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Keen to apply for E12 or a merit or equity scholarship? Chat to our @SydneyCompass staff at #usydopenday (see p6) http://t.co/4cAF1bmRVfHow much bamboo can a panda bear? Tuns out pandas are just as diet-conscious as we are. http://t.co/NaUG7ZqBQ4 http://t.co/rN0aQDLDe9
The science behind the perfect football strike http://t.co/1ZZs5zDcBm @dailytelegraph
Retweeted by University of SydneyPutin's problem is that he can't control what the rebels do: Prof Colin Wight @colwight talks to @BloombergNews http://t.co/H4OMaU4wMK #MH17
Retweeted by University of SydneyWelcome to all the students arriving for Semester 2 Orientation! http://t.co/ze2hrdMaFV
Do men make better nurses than women? Conjoint Associate Professor Timothy Wand explores at #usydopenday. See p4 http://t.co/4cAF1bmRVf
Looking forward to welcoming all new students at Orientation next week! Check out what's on: http://t.co/3xZs5EJXlL http://t.co/DtEJqOX2sC
Retweeted by University of SydneyThe winner of the 2014 Archibald is 'Penelope Seidler' by Fiona Lowry! Runs until 28 at @artgalleryofnsw #archibald2014
Retweeted by University of SydneyAnd the #archibald2014 winner is... Fiona Lowry for her portrait of Penelope Seidler http://t.co/brrXy0KhJn
Retweeted by University of SydneyRT @702sydney: Fiona Lowry has won the #Archibald2014 for her portrait of Penelope Seidler http://t.co/MQlk1rjV38
Retweeted by University of SydneyFiona Lowry has won #Archibald2014. Michael Johnson has won the #WynnePrize and Andrew Sullivan won the #SulmanPrize http://t.co/kVkyLt5imU
Retweeted by University of SydneyCongratulations to @scagradschool alumna Fiona Lowry - winner of the #Archibald2014 at @ArtGalleryofNSW. Portrait of Penelope Seidler.News: At @ArtGalleryofNSW - Fiona Lowry wins #Archibald2014 for her portrait of Penelope Seidler. http://t.co/0FV29BEPUz (C artist / AGNSW)
Retweeted by University of SydneyOutcome of inquiry into 'Australian Paradox' research released http://t.co/waoamqCrPj
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Great to see so many bright young minds (and future @Sydney_Uni students...?) around campus for #SUSMUN!
Retweeted by University of SydneyGreat to hear @MishBridges visited Charles Perkins Centre http://t.co/IRz7GrAZbj via @smh @RobynDGallagher Feel very privileged to work here
Retweeted by University of Sydney
'harder, better, faster, stronger' - @USydFHS will show you how to enhance your sports performance at #usydopenday http://t.co/4cAF1bmRVfPlate-up for @Aus_ScienceWeek with the @sleekgeeks! Tickets: http://t.co/zggA4hNc5L @adambspencer @DoctorKarl http://t.co/b3jiKSoWwK
Retweeted by University of SydneyOver 80% of oral health patients willing to receive rapid HIV-testing in the dentist's chair: @Sydney_Uni research http://t.co/RT1XuddYwi
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@Sydney_Uni soccer study gets a kick out of improving players' decision-making: http://t.co/tZ04EUaqPuTomorrow eve be sure to get along to this @Sydney_Ideas event w/ @RobbieBarnett about #China's West and #Tibet: http://t.co/ZOI34GD2Nk
Retweeted by University of SydneyAlmost 40% of Australian retailers are failing to engage online and risk losing out to overseas competitors. http://t.co/S7poBqd90nStudents: opportunity to be paid ambassadors for @SydTeachColloq in September. Apply now! http://t.co/aSccZfjYE8How do you salvage nutrients from food waste? These @Sydney_Uni engineers can harvest the goodness from your garbage http://t.co/cIaAZ7EH6F
Retweeted by University of SydneyMake sure you say bonjour (or G'day) to students from France's @sciencespo if you see them on campus this month. http://t.co/NAzZV6V9WD@sydney_business student Lev Chupyatov scores in 99th percentile in @BloombergLP Aptitude Test. http://t.co/5fcnbHL4FQ
Discover more about the global food industry at The Future of Food talk at #usydopenday . See p4 of program http://t.co/4cAF1bmRVfI'm throwing it out to you guys, what do you think is the biggest contributing factor to Australia's obesity crisis: http://t.co/7zlCvkX8UH
Retweeted by University of Sydney'We all need to own the obesity problem': @MishBridges on her visit to @Sydney_Uni's Charles Perkins Centre in @smh http://t.co/EXsST2GzAP
Retweeted by University of SydneyHealth guru @MishBridges on why Charles Perkins Centre could country's "most important obesity initiative" @smh http://t.co/onP7XFulxaWhat happens when robots and farmers work together? #charlesperkinscentre http://t.co/Z69P6o8URs
Is employment success determined by who you know or where you go? @Sydney_Uni research http://t.co/kywA48CBh9
