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@TRJeffries I’m just disappointed I got the dock in shot. With other angles, it’d have appeared like I was floating on the river.@866phox Thanks very much!@garybrannan Fair.New video! Scotland is rising and England is sinking. Literally: http://t.co/7egl8CS3zA@fridgehead @tef Just one. Or, rather, just One.@cr3 @tef They only ask for two-factor for account-critical things, not for iCloud. I'm not sure how Find my iPhone would work otherwise...@tef I feel like I should apologise for not just retweeting you there, but I wanted to add context and a joke. Sorry. :/Amazing: Apple have made an official U2 Remover, like it was malware. I used it twice, just to be sure. https://t.co/ZFGA95WJq3 (via @tef)@siddvee @Lonneybat6 @2xAA @unnamedculprit I have no idea what’s going on but OK http://t.co/bXf3BvyCss@stuhern Not sure what you mean. That’s the Environment Agency logo on the side…Hello Thames Barrier. http://t.co/JgxKERrGpM@jonty @edjeff I think that's basically this: http://t.co/0DhiJacBIR@jonty @tef I think they have that in the form of long videos that involve breathing into a microphone and swearing a lot.@edjeff That sounds like a job that an AutoHotKey script could do on Windows, I think?@jonty @tef I'm not sure what point I'm making with that, I just felt like unhelpfully chiming in with a bitter aside.@jonty @tef My old playground got bulldozed and replaced by a housing development.@edjeff The King of Jordan once got himself a cameo in Star Trek: Voyager: http://t.co/AUhv0rgd8z
@unnamedculprit What. What?! How? The hat! Well done.Rushes from my new project. The working title is “Paws”. https://t.co/6L7fJ1Ng8c
@SuperDyoll What, the few pixels in the bottom-left? Er, possibly!@CharlesYarnold Processing. Used it for the TV show and it’ll only have become easier since!
@cr3 @Anna_D_Scott Oh dear. That pose is meant to dissuade the photographer. It… it didn’t work.@phototropy Sounds like a plan. I'll drop you a text when I know what I'm doing!@phototropy @v21 Too late, alas, I’m elsewhere! Text me if you’re free any time this weekend: brunch, lunch, etc? We really should catch up.Last big @comicrelief push! Here's how to land a plane in an emergency: http://t.co/m2asYrahhu - and please donate! http://t.co/M1ZWz4Bwje@MichalTheAwesom It's entirely fictional, but don't worry, you're not the only one to ask! Apparently my math-babble was too plausible...@BeyondBenjamin @OrtisDeley @rpoonline @TWexcellence_en That’s a lovely edit, well done!
@fridgehead Tagged the @LHSBikeshed shortly after it happened. I’m surprised it hasn’t been added already.@Locercus I didn’t feel like taking a photo at 4am.4am. Dark. Loud fire alarm. “Press 1234 to silence.” It took me four attempts. Dear keypad designer: you’re a jerk. http://t.co/C14PfBB1Mz@betsyweber Thanks :)
@robmanuel That album's possibly a contender for "most deleted music file ever", now I come to think of it.@bluealchemist Remind me to tell you a story about an Irish vending machine next time I see you.@NeilCrosby I'll add that to my reading list!@hongkong_press Thanks!September 12, 2035. Apple releases the new version of iBrain. Two billion people simultaneously start singing U2's latest album.@superzombiepowa @robjohn_c @isihac Okay, yes, that would be much worse. Sympathies.@cr3 @rey_z @hollybrocks Oh, no, not you too?@sean_nicholls @Tamara_VP Made that mistake with a free sample of shower gel once. Never again.I’ve discovered something worse than tingling menthol shampoo: unexpected tingling menthol shampoo. Seriously, we need a warning label.@MakerFaireEC Drop me an email — tom@tomscott.com — with the details?@ThisIsJoFrank I’m struggling for an adjective to describe how simultaneously awful and funny this is. Hope you’re doing okay!
