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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@johnkeers not like angular. Our contribution to JS frameworks of late is WinJS.A new Windows 8.1 tablet, the Linx 7, has gone on sale in the UK for just £80 http://t.co/NDNLX0y9kC http://t.co/UifONWpboW
Retweeted by Martin BeebyIf you are interested in Microsoft or tech companies in general watch this interview with Steve Ballmer: http://t.co/9TBpExKW02Check out http://t.co/z0yB2okaY0 today... brilliantThe Titans of Modesty. They never put a ©®™ on any of it. @vgcerf & @timberners_lee http://t.co/VlPw4IKY8C
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@shanselman got a slide template today... 4 shades of blue and explicit instructions not to use more colours.@blowdart biz dev teams are working their socks off in the UK I'm sure they are in the US too. Its V hard..@joebelfiore any chance I can can get a box on 'mates rates'. It looks like I'd make a fortune at the next @WinAppsLdn #Microsoftband ;)@blowdart bizdev takes time.@edbott I am trying to imagine that user that gets to 10tb and needs just another 15gb.@MSFTY I wish it was just OneDrive the synchronization is just way better.New Blog Post: Moving an #Azure Website to a separate set of Virtual Machines http://t.co/etR2zr9VBS
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mikesherov your test failed. Please try again. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200@rem I hate rain forests"Azure Tooling: Deploy Java apps to Azure from JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA" http://t.co/iG3oU040nZ
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@hermitdave can be frustrating when stuff is US only. Out of interest would you buy one if available?@johnkeers @deanleigh thanks john :)@deanleigh @thebeebs I attended the last #webcamp and it is a great intro to all of the thechnologied and web frameworks. Highly recommend!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMe and @thebeebs will be running a repeat of our #webcamp for #webdevelopers on 19th Dec. Santa hats are mandatory http://t.co/91HIGfBKkg
Retweeted by Martin BeebyPlease RT: We are doing a repeat of our free #webcamp on the 19th of decemember in Reading http://t.co/xhBh3dfNP0 #asp.net #azureBlinkbox music for Windows Phone http://t.co/v5XchCRAa5
It wasn't obvious to me, but if you already have @Telerik UI for WP, you get Universal controls free. #WPDev http://t.co/upBmwjXlGF
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@shaunbellis 6am. 5pm@shaunbellis 12Want an overview of Universal App Development for Windows+Phone? 1 hour webinar 7 Nov with @andy_wigley. Register: http://t.co/VGRVHXBWGi
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWant to get started with Windows App Development and Visual Studio? 1 hour webinar 7 Nov with @mtaulty Register: http://t.co/SuKOOZnhOM
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCheck out out new IOT blog http://t.co/qOadHgswqD
Useful list of Visual Studio tools & extensions for web development from @VSMdev http://t.co/XT2Yc2JycB
Retweeted by Martin BeebyPublic preview of #Azure Batch announced at Tech Ed Europe keynote http://t.co/QQR2G7WFKh http://t.co/2SeOupWJvu
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThis is why I love the team and product: How we Figured Out What Makes People Love Ghost 1,000% More http://t.co/Q53kJ7T4VC
Retweeted by Martin Beebyhttp://t.co/5b7kY1MC5g @verynetwork now @ShopDirect biggest brand, still growing 23% p/a over £700m sales, no catalogues 94% online #digital
Retweeted by Martin BeebyUsing Certificates in Azure Websites Applications http://t.co/6L0TtIveyi
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
Have you used #Xamarin in #SMB / #enterprise dev?? Ping me.. Good base package and additional benefits #dotnet
Retweeted by Martin Beeby#MSFT researcher Krysta Svore talks about a unique software architecture for quantum computing called LIQUi|> http://t.co/qWbP7xK4kE @ch9
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@brucel no news. Support for WebRTC V1.0 is still "not planned" according to the road map. https://t.co/8ALmwbp7bJORTC API for WebRTC coming to IE: http://t.co/9gFi7uNEyVhttp://t.co/iA3wLfrpri Vnext in Dev14 Alpha3 works on Ubuntu Linux with Mono http://t.co/hDvpqRLNKM
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@Sllayt3r my current external cam is a piece'o'crap. Not sure if the driver is even right with windows 8.1. Might get one.
@Sllayt3r is that a good web cam? I've been thinking of upgrading for streaming.@onishiweb you just reminded me. I should really watch chasing amy soon.Two methods of using SVG sprite sheets, both customizing the view via fragment ids. http://t.co/bT9y5gdORL http://t.co/KbYWSVcgde
Retweeted by Martin BeebyLike surface? Like music production? You'll love this http://t.co/ae8tb6AtrZ
http://t.co/WNkOQTlgE5 On the benefits of being a Microsofty :3 #WinPhan #Lumia #Surface #Windows #Xbox cc/ @Connects
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mbrit @tomwarren never even tried it. I'm just trolling.Microsoft garage http://t.co/idoHf2WvWG@mbrit @tomwarren I have an invite for Wave if you want one.@MSFTY sales are looking good too. Also Microsoft's Market cap is now bigger than Googles.