Retweeted by University of Sydney3 minutes to explain your research project... can you do it? Register now for the Sydney Uni #3MT competition! http://t.co/KcSNgufGZU@prasaanthii looking forward to welcoming you on campus!Big news today! The Beresford Hotel & @Sydney_Uni are the official venues for #SMWsyd 2014 http://t.co/cCbxtgBMlk
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Should teenagers be taking over-the-counter sporting supplements? Professor Jenny O'Dea discusses with @abc730 http://t.co/QnYNKxQmMFScience is coming! Don't miss @DoctorKarl's 'Game of Knowns' talk at #usydopenday (30 August). See pg 4 of program http://t.co/4cAF1bmRVfGot a question for @DoctorKarl & @adambspencer? Follow @sleekgeeks ask your question and we'll make a selection to be answered via podcast
Retweeted by University of SydneyFuture lions of industry spend some time with @sydney_business. @Sydney_Uni #wmbb #bungabarrabugu http://t.co/x8uIDvnHm8
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Ciao from Italy! The Con's Damian Arnold on what our students are up to @ European Chamber Music Summer School. http://t.co/lqG15p6KTZInterpretative dance coaxes bees into quick decisions on nest sites: @Sydney_Uni research http://t.co/YsqikVjSGJ
Retweeted by University of SydneyUnique insights come from unexpected collaborations at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre. http://t.co/t7br9EreQWLike getting creative with data? #govhack Sydney is on this weekend at the Charles Perkins Centre, register now! http://t.co/gzUjw04PDcNotice: Fisher Library is CLOSED today for power upgrade work. Apologies for any inconvenience. #library
As we celebrate #NAIDOCWeek we highlight amazing work by the Uni's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health in remote WA http://t.co/NkavdhjFFXFollow our Conservatorium of Music students as they perform around Italy for the #Estivo chamber music summer school http://t.co/ZuKMiemhEuINSPIRED campaign raises over $400 million – surpassing two thirds of its fundraising goal of $600 million by 2017. http://t.co/j199XMABP4Applications are open for round 2 of MADE by @SydOperaHouse Danish- Australian exchange. APPLY NOW http://t.co/XrpcrhN8PhNotice: Fisher Library is CLOSED today and tomorrow, for power upgrade work. Apologies for any inconvenience. #library
NCIE welcomes @Sydney_Uni Bunga Barrabugu 40 winter program participants! Enjoy your stay at our Campus @congressmob http://t.co/uU62o3sDyT
Retweeted by University of SydneyParents/guardians coming to Open Day on 30 August? Keep them in the loop with our parent's newsletter #usydopenday http://t.co/9P3FS132ELNotice: Fisher Library will be CLOSED tomorrow and Wed 9 July, for power upgrade work. Apologies for any inconvenience. #libraryWhat do biologists and astrophysicists have in common? http://t.co/t7br9EreQWAfter @profbensaul opinion pieces on 'Australia's Guantanamo Problem', @nytimes highlights our refugee crisis http://t.co/vJBBsbzx1N
Happy 75th birthday today to USyd's Department of Aeronautical Engineering! http://t.co/JZomAAkyuj http://t.co/aSfq21H1du
Retweeted by University of SydneyStudent writers: The Wentworth Medal & literary comps are now open with prizes up to $10,000! All entries close 7 Aug http://t.co/5r1VHRXMEPMT: Returned portrait sheds light on forgotten sexologist, Norman Haire. @SydneyUniPress http://t.co/IT9QJrnb9CProf Barnett's lecture on #China and Tibet is selling fast, don't miss out http://t.co/a2lUFp58Eg @Sydney_Ideas @Sydney_Uni @jamesahudson
Retweeted by University of SydneyNew Tin Sheds exhibition showcases pioneering conservation work of heritage sites in China. http://t.co/qcMVpdg50k http://t.co/BBb3AGELWENotice: Fisher Library will be CLOSED on Tues 8 & Wed 9 July, for power upgrade work. Apologies for any inconvenience. #library
Research from the Faculty of Pharmacy finds older Australians are taking anti-inflammatory drugs for too long http://t.co/j9mwx4kjJ1@Sydney_Uni researchers have made a giant leap towards the goal of 'bio-printing' transplantable tissues and organs. http://t.co/vTv1Qc4gfC.@Sydney_Uni announces $10.4 million gift plus clinic from staff member Prof Brian Trudinger for fertility research http://t.co/h3JhpeCy9d
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@Sydney_Ideas tmrw: INTERNET ACTIVISM & the Catalan Civil Independance Movement. http://t.co/pf8F4xGlTC @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/fIoKMicQ7E
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt's that time of year again! Mid-year enrollments are now open - find out how to get started: http://t.co/MKJ9xjvVN0The University has acquired Westmead IVF as part of a generous gift to boost fertility research & treatment. http://t.co/ag8Sr5WRTHA very generous gift from a very remarkable alumnus and staff member will boost fertility research #WestmeadIVF http://t.co/ag8Sr5WRTHNotice: Fisher Library will be CLOSED next week (Tues 8 & Wed 9 July), for power upgrade work. Apologies for any inconvenience. #libraryAttn student wordsmiths; the annual Wentworth Medal & literary comps are open w/ prizes up to $10,000! Closing 7 Aug http://t.co/5r1VHRXMEPIt's great to have @SenatorCash supporting our @UNWomenAust partnership today. We are so proud to have her speaking at our celebration lunch
