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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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@JasonSimms Pour vous. Here Is the Unicorn Rainbow Fart Cake Life Promised You http://t.co/p7zdgjX5RtDeli has two radios playing. One is Richard Marx, the other is early90s Bryan Adams. Power balladarama.
@AODhubhshlaine It took me a LOT longer than I'm prepared to admit to get that 'duh-hun' was 'done'. #Monday.@AODhubhshlaine I'm doing that noise in my head and don't know quite what you're going for. Again, please?Grosssssss. RT @OwensDamien: Humanity: surely not long to go now. http://t.co/XXP5U8HwXp.@AODhubhshlaine Work this into Babylon, yes? MT @RossesDogSheba: How to do a real 'spit-take'. @Tips4Actors https://t.co/W8FafP344d@AODhubhshlaine Sexy-talk.
@TophHooperton Are you watching for the first time? I binged it last year. Loved Josh. LOVED Toby Ziegs.As my dad would say, Would she not run a brush through her hair? Love this. MT “@theretronaut: 1924: Miss America. http://t.co/2hbPw0WYeDDear Mail on Sunday, being asked loads of questions and lying in response to each one isn't "no questions asked". http://t.co/NyerYFgtsT
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanFor the record, my money is on old Lady Tyrell. With help from the Fool and maybe Tywin. Place your bets.Happy Easter / Game of Thrones S4E3 Day!! Rejoice!Bro if Jesus was born on 4/20 that totally explains the non-violence and sandals and helping blind people.
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@TophHooperton Bwraaaah? *blink blink*Although the ice-cream truck jingle is eye-twitchingly annoying, it's the rumble of the idling engine that makes me hate it so.No way. That’s hilarious! RT @CocoaDiva84591: Here ya go! http://t.co/9xNJE0MX8W @AngryBlackLady ;)
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@dagmarvellous Riiiiiiiiiiight... which would make sense that he's on LinkedIn. https://t.co/64BUT2bfK1Y'know when @LinkedIn sends you an email with 'your contact John Doe has joined..', and you've never heard of John Doe... what's with that?@BeccaTheSM Same here. With an ice-pack on my foot, for effect.@BeccaTheSM I trying to reconcile the beautiful day with Netflix / HBO. Using my foot as an excuse, even though it's totally fine today. :/
@plebmeg It's educational. And part of your five-a-day. Win-win.The only thing I liked about The Wolf of Wall St was McConaghay's chest beating war-cry. Mainly cos it's been stuck in my head for 3 months.@TophHooperton You FAVOURITED that?! Way harsh, Tai. ;)@TophHooperton ...I know... I'll now sign out of the internet forever and go wait for the warm embrace of death.@TophHooperton I was totes going to write #noob but didn't know if using the 00 was crucial or not. I'm 33, Christopher.@TophHooperton *tiny voice* what does #NP mean? #WhyTheFace
@kateoriot But no one knows so it's totally cool. Say nothing.@OhThatRMurphy Are 'hiccoughs' the Killiney version of hiccups?Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are like if 1993 wrote fan fiction.
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@TophHooperton You've been reading your scripture, my child. *creepy voice* Good lad.#AngloTrial might break Twitter. My country is a shambles. #Seanie #CuteHoor@OwensDamien Even if it was by 'his genetically engineered pet Tyrannosaurus Rex'? That would be KINDA cool.Just saw Spring doing the walk of shame from her one nighter with Winter. Don't look back, girl! And don't rush into something with summer.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@BeccaTheSM Oh gurl. Too hideous to post a pic. Clunky, raised sole, Velcro everywhere. And did I mention open-toed? 3 socks on righty!@BeccaTheSM Isn't the fact that I have to wear an open-toed orthopedic shoe (in this weather!) punishment enough? I am suffering!@TophHooperton Excuse me, doctor... Which way to the Burn unit?
Busy day. Work, cupcakes, podiatrist, x-rays, orthopedic shoe, research on sesamoid fracture, nap, snooze button, nap, tax return, twitter.Yesterday morning I tweeted that it was getting too hot in NY already. Now there's snow on the way. #SorryBoutIt #ooops@MeganKosmoski Awww! Thanks lady. Toe is grand-ish. I'm learning lots about the bones of the foot though, so that's fun!And JUST too late for the Pulitzers. MT @RichardAyoade: This is a terrific headline... http://t.co/7phE0i1Whd
Let me be the first to say that it's already TOO DAMN HOT in New York. And yes, I know, in 2 months I'll be begging for this temperature.@TophHooperton 'OUTRAGE as magazine SLAMMED by CRITICS something something LOVE-RAT.' The NZH is a dim cousin of the Daily Mail then?
Well, THAT was an awkward wedding moment. Who thought a pie that huge was a good idea? Feathers everywhere! #GameOfThronesYou don't know true fear until your Mom texts you: "Call me."
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanShopping in Macys can often end in suicide when you find your choices limited to somewhere between slutty 13y/o and sad housewife.This weather is perfect. If it didn't get any hotter this year, I'd be very happy.@BeccaTheSM :) It's almost like we never saw it coming!@BeccaTheSM After my stroll in Central Park today, I'll be finally packing away my winter clothes. I can barely believe it!@TophHooperton Totes welks. I've never been able to unhear the words 'fecal air'. #PSAforPoopFreeHands@TophHooperton You prefer ones that blow with the force of a jet engine? Either way, they're blowing airborne shit onto your skin. Enjoy!
