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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@marypcbuk @IE wow what an incredibly researched article!Do an XHR request in FF no problem do one in FirefoxOS no response. What am I missing?Jolene at 33rpm https://t.co/5jqRVYvlMW
Touch on convertibles/hybrids gets used more than you might think. http://t.co/GZYgAdiQqy
Retweeted by Martin BeebyVery Cool. Touch develop is now on Android: https://t.co/0d5vINBxyU@ChristosMatskas @ch9 :)@ChristosMatskas on youtube or channel9The story behind the Windows XP background photograph Bliss: http://t.co/liSpKSGvUl
@jonginn @odlbmth our dept is the right for developer devices, but we don't have any left this financial Year. Not aware of other routes.@Paul_Kinlan I often quote the @RizzleKicks in digital marketing meetings "If you beg to be followed then you’ve lost your way"@petewarden just love your dude detector. Would you consider talking to me on Skype about it for my show AppyMondays? http://t.co/ZEVh6xvW7aFound this pretty astonishing would love to know more about it's inner workings: http://t.co/uILBubHXoP via @iosdevweeklyCheck out @lurkmoophy he's running a new conference: http://t.co/jg3xUxcM8s cc @nativesummit@leggetter ah they still do that.@leggetter its never been bundled with PCs.Looking at office 365 sales to consumer. They are off the chart.
@mikehole still working on it. Took more time off over easter than I expected.
@mrdavidwhitley no questions asked.@KellyBeanage happy Easter from a Chick that looks like pat sharp http://t.co/Qlx3o2OSNZ@KellyBeanage yupThe Microsoft developer team in the UK has launched a new show exclusively for developers: http://t.co/uTwwkZtsVJ http://t.co/JDNnoaI1LQ
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Latest edition of #AppyMondays over on channel 9 http://t.co/kA93biuAI4updated 30th April event #buildwin http://t.co/lj678SruBR and added additional 50 spaces. @thebeebs will be presenting #win8dev #wpdev
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Check out my buddy @thebeebs new Xh9 show Appy Mondays http://t.co/Dvyh3hcj5P
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@Daniel1of1 that would be microsoft (sorry typo)@Daniel1of1 hi Daniel wondering if I could chat to you about a native conf we are involved in in London. Mail me: martin.beeby@microsot.com@daveverwer @iOSDevWeekly thinking more specifically about speakers though. No one who is UK based that just stands out?@daveverwer a friend of mine is holding a native summit. Any pointers on good iOS speakers?@mtaulty that's this years stretch goal.My fav segment so far from #appyMondays http://t.co/y607lBF0DP cc @mtaulty@slightlylate @ch9 doesn't work for everyone.@slightlylate @ch9 actually strike that, river island WAT app http://t.co/oI8bYXSxRV can be found here on the web " http://t.co/PHxAa3CZ3V@slightlylate @ch9 nope not in the way you'd want. You can use Protocol Activation to enable deep linking http://t.co/qyVaCBV2IY@marknotgeorge @msdevUK @ch9 F12: document.getElementsByClassName("playerContainer")[0].innerHTML = '<img src="http://t.co/CMW5aBkWY5" >'Web Meet Apps (Channel 9) http://t.co/ZEVh6xvW7a via @ch9I used to care what people thought about me. Until one day I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyGo @deadlyfingers at the #androidlivecode @msdevUK showing off #windowsazure on android http://t.co/YYnqBJeSqf
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@WSJD I suspect you could run it more efficiently if you weren't using iaas on azure and used paas on azure instead.Oh, it's on. A price war has erupted in the cloud: Amazon vs. Microsoft vs. Google. http://t.co/iotq6tfGOR ($) http://t.co/q7ckLs2aVW
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@BenNunney @mtaulty thats just the overflow room.@mtaulty 10up 10down.... Gulp.This is rather good from the OneNote team: http://t.co/0MybCNphIc media&awesm=tnw.to_i4q8X&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Spreadus
@mikehole having two days off... Going to finish up Thursday.