Retweeted by University of SydneyGreat to celebrate the partnership with @sydney_business in Sydney today - building women in leadership roles #beijing20 @JulieEMcKay
Retweeted by University of SydneyInspiring speech by @SenatorCash at the @sydney_business @UNWomenAust lunch this afternoon http://t.co/FdpxwGUunM
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Our famous Open Day is just two months away! Check out the program and sign up for exclusive updates! #usydopenday http://t.co/xWANboSMd7Hitting a high note: @Sydney_Uni's Conservatorium of Music students are bound for Italy. Full story in today's mX. http://t.co/1hF0eHDdy6
Retweeted by University of SydneyWondering where the @NicholsonMuseum Lego Acropolis is going? To the @acropolismuseum in Greece! Full story @smh - http://t.co/BZMrIVQMB6
Retweeted by University of Sydney
#AbercrombiePrecinct is bringing a revolution in learning; Dean, Prof Greg Whitwell shares where we are headed #afr http://t.co/W8zD0qcZVhAre flying cars coming? Yes but we need social advances as well as technology say @Sydney_Uni aeronautical students http://t.co/Wbt79xWvmy
Retweeted by University of SydneyMT @Sydney_Uni Check out Davos Seaworth's (@liamcunningham1) reaction to our #GoT tribute on @2dayFMbreakfast http://t.co/cLfGbCSvav
Retweeted by University of Sydney@shkherad glad you had a good time! Look forward to hearing about all the awesome things you do back home. See you again soon!Want the leadership edge? Applications close today for our world-class postgrad courses. http://t.co/wzQfxjkM83 http://t.co/NwF6sHQtKD
Congrats to our amazing Australia Awards students who graduated today! http://t.co/jMKIBt0QqgCareer in art? Hear about the SCA Master of Studio Art from course coordinator Robyn Backen. S2 apps close 30 June http://t.co/BMoZcwcnlCWant the leadership edge? Apply by 30 June for our world-class postgrad programs. http://t.co/wzQfxjkM83 http://t.co/MFTMRnTosXCheck out 'Onion Knight' Davos Seaworth's (@liamcunningham1 )reaction to our @GameOfThrones tribute on @2dayFMbreakfast htp://bit.ly/1rFlY7TVote for the @USUAccess International Student Lounge by liking this photo for this year's CISA Excellence Awards http://t.co/DdM0APcuqHSupport ISL & vote for them in the Most Active #International #Student Association Excellence Award. http://t.co/Ik7FcKNiZp @Sydney_Uni
Retweeted by University of SydneyINCUBATE featured at @TEDxSydney in the Opera House talking bio-tech, startups & entrepreneurship at @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/HugDk22SR7
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@CassieLieschke Congrats Cassie! Enjoy the break!@_aryang enjoy the break!Dr Craig Barker filming a heritage tour with @CNC_World for @SydneyUniMuseum http://t.co/eLnrINdSUh
Retweeted by University of SydneyMeet 'Ladybird', the world-first farming robot developed by Sydney Uni's Prof Salah Sukkarieh http://t.co/qmiwgs7bzN http://t.co/9mxD5t8Ut4We sent a team of student interns behind the scenes at the @SydWritersFest @ArtSS_Sydney http://t.co/91pPmYMe6oSydney Law School's new publication, 'Crossing New Legal Frontiers: Our Leaders Make a Difference' is out. Read via: http://t.co/OUJ6A5KAGS
Tomorrow's CPC visiting speaker Prof Graham Warren talks molecular biology & making a Golgi. 4pm, register now: http://t.co/GD1nmPS9cKA unique @Sydney_Uni Business School postgraduate course teaches a new approach to fighting poverty. http://t.co/LBGNvoV4oH @sydney_business
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat next for Peter #Greste? @Sydney_Uni Prof Ben Saul @profbensaul in @smh http://t.co/0o5dbJqLW5
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Sydney Law School's @profbensaul outlines measures the Prime Minister can take to help bring Peter #Greste home. http://t.co/TQjAZ21isrCongrats to @Sydney_Uni #Robotics expert Salah Sukkarieh, @AUSVEG Researcher of the Year for developing ‘Ladybird’ http://t.co/LGHKMiB7tA
Retweeted by University of SydneyProminent Egyptian scholar @_amroali currently in Egypt analyses impact of Peter #Greste's sentencing on the country http://t.co/8EG1M8hw7O
Retweeted by University of SydneyWant the leadership edge? Apply by 30 June for our world-class postgrad programs. http://t.co/wzQfxjkM83 http://t.co/ZviiI7x8oc
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