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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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@TophHooperton I can't tell you how disappointed that makes me. Not angry, just disappointed. *sad dad shrug*Thanks @Hotwire for the sweet hotel deal in Philadelphia. Looking forward to some post-Thanksgiving r&r in Nov.@kateoriot I wear earrings maybe once every 8 months, and the holes are still there from when I was 13. I have slow-closing holes. (WOW.)@GHoundBusHelp Good thinking! Works on Chrome, not Safari. #TheMoreYouKnow@GHoundBusHelp Hey - is your website down? Isn't returning any results for NYC-Philadelphia in late Nov.@kateoriot Ya never know. I'm paranoid. I'm convinced that a ghost has just slowed my computer down, so, y'know, I'm not thinking clearly!@kateoriot Ok, thank you, that helped. I've stopped. :) I was worried you were going to send me something to make me jump. I'd have wept.@kateoriot @Jezebel I can't stop! Why am I reading: I'm terrified by EVERYTHING! I need some kitten & puppy videos!!! SEND HELP.@AliceMurphy95 In 1st year Arts in UCD, I only discovered what reading week was AFTER reading week. So. Yknow.This article on @Jezebel is shit-the-bed scary. And yet I'm reading it anyway. http://t.co/am2WiPGnoX I'm blaming the Veuve I had for lunch.@TophHooperton Of course. But serio, what now?Guy Fieri looks like what would happen if you actually let a genie free with your 3rd wish
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton WELL? We're all dying to know - how is his telephone manner?Toasting to Producing Artistic Director, Jennifer Conley Darling's 21 years in NYC! Yes, it's 4pm. Yes, this is... http://t.co/A6KEWWkjwJ
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@THEATREclub Pokey, jumbled, messy back-gardens, where everyone tries to hide their junk. Far more interesting than the front.@THEATREclub I LOVE seeing the backs of Dublin buildings. Best seen from the Dart going north from Connolly.This is the best thing ever. Going to hell for laughing. http://t.co/y4Wep9wa29
@TheSoup You can't argue with that logic, in fairness. Plus, it's impolite NOT to kill someone after pissing on their face. #etiquette(2/2) I have no idea what I've ever googled to suggest I care THAT much about Sandra Bullock, or what she may have lied about. It's curious.A targeted ad that keeps following me online states 'SANDRA BULLOCK LIED! Her fans are in shock. Her huge secret is finally exposed!' (1/2)This isn't 1997 - turn the damn key-tones off your phone.Librocop came and rapped the table beside his ear. Poor sumbitch nearly jumped two feet in the air.At the library, dude opposite sits down, neatly arranges laptop, mouse, folders, pens, bottle of water, paperwork. Head down, fast asleep.@lept Wow, there is! I picked up a free pen at an expo yesterday that was a pen, stylus, and torch in one. Pret-ty happy with myself.@lept PENVY! Of course that's a better pun. Bualadh bos.@lept Have you seen this? https://t.co/GxVsosIGoQ Watch with the volume up for maximum pen-envy.@byronhamburgers @AODhubhshlaine Good note, thanks for the heads up. Y'all might want to double up your napkin order for Dec, naymsayin?Planning my meat-eating some 7 weeks in advance. @byronhamburgers, see on you Dec 20 with @AODhubhshlaine. Sidebar - do you provide bibs?@sarahgoose True, but are you ok?
@tomcreed1980 @aoifesh Can we talk about #25 on that list? The hell is wrong with that cat(?)'s mouthular region!??26 Cat Selfies That Are The Greatest Things On The Internet | So Bad So Good http://t.co/v7zUuwtDvq
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI looked at the ocean, tried hard to imagine the way you felt the day you sailed from Wester Ross to Nova Scotia. #earworm #bestsongeverRe the @OKGo video, @enormous, apparently no magickry but plenty of visionary genius! http://t.co/QgbqjBkFe0Two buses pulled up to my stop, and I— I took the one driven by Beepy McShout, And that has made all the difference. #Poetry #RoadRageTake a theater lunch break with terraNOVA! Today at 2pm join us for Cherry Lane Theatre's TONGUES: a reading... http://t.co/FdXGIPKGn6
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
So people are still playing Candy Crush, eh? [Yes, yes they are. All of them. On the 7 train with the volume up.]The @okgo video is the most impressive thing I've seen in a long time. I truly hope it's all real and not CGIed. https://t.co/B8WwJlx78j@kateoriot Of course - in honour of November being International Steroid Month. Seems legit.@kateoriot Is it a Halloween thing, or just seasonal?@kateoriot Why so creepy, Creepy Meade?@BeccaTheSM Pork belly is the solution to every problem. I'm making myself hungry.It's #DylanThomas’s 100th Birthday & we have 2 copies of the new edition of Collected Poems to give away. RT to win! http://t.co/lNcZ9bpCPu
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI spend a good deal of time day-dreaming about what kind of meat I'll eat first when I quit this vegetarian lark. Probably some pork belly.@CBumble That silver-tongues devil. Who wouldn't want to be compared to a dead sheep's jawbone. Love it.
@LauraVogel Well said! :)@LauraVogel http://t.co/25tlfGLb3c I weep.Highlight of my day (week/month) was experiencing #UnderMilkWood w @MichaelSheen @92Y today. Will listen again tonight to lull me to sleep.@LauraVogel Agreed x100. But panic = ad dollars? Unfortunate that so many TV hours are filled with things we need to be deathly afraid of.