@warrenbuckley me although there were some issues today.@mdtauk phew.@mdtauk that's not good.Nokia #Lumia cleans up nicely. ;) #MadMen http://t.co/mofuceaCqP
Retweeted by Martin BeebyReading this article via @daveverwer http://t.co/Z9yBlGZ1qAHaving to massively drop the res but #AppyMondays is now streaming https://t.co/rtMI0tsrW5For all #wpdev downloading the new update, come and learn more about it at @wpugnw in Manchester on Wednesday-sign up http://t.co/h0uozG6fe6
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@warrenbuckley @msdevUK I have had some last minute streaming problems. Trying to work through them now.Some network connectivity issues not letting me stream AppyMondays. Working on a fix I will let you know when the video is live.@mikehole i think that's why I'm currently having streaming issues... Bandwidth!!! Lol.This weeks #appyMonday should be broadcasting here https://t.co/rtMI0tsrW5 Joined by @plankytronixx talking about apps + data
@mikemaccana we talking typescriptWindows, Azure, IIS and Microsoft accounts are not impacted by heartbleed http://t.co/KSB4Dr13KVupdated this post on Azure Mobile Services http://t.co/Ja7fwQynrB to bring in the 1.3.0-alpha prerelease of the SDK made available yesterday
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@alexbrookey then you sleep... Then you solve it.@brendandawes oh wow... I will be listening on my commute no doubt.@Alex_Ball @lurkmoophy like was a speaker I think. No stand action for us this year.
Microsoft is investing £334K to partner with CAS to prepare up to 50,000 UK teachers for new computing curriculum http://t.co/pFPc1UDtjL
Retweeted by Martin BeebyAmazing Chess https://t.co/Nh5EEimZUI
This week's #appymondays is now up on YouTube. This week @thebeebs brings you app highlights from #bldwin: http://t.co/zv1VGOfELu
Retweeted by Martin BeebyYesterdays #AppyMondays where I cover the the #bldwin conf and show bits of my five favourite talks for app devs https://t.co/mYmut8tg1L
More than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore <3 #OfficeforiPad http://t.co/03CsLgjaxu
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@thebeebs :( http://t.co/Tckl8H9DVo
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@leggetter haha: Get off My l̶a̶n̶d̶ Network!@mikehole yep that's the plan. Few teething issues though... And I mean that literally, my son's teething :)@msdevUK not going to be 12:30. It will be today... just not sure when at the moment. #sadPandaDue to some issues I won't be streaming #AppyMondays today at 12:30... It will be sometime today but not 12:30.
Do you like Apple? http://t.co/qFN8mDRlQb
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Going to miss my old apartment. #movingday http://t.co/URvfJ6TeYn
@MikeOrmond haha exactly.@mikehole @mtaulty no worries. It quite nice to have an earlier deadline... Means I will get a few practices in.Just bought a dishwasher on a phone at 10pm for next day delivery. http://t.co/xiWcuv3Mw6 that's some incredible operations management.Wow-the big ship turns slowly, but boy it's impressive when it does. The C# compiler open sourced? Microsoft isn't the company you remember.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@timsneath @mkristensen he is too clever for his own good :)Announcing new partnerships with @puppetlabs and @chef #bldwin http://t.co/97PlpaIxxM
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mtaulty @_akrishnan This is like the first build... Lots of unexpected and quite radical changes all over the place.@mtaulty scary... This is going to be a busy weekend.strange mixture of "excitement/panic" for me when something like #bldwin happens as I realise how much stuff I need to know :-)
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mkristensen your just messing with my mind ;)In case you missed it, I used Browser Link to sync changes from browser into my source LESS file - not CSS - though that also works #bldwin
Retweeted by Martin Beeby#bldwin @StevenGuggs & @johnshew demo @deltakosh & @davrous BabylonJS library / OculusRift in 13 lines of JavaScript http://t.co/V9wACZcy5L
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@StuRobson @gregwhitworth not supported by IE yet... But next to the title you will see Under consideration. Meaning its on their radar@StuRobson I think the contracts up this year. Judging by the sparing talk I should imagine its not going to renew.Not sure how a stratergy to neutralise chrome works when you have a reliance on google for funding. http://t.co/SI5eGHajNC@AutomatedTester @shs96c I have no idea will ask. Perhaps it's just a mistake.@adrianba @IEDevChat absolutly love this.The story of Cortana, Microsoft's Siri killer - http://t.co/FcbPa32oqb
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@steveworkman nice one cc @jorikdelaporik@shs96c I know you know about IE webdriver, But this site was launched this am. Marks webdriver as in development http://t.co/WOUvWh21kq@yoavweiss please note on http://t.co/4PWsb1hUaj picture element is now under consideration@StuRobson @gregwhitworth fyi http://t.co/4PWsb1hUaj now mentions the picture element and marks it under consideration@steveworkman sorry mate... Nothing top of mind but I can take a look next week.http://t.co/4PWsb1hUaj what we are working on and considering for IE.@boomtopper yepWindows release WinJS on github with an apache licence https://t.co/Bktj81Gf1G #mindblown@sugendran https://t.co/Bktj81Gf1G@ashic yup
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