ana1Sima win all 3 and I babysit dogs while Chef cooks for you and u eat with the boyz@Ana1Sima if you lose all 3 to me you get Costco Hotdog and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Win 1/3 chose hamburger or chicken, win 2/3 Ribeye & Cali Cab@Ana1Sima Here is the deal: Pardise Valley Olympics Tri-Cathlon USA vs Canada - Bocce Ball, Ping Pong then shoot PoolThere was a lot at stake, making sure WB deal worked was huge. Stupid articles from Mashable et al like they know wtf they are talking aboutProtip: If you did not like this WB deal its never too early to start talking about the lockup expirationJack Ma painting the tape in his Cayman account #pendingZerohedgeLedePut in for some WB and set yourself up for better shot at desired Alibaba allocation. If that IPO was not so large wud be plausible theoryWhen you downsize an IPO and price it right it often gets more interesting but that is when media/twitter piles on negativelyCalamos' Board Cuts His Pay http://t.co/hxmzygTp7w stock might lift if they give him the electric chair@oslogrl how many Norwegians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?@James_v_S pair it with a hard, tannic 1975 Left Bank Bordeaux and man up@christopherhuff I thought was "avg pullback" from recent 52 wk highs, anyhoo...here is another piece on the beatdown http://t.co/nCc90SX9kxAll these stoopid new websites writing about IPOs dont know jack about how aftermarket is now poised 2provide better risk reward than mo ago@davidfaber Do you remember the Grow Group takeover story 1994/95-ish? That was ur first big scoop at CNBC imo@WillardOfOdds we have a CAB store nearby still have not gotten in there to check it out. Will do that soon and look into this SPWH@TJCooney I put wooden box filled with 70 lobsters and ice in hatchback of GTI. When I woke up hungover Sunday Ice melted car smelled like..See a pattern here? downsized, below range http://t.co/dTgdIC1ltl@conorsen I would always just call a company when it was in doubt and see what receptionist said when they picked up phoneHow to pronounce "way-bwor" http://t.co/zGyYtNRcfW get it right you gringos@Ana1Sima was cool tonight too. No clouds here u know. Will hit u later, count on it maybe 6pm ish deets to follow@rj_trades @Nebrewska strangely we did not find him wedged in there between Budweiser and Lite Beer from Miller@rj_trades @Nebrewska in college I converted the Coke machine at the fraternity house into a beer machine. Nebrewska was about 3 then but...
@Ana1Sima go check out that Blood Moon rising, just coming up. InsaneMissing Nebraska boy, 3, found in toy claw machine http://t.co/iJmtFgDcY4@Morgan_03 I would crack up thinking exactly that every time I drove by too lolSpammy Dating Website Zoosk Files for IPO http://t.co/zOwfCyFuA3@gapandyap any thoughts on CUDA?Armajaro Commodities Fund AUM falls almost 25% in first quarter http://t.co/gEgSZD9oNy Series 3 Licenses free to a good homeHedge fund managers Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens are buying the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million http://t.co/dfKijcduQI@ChrisDubaya sure, got 2 be a bit much, IWO often at extremes in Callan's Periodic Table, top or bottom@ChrisDubaya ok cool thx. But it was something I was discussing with mgrs past month - how is SPY only down 40 bps here looks like carnage@ChrisDubaya I think I discovered (3 wks ago) that I had more beta in portfolio than I thought, and amazing difference in P&L last 28 hours@ChrisDubaya I was always ran SMID cap money and while we were low octane IWO type guys it goes with territory - yes have some,not a DIA guyWeChat vs Weibo http://t.co/9iVI1Bet4a@hmeisler you should get sponsored by Dramamine@HCPG btw nice work during the past 3 weeks intraday is not my strong suit too many distractions, helpful to have folks like u around@HCPG kinda shocked it is not up 5% here but as far as valuation price to sales ratio still pretty rich for a Red Hot to keep it simplistic@HCPG just kidding, but funny how the stock sorta became a thing. Was great barometer 4 intraday risk appetite during the ping pong sessionsI guess this underperformance in FEYE is the final indignity to the lepers that own it@ReformedBroker speaking of clown shows...this was pretty iconic photo back in the day, Cobo Hall I believe http://t.co/ukyBAt41LqAC/DC: We are not retiring http://t.co/AsGkxXjodN good news for @aarontask@DavidSchawel accting jitters u know I cut and ran around 25 with eye to getting involved again but too many brushfires lately on sheets@DavidSchawel green shoots for LEAF think slide is proly over, quite a chart here@ChrisDubaya have been doing some bottom fishing but unless you own CAT and MSFT etc u have probably been rocked a bit.