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@TheCravenOne Not sure which video you mean, but generally I'm recording on my iPhone! The 5S has an excellent camera.@hbk196 Great, thanks!
@socalyote That sounds marvellous, but alas, I can't make it. Thanks for the tip, though!@coldclimate I just don’t think I have the stomach for it. That’s not a metaphor, I genuinely don’t think my stomach is big enough.@ChickenGrylls Correct to both!@kmacleod That is exactly my plan :)@notatallshaw Hello from the top of the Rock!@cr3 It reminds me a lot of London, in various strange ways! Hope all’s well with you lot :)Hello from NYC! Today I learned it takes only ¼ of a slice of NY cheesecake for my body to go “augh no please stop”. http://t.co/3wb8nDK9Gk@acreature I remember them! They were lovely. (Also, unsolicited Adelaide tip: go ocean swimming at sunset at the palindromic Glenelg.)
@Jatexi600 That’s a lovely message to receive, thank you! :)
@ThymeCypher Thanks!@UniqloUSA Email me at tom@tomscott.com!@DemoTrtl I'm saving that one for any trip to Japan: http://t.co/oPwnRcQhhJ@heliotropia They should be rolling that out soon: I've got a "captioning inbox" but it's empty. (I wish I had time to caption everything.)@dfordalrymple The code is almost entirely @cr3's, I just helped with a bit of bugtesting and CSS transitions. The art is by @mushybees!@kianryan I quite like the music, but I recognise that; I've had a proper argument with someone about it before!There's a new @okgo video. It's jawdropping. I can't imagine what a nightmare it must have been to produce. Watch: https://t.co/cHJoD0Cam8@xxwerdxx Thanks! There's more Citation Needed being edited, and the vague possibility of more language videos in the future...
@BothersBar @danielpeake I'd absolutely second Dan's thoughts though: I played it on Saturday and it was brilliant.@peterambos Open the file in Adobe Audition, zoom appropriately!@vickytnz Yes! That's wonderful. :)@peterambos It doesn't even make sense as Morse, sadly. The timing isn't consistent, and the dashes and dots don't resolve to characters.Yes, I rendered a frequency chart of a 90s pop single to try and decode a Morse signal in it. Yes, I do have better things I could be doing.Tried to decode the Morse in Steps' "Love's Got A Hold On My Heart". It's nonsense. Sad. #sundaynight #unironictweet http://t.co/ur5KWItpRk@unnamedculprit Show me the way to Amarillo / a spider just crawled out of my pillow / [incoherent screaming]@garethbriggs At some point, I want to hear all about what the other group did!@EwaSR I just got your Halloween name and I cannot BELIEVE it has taken me this long.@iamdanw Central London Pret sight-lines map. I bet there's a data-vis person who could do that.
@CryptoCopter Heck no. When they’re edited!On my way to east London to play in @garethbriggs’ ‘Mole’. So excited. Even though I’m going to be terrible at it. http://t.co/crHLwOYw9o@appliedhistory I’m going to need a nuclear testing range and a classy hat. And possibly some CGI gophers.
@Thomas_Chant True, and having some tech, sure - but paper catalogues are so much better for browsing. Ditching them seems like a bad idea.@FulfordGuy Actual iPads, as far as I can tell. Because those won't go out of date at all.For those outside the UK, "Argos" is a triumph of stock control and the closest humanity has ever come to inventing a Star Trek replicator.My local Argos now runs entirely on iPads. Chaos. Three staff trying to explain. "Take home" catalogues being passed round. Potential riot.@ThisIsJoFrank @flashboy I know, right?!@pkqk Actual, out loud, responses: "aww", "ohh", "oh..."@katbairwell @flashboy If they're anything like their parents, it's mainly feathers, territoriality, and hissing.Stop what you're doing and watch this tiny, newly-hatched barnacle goose base-jump 400ft off a cliff: http://t.co/WHcysJLnq5 (via @flashboy)@mattround @flashboy I'm not sure it works as well as I'd hoped. http://t.co/jjrFVtGosx@flashboy Genuine hands-to-mouth gasp at the impact there. Part of me is utterly astonished, part of me wants to dub Yakety Sax on to it.@rbairwell I've got a GoPro 3 Black, and it's marvellous. I like the idea of having one that's suitable for "riskier" shots, though!@sil That version can't do anything fancy at all: it's fire and forget. But at about a third of the price of the regular one, that's fine!Blimey, the new GoPro is only £99. No wifi, no bells and whistles, but at that price... http://t.co/zMIxh82N16 #correctedlink
@pkqk @garethbriggs Oh my word we’re about 36 hours from MOLE. I am so excited.