Wednesday kicked my ass, but today ended on a major high with brilliant touring workshop @artny72. Looking forward to making stuff happen!LOVED @HumanFruitBowl. Smart, gorgeously written and beautifully acted. Well done!
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Cookie dough flavored (infused?) iced coffee seems a tad... unnecessary. http://t.co/JrJUFqdyXG
Once more, with feeling @AODhubhshlaine!@AdamSzymkowicz Fantastic! Loved that show!Does this apply to an injured tendon in my foot? :/ RT @tinybuddha The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. ~UnknownFragment of last night's dream: sneaking into a supper club with my bestie and being in the audience with Cliff Clavin (yes, from Cheers).
@LanceHorne Didn't see you after the madness stated! Congrats on a wonderful show. It all worked out beautifully in the end! :)Playing with the 24 Hour Musical kids today. WANT to bring this (in some form) to Dublin. Make it so.
@AODhubhshlaine Have you gotten to the end of that first episode yet? Kablooey.Handy guide for a state visit MT @lindayueh What Brits say versus what they mean. Take care when using 'quite good' http://t.co/fyVUkN0b8l
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan[at Eminem show] Cuz I am / whatever you say I am / [from crowd] "Ur a pony! Ur a tablecloth!" The shapeshifting continues for hours.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@killianmccrea So.... 'Steve', is it?@DinaVovsi CUUUUTE!!
Join us after 8pm show with @DianeRadycki and Elisa Jensen to discuss the #HistoryofArtHistory. @BaruchPAC @terranovanyc @spincyclenyc
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@Tekserve Will do for sures! Btw - who at your 23rdSt store is responsible for tech solutions for small businesses? /Unrelated query! :)Gentlemen of Sunnyside - no one wants to hear Enrique Iglesias blaring out of your shitty, tinny car speakers at ear splitting volume.Jay, this is amazing! @killianmccrea Watch this. MT @Jay_Duffy96: How long can you watch this video without cringing? http://t.co/A6yn0Q7MCo@TophHooperton Hullycuptir.
Is there such a thing as a toe doctor? I gone done some damage to those little piggies. #AllStayingAtHomeElevatedWithIceAndABandage@Tekserve Really? Great deal! What happens if I currently have an iPhone 4 w/ Verizon? How long is the offer valid?
@EmCally Deep, man.@ConorMacNeillio That's a glossy, shiny coat alright!Wait what do you mean Jesus loves me? Did he say something to you? OMG I'm freaking out right now tell me his exact words.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThis next RT is the best thing you'll read all day... Hold please...
Another earthquake. Maybe the bowels of hell are trying to spit Fred Phelps back out?@TophHooperton Cool. Thanks, TV-Man. (Gretchen, stop trying to make #TVMan happen.)@TophHooperton That seems like cheating. But would explain how something like Survivor has 25 series. That shit wasn't around in the 80s!@TophHooperton Here... how is a show like TOWIE on it's 11th season (don't ask how I know). What is a 'season' to these folks? Every 5 eps?Is today national peanut butter and jelly day or something? Why am I seeing mentions of this unholy blend EVERYWHERE today?@TophHooperton Dog owners in real life? Make=poop? Here it's an active campaign for folks to wipe properly so they don't shit their pants.@TophHooperton In the US, Charmin (the toilet roll bear people) asks people to follow/friend them, to 'talk about the go', aka shitting.@kateoriot *Off. Jesus. There goes my day. :(@kateoriot Realised thother day that one of my fave things is to see dudes fall of bikes while trying to be impressive. I'm a bad person. :D@AonghusOg Thanks for the heads up Aongo!WNYC reviews nude model murder mystery HUMAN FRUIT BOWL @BaruchPAC http://t.co/RhIUE4ivaJ
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlanhahah amazing - @flashboy does "Game of Thrones" if it was reported by the news. Via @greg_jenner: http://t.co/KjDCvWvPIT
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanHalfway sold for @PantiBliss at Vicar Street. You won't want to miss HIGH HEELS IN LOW PLACES, her first ever stand up show! Ticketmaster.ie
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@burroughs_bryan Just booked to see the double-bill at IAC on Apr 30th! When do you arrive in NY?
Listening to one person who can't use a computer instruct another person who can't use a computer over the phone is... distressing.and that about sums it up. http://t.co/WJLGasKrBQ
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI wonder what @CNN would have been talking about for the last month if that plane hadn't gone missing?That last tweet was sent by a machine. About as important as @Klout. #ThingsNoOneShouldCareAboutMy (new) Twitter value is $186.96, according to http://t.co/mUbOqYNPvz ... What about yours?Read something on FB earlier re Sarah Palin saying MH370 taken to heaven by God. Painfully sad that I'm not 100% true if it's a hoax or not.@kateoriot Was it Lady Gaga herself, perhaps?@JoeOConghaile @CheenaBade @Aobred Ah sure, ceart go leoir! Ca bhfuil tu anois?@JoeOConghaile @CheenaBade @Aobred Seo!!! Conas ata tu!1/2 price preview sale on our Dublin Fringe Double Bill featuring Swing & Beowulf: The Blockbuster ends today http://t.co/RLr593p1YT
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan“I am thankful for all of those who said 'no' to me. It's because of them I’m doing it myself” - Albert Einstein
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