@ChrisDubaya ok, when I look at what I own right here right now would say avg stock in portolio is down more than 18% from 52 week high@ChrisDubaya but they know how to work a database. Will ask @christopherhuff then - did avg stock Russell 3000 decline 18.6% from 52 wk hi?@ChrisDubaya The Russell got pretty beat up. Don runs shop and worked at NASA when they put a man on moon I think those boyz know sliderules"the average stock in the broad market Russell 3000 is down 18.6% from the 52-week highs" http://t.co/2oUFMSL8ww@iandominguez saw that old Peterffy speech someone posted...gotcha, wonder if their IEX option is getting any traction/routing@groditi nice move on IBKR but any clue on payment for order flow situation/downside, if any? not a concern?@bondscoop roughly 8 yrs ago was a quote attributed to Lampert "only I have the acumen here (ESL) to allocate capital" has been slog sinceZBRA to go from being debt free to over $3 billion in debt to fund acquisition, expect "turnover in shareholder base" http://t.co/9vWD4M9DHe@bondscoop I don't think we should name an economic statistic over a guy who thinks he is Secretariat, but that is just me@LangReynolds ramp was delayed reaction to this as well http://t.co/jGetViCshi and then there is PrivCo's buzzkill http://t.co/PLbUsbBADh@LangReynolds hope it is not another headfake lets see how WB fares cud be set up for nice deal on offering & sticks when it lands after gap@AZ_Analyst the will do well up that way, owner is rolling in dough just amazed how busy joint is, all the time@LangReynolds the fate of western civilization and capitalism depend on the risk appetite 4 FEYE & then theres this http://t.co/S1nzBnocMK@LangReynolds stock started ripping in middle of CNBC spot on that new guy who joined, FEYE started lifting a little prior, apparently...
@Ana1Sima thurs proly better, airport run today and UHaul loading tomorrow. Chaos but after Weds just me dogs and the tennis boyz 3x week@Bankrchick I tried to give em maps, flashlights & water proof matches spring break '89 but they were not quite ready http://t.co/hfGQHbiaGi@Bankrchick they know, I did a mind meld w/ their representatives at Ocean Reef Club and they sensed my childhood was spent watching Flipper@hmeisler saw Fear and Greed at 18 today was proly lower at one point? close 21 fwiwYHOO trading up to value of Mayer's shoe collection ex Alibaba@AZ_Analyst OHSO founder allergic to beer http://t.co/HzvRpq5Tm9 more for us. Arcadia always jammed, no parking spots left@Rookie500 @hmeisler still some time to go on calendar tho and gotta navigate the earnings report, but got to be more time than price issue@Rookie500 @hmeisler yes of course was second only to FEYE gallows humor/jokes. Everyone holding off then less stock than feared coming out@hmeisler but sellside pretty quiet these guys had to take it into their own hands and state their case. Different than typical situation@hmeisler I think this sums up my thoughts tho I find last 30 hrs of cheerleading by likes of TWTR VCs kinda comical https://t.co/NqhCWOwrBa@hmeisler drink/sniff glue@zseward you betchaIts not too late for someone to start a peitition at White House asking to ban IPOs until FEYE gets back to the secondary pricing@The_Real_Fly hearing Yellen makes cameo tonight on The Profit, walks in and buys a Pie while wearing Jimmy Buffett 1988 World Tour T Shirt@Dutch_Book such a shame I heard they just bought a bunch of Aeron chairs over there at ICPT HQ@naufalsanaullah going to 3 units of cash in David's contest will cost u bigtime at age 50 u r not learning valuable expensive lessons hereNot sure if Soros' back is hurting by mine sure is after filling sandbags non-stop for the past few weeks@AZ_Analyst from here its looks like its mostly REDRUM@christopherhuff I don't know who is doing what there but will stand by this https://t.co/oGDPBg2SoR https://t.co/i9WAhmMkO8@conorsen something has to sort of crystallize the situation...and now you have Sacca pleading for TWTR peeps to keep the faith. Unseemly@conorsen QQQ and IWM down 5-7% since BOX filed I think it was a catalyst of sorts in hindsight and only lately r Cramer et al on the topic
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