@OwensDamien Hold the phone. That's NOT how it works? Ooooohhhhh. :/
@LDCrozier Close the window. Stupidity is more contagious. :/If your advertisement takes up more than 5 seconds of my time before I can watch a video, I will NEVER use your service / buy your product.Library is closing and I got 1 item ticked off my list of 32. And not even really ticked off. Gonna be a busy weekend.@AODhubhshlaine I met Uncle John. YOU DID NOT. I did yeah. IN TOWN? Yeah. TODAY? Yeah. YOU DID NOT! I did yeah! I can't stop watching.@AODhubhshlaine These videos are so packed with gold.@AODhubhshlaine I'm in the library doing some work and skitting away to myself like a bold child. Gway! He did not!@AODhubhshlaine D'arab?Working at @nypl in perfect silence. Not leaving until I make it through my to-do list. It's a long list. Could be a long night.I got the seating-plan sweats. Juggling at its finest.Sitting & working at the back of a quiet restaurant. Chatty dude comes and sits at the NEXT table. I count 15 other empty tables. #EarphonesThe staged reading of #MOMENT by @deirdrekinahan @IrishArtsCenter will stay with me for a LONG time. So glad to have finally caught it.Had a great day at @SPACEonRyder w/ @terranovanyc yesterday - balm for the soul. Thanks to our hosts Emily, Alison, & Brendan for the nosh!
@MrShaneDelaney @GemCrad @aoifhayes @rachehaze You're a ledgebag, Shane!Just fell into a Facebook photo-hole. I was very young once.#SpamSubjectLines: S.A.F.E and F.A.S.T P.e.n.i.s Enlargement NOW EVA! [What's that they say about having it safe OR fast, but never both?]#MiriamLord continues to be the best thing about the @IrishTimes, and probably our entire country. http://t.co/g5eQigJKau@lept This is a billion dollar idea. Dibs! :)@lept I learned that recently too. And I read #Imold as #iMold and was wondering what else I was missing out on. *Starts queuing for iMold*Poor Gerry Adams. Constantly having to apologise for things that didn’t happen within an organisation of which he wasn’t a member.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanGo trick or treating as the patriarchy! Get your candy, then extra candy, wait for a woman to get candy, then cry & slap it out of her hand
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
I love @irishmammies so much. It makes me ache for home and very glad I don't live at home, all in the one breath.@AODhubhshlaine I don't disagree.@AODhubhshlaine You're very welcome. Does he get paid, that fella?@AODhubhshlaine That IS a bonkers price though. That's $1000. That's a boom-time mortgage payment. Who wants to get to Dundee that badly?@AODhubhshlaine Soooo.... you're coming to LA instead, or....?@AODhubhshlaine Game of Thhhrrooooonnnneessss-ah. #MacauleyCulkitTurns out that you CAN'T always get what you want. (But if you try sometime you might find, you get what you need.)
@imogendoel All fab! Good stuff in the works, keeping me out of trouble. :)@imogendoel I'm in NY. Back in Dec though for Christmas, and at the end of Jan for a thing... How are you doing?? Still in London?@imogendoel IMO!!!!To the tune of Frère Jacques: No hot water, no hot water/I'm freezing, I'm freezing/Hypothermia sets in, Hypothermia sets in/ Now I'm dead.@MeganKosmoski I don't give it often, but when I do, it's mainly for jokes about Taylor Swift.
@MeganKosmoski Damn girl, you poked a bear! People obsessively protective of celebrities amuse me. I LIKED YOUR JOKE, for what it's worth!@MeganKosmoski Jamaze. People be trippin'?@MeganKosmoski LINK PLEASE.[Dude on train, yelling] YO! WHATCHU DOING?... SLEEP? SLEEP IS BORING! [Everyone else in train] *Ferocious simultaneous eyeroll* #youthsI have recently become interested in ceramics. Who do I talk to about this?@AODhubhshlaine If you win that, I'll bursht you!To win a 1 night B&B + Dinner for 2 in our award winning Presidential suite simply follow and re tweet to enter. http://t.co/qavAVVSZ6n
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@lostplum #ChaChing, sucker!@lostplum Because we ladies are only out to fleece them for everything they have, and they want to manage our expectations? Sounds legit.@CaptainWavey @darraghdoyle That generally applies to teenage actresses? Usually beside an article damning the sexualization of children.@darraghdoyle The Indo is becoming the Daily Mail. All that's missing is mention of him flaunting his curves or a circle of shame.@MeganKosmoski Les FAB!
@TophHooperton If I ever, ever ironed, I would be interested in it too. Probably not enough to BUY it, but if someone GAVE it to me, maybe.@TophHooperton Just saw this http://t.co/aRVov6CuYz and thought that you'd be the kind of person who'd do #6.@SarahMillican75 That Will Scarlet tho...Glass of NZ SavB and some big project planning on the Upper East Side. There are worse ways to spend a sunny autumn Sunday.@EndaKennyTD @SineadCrowley This will end well. :/Jaggedy hate lines going from my eyes to this bratty young wan. People, it's not big or clever to be mean to your server. Use your head.The MOST OBNOXIOUS person sitting beside me at lunch. It's soup, love. Relax yourself.
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