The new iPhone 6 costs £539 in the UK, or £549 if you want it without a U2 album.Apple added a dodgy U2 album to my iTunes list without asking. “Welcome to iCloud! Remember, we control everything!” http://t.co/j6kJGUhS2i@edjeff That's a telepathic passkey for a really half-arsed backup TARDIS control room.@iansteadman There's also a version with real ducks. https://t.co/8kq12g9trH
@betsyweber Not turning that down -- thank you! :)@Donok1 I don't have an answer for that -- and it seems no-one does: http://t.co/4vz7ceobc1@alexmuller @zthrs Way ahead of you: http://t.co/VqciRQTTxl@EwaSR Yep. It’s one of the rare times when it’s really easy to grasp how celestial bodies are lining up!West: blazing sunset. East: bright orange full moon. I can see both from the middle of my office. Well done universe. http://t.co/cfqYT8TR0m@JonAlmond Sort of? http://t.co/NmV1Ic1tOg@JonAlmond Thanks! And yes: it's amazing the doors that @comicrelief can open!@YouTube @SteveGardnerITV DM me a delivery address, I'll see if I can get some sent over to you :)@SteveGardnerITV I think it might be!@YouTube Thanks, YouTube team - and thanks for making it all possible :)@flashboy @robmanuel http://t.co/ZLL6tu0qkt is just a bit bizarre though@whoisdanw Measured on the Roquefort scale.@schofeld @comicrelief That's great to hear, thank you :)The pilot's unconscious. You've got to land the plane. Here's how: https://t.co/McEvBWrRs4 (made for @comicrelief's School of YouTube!)@RightSaidJames @UsVsTh3m @edjeff We noticed that, and then decided that it wasn't worth the hassle of fixing :)@edjeff @helenashead What"What Position In Line To The Throne Are You?" is the cheapest @UsVsTh3m gag I've helped with in ages. Blame @edjeff. http://t.co/IwPdhp5lVz@FennoBear I thought that’s the shot they’d use! Thanks!@joshluongo No idea! An idea forms in my head from somewhere, and then I see if it up for a full talk… Glad you like them, though!
@faintdreams Completely fictional. You're the fourth person to ask! Apparently I made that abstract a bit too plausible...@DavidJBodycombe I am so glad someone spotted the font choice! And isn't the number of civilian landing *attempts* of large aircraft also 0?That's part of @comicrelief's School of YouTube, which starts tomorrow. Donate at http://t.co/WcC8kCuffj or via the numbers in the video!New video! How to land a plane in an emergency: https://t.co/McEvBWrRs4 feat @unnamedculprit, @moraghickman, @v_aviation and @mrgordonburns!@whoisdanw And I'm serious about that reply, assuming the time and cost works out...@whoisdanw As long as there's zero chance of a line-crossing ceremony, I'm in.@evaryont Not sure: it was difficult to draw a particular conclusion from the story!@ThrillScience No idea. It's not much bigger than my flat though :)
@cholten99 @Blackbeards_TP Well, a couple of them, anyway :)@sam_cook Thanks :)@cazm Yes please.@justforvoting Damn, called out :)@WebDevIan Thanks! And hey, nothing against gymnastics! Just against Tumble :)@cbetta Thanks :)@justforvoting Thanks: I'll add it to the list of stuff to watch when I've got some downtime!@kutayaltintas When filming, usually!Here's my talk from @dConstruct yesterday! It's called "2030: Privacy's dead. What happens next?" https://t.co/2zJcI9Ck2s@nerd8192 Get a bus pass from the main convenience store, use it everywhere. Look around the Hurtigruten, but disembark before it leaves!
@mildlydiverting I’m really glad that wasn’t in vain — thank you :)@onishiweb Thanks! I’m going for food now, but should be back at the Dome later.@minifig Thanks!@chris_jelley @Blackbeards_TP Thanks very much! :)@beckwig Don’t worry, I’m terrible at faces :)Whew! Thank you @dconstruct: that was a big stage and a great audience. I should have the talk online tomorrow. http://t.co/K6vTen7SRv@alberto__segura @Emojli We don’t officially support that right now: we can’t stop you, but we’d ask that you make it clear it’s unofficial!@boagworld Thanks — that means a lot!@BothersBar @mrsmmartin I knew Scratch and Sniff would come back one day.
@jonty @tef That picture looks 3D on my screen. Like my screen’s been punched just under where you are. I can’t explain why. Also, amazing.@bvac Drop us an email - hello@emoj.li - there's an autoresponse that give you a few things to try, and if that doesn't work, reply!@LHSBikeshed You trained me well for a terrible fire alarm panel UI at 4am today. Literally had to find a password scrawled nearby. Thanks.
Opened for the Taiwanese ambassador at Westfield! (If you’re near, pop by the Showcase, ask about the laser pointer.) http://t.co/bQd3wv7rTY@mattround @cr3 The thing is, it's technically doing the right thing, because PHP is inexplicably returning integers as strings. Gah.@cr3 @mattround (checks Github, understands, facepalms)
@Pete_Spence @MorRobots I'm not planning to cover it: it's all speculation, and I don't want to get views from something that horrible.@JarolinVargas Nowadays, I'm not sure what I'd recommend!
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