Google launches confusing thing no-one wants, world hopes they don’t require switching to it, Fall 2014 Edition: http://t.co/85LaZPO2Ls@garethadams @UsVsTh3m Okay, we've disabled selection!@gileadamit We have. We really have.@Thehodge @cr3 @mushybees Good point! It now says "his first name" instead.(Code by @cr3 and me; pixellations by @mushybees; questions based on our childhoods; irritating beeping sounds by Nokia.)I am so proud of today's @UsVsTh3m thing. In honour of Nokia's demise: "The 90s Nokia Nostalgia Game". Get ur txt on: http://t.co/9bwbIBk18W@allurbass Not sure of anything specific, but generally check http://t.co/2IkZ1Ifpl4 for potential shows and exhibitions!
@reediekris Fantastic, thank you :)@nickmhalliday That sounds about right!Today, @cr3 and I are making an @UsVsTh3m game about the late 90s. Our commit messages are appropriately unhelpful. http://t.co/6pz3CAelZ5@ThisIsJoFrank I think that's just parallax from the camera? Either way it's confusing.@erghat Basically at this point I have to visit the National Physical Laboratory to sort it out.@erghat Sure, here you go. http://t.co/oERJvnD34U@av Yes!@NilsTillander I had a bet with @cr3 over how long it'd be before the first Parallax Pedant arrived. I checked for that.@deborahnaylor @darraghdoyle Ooh, thanks!@wftil I've got a load of jokes here, but I'll just say 'thanks' instead!@boggits Thanks!@edsu @whitehalledits Nothing to do with me - I don't think they're using your code, either?@georgebrock Yes! I'll drop you a DM nearer to the date :)@CDN_Antitheist That was the joke.There are two 30cm rulers on my desk and they disagree by about 0.5% and now I’m not sure about the universe http://t.co/Ai7OJQADdY
@JayHealey That’s a wonderful recommendation, thanks!@SteveMarshall Those all sound brilliant, thanks!@TRJeffries The audience at home see the missing vowels 1-2 seconds before the contestants do. Sorry to burst that bubble.@vivalablue Noted, thank you!@wosel Ooh, thanks!@AshBerlin That may be the best recommendation I’ve had yet. I approve of wings.@jenny_flynn That looks wonderful, thank you!@ChickenGrylls Cheesecake! Noted, thank you!@ElBeakster Apparently the Beast is "hibernating" this time of year, but thank you :)@kmacleod None planned! (Have I said thank you for the music at any point, by the way? Because, seriously, thank you.)@mattj_uk See "Calling time on 'Mind The Gap'", in here: http://t.co/u67LsEznJH@sammachin Been looking for a good place for NY pizza, thank you!@mattj_uk That's a fantastic list, thank you! And those hydraulic bridges might be coming to the tube at some point...@sammachin Thanks!@dpmattingly Huh, that's interesting. Thanks!@yourolly That's interesting! Filming on public transport tends to be difficult, but I'll keep it in mind!@trioptimum Yes! I'll try and stop by there, thanks!@Kisa Ooh! Definitely going past that if I can, thanks!@theotherelliott Ooh, thanks!@unnamedculprit http://t.co/f8Lcf1dZLn@TDLukens That's lovely! I'll see if I can get there.@ChrisHanel I haven't even been to the London ones yet! Good idea, though.@trappleton Ha! I think I'll pass on taking a Geiger counter round a major transport hub, but thank you :)@helenarney Interesting! That's like Treasure Island in San Francisco, only with less toxicity...@unnamedculprit But I don't like my toast done on one side. No-one likes their toast done on one side. Apart from Sting.@nickbegley Interesting! There's a lot of private parks in London - it's strange there aren't many in NY.@DeTeReR I'm not a big Punchdrunk fan, but htanks for the tip!@xmjw Thanks, those are ace (I've got a video about some New York ballast lined up...) but I think I'm most excited about the firehouse!@bear_foot Added to the list, thank you!@silverchicken1 That's exactly the kind of recommendation I wanted, thank you!@rmblake Just looked up their menu. That looks astonishing. On the list!@ItsVidak Thanks - glad you like them!
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