Got a great life hack. Fundamentally it involves punching anyone, square in the face, when they use the word "hack" when they mean "tip"microsoft open tech team is rocking #pgday14 =) crazy rad demos. personal fav: cortana plugin
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCortana plugin for Phonegap is way cool. Hybrid apps w/ Virtual Assistants #pgday14
Retweeted by Martin BeebyStrong applause at #pgday14 for the Microsoft Open Tech folks. Did not expect that...
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@onishiweb you say that... Until the next time ;)@marypcbuk @alex Only just noticed. Looked at my stock and thought... how very cool.Cool our Market Cap is bigger than Googles this morning :)Microsoft Sales soar 25% http://t.co/VlvzEfwwQk@shaundunne really interesting business model they seem to have on that one.@MSFTY little bit ;)@Sllayt3r I need to get one too. So embarrassing that I currently don't have one.@hermitdave @cineworld oh no! Was the Azure issue you've been having for the past few days? Glad at least that is sorted.
Had a request to show how to deploy a #WordPress theme using GitHub and @azure websites: https://t.co/Lq7ZJV1zay #Azure cc @alexmoss@BillGates just read business adventures... Is that where the name Zune came from? Noted it was one of the discarded names for edsel@jaffathecake show off ;)@robhawkes will do. Just need to finish up this email to MR IKPO AKU, AN ACCOUNTANT WITH THE NIGERIA NATIONAL PETROLUEM COPERATION@olidale @pippinsplugins wow. That's pretty counter intuitive. Shows the value of AB testing I guess.Something tells me this isn't actually "team google": http://t.co/tECG5iOcCK@hermitdave if you need a second pair of eyes let me know.@andspo no sir. I'm just back from Peterborough after setting off at 5 for a passport collection. In tomorrow though.@hermitdave hope you chose to sleep on it. 99 problems but azure ain't one.@jongalloway that is very cool. Been having a million problems with snippets recently so this could be a good option.@DannyT @plankytronixx I'm pretty sure he ended up inventing time travel.
@paul_irish just after your browser silently upgrades ;) in fairness to apps most OSes now do silent app upgrades too.@MSFTY I think it provides a bridge for people used to Windows 7. That's probably a good thing.@MadMaxMel @starwars teacakes... Ah tunnocks teacakes@Micro_666 @Microsoft someone needs sacked. Gulp@thebeebs Obligatory product "plug" time. Re-live the good old Zx Spectrum days. Download my emulator MetroSpec http://t.co/3Q0gEK9km3 😊
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@danpi secret of monkey island. Sensible soccer.@MunkiiYebee that's awesome.@MunkiiYebee seeing jimmy whites snooker broke my heart.@waded awesome :)Austrian Postal Service drops iPhones for 1,200 Windows Phones - http://t.co/xjXcvK93DS http://t.co/HWe4ei47AY
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MSFTY I think you can expect even further finessing of the visuals.@Nemplo haha.I think you'd need to spin up 2 maybe 3 of Azures largest VMs to have the same memory as all of the C64s ever sold ;) #azure@PaulAdamDavis I still have one. Try and use it... You won't believe how long you used to be willing to wait for things to load.@MSFTY I got used to it, however, my parents are on Windows 7 for that reason.@Micro_666 haha exactly.The PhotoMath app makes maths homework irrelevant http://t.co/YAkJpZSROS http://t.co/utdUY2gXkC
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MSFTY oddly enough I still run a Surface Pro 1. They new machine I bought is a monster. I'm expecting it to be crazy fast.@andspo can you send me one please :)On a side note. I think I have more emotional attachment to Amiga than any other Tech brand... They should release a phone.@MSFTY I have been on paternity so only just got around to it. What's your thoughts so far? What you run as your main OS?@Saurabh_Sethi25 its nice go bounce ideas off someone and get honest feedback. I've been lucky my bosses have always been nice, smart people@DannyT don't you mean staff discount. Jeez these folk are nice and all... But family?@MSFTY oh ouch. I still haven't got around to buying an xbox one. Just shelled out on a new windows 10 dev machine. Might have to wait.Azure Websites Migration Assistant analyzes IIS installations & identifies which sites can move to Azure Websites >> http://t.co/bURDeP0Rmy
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@DannyT my colleague @plankytronixx did something similar with prime numbers: http://t.co/hATYCwEHlN@Eastmad @mahemoff azure VMs can run Linux if that's more your thing.@Eastmad @mahemoff emulators my friend. I suspect one of those 32 core VMs with 448gb of ram would run one ok ;) Might need a new QuickShotAs far as I can calculate if you spun up 20 of Azures largest VMs. You'd have more memory than all of the Amiga 500s ever produced.@xiotex I've ordered a 32gb memory I7 monster for Windows 10 development. But I dream of 448gb memory :)
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