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bit-flipper; voracious inquirer; philosopher without portfolio; kicking against the pricks;

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The retail industry finally gets its intel-sharing ISAC: http://t.co/1ORLA0FbBn -- we previewed this last month: http://t.co/QVe1IKsihH
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron If you're *always* in the weeds, it's time to step back and reexamine your methods.A life of constant stress is like kryptonite for epiphanies.Children are nature's consummate social engineers.@biosshadow Just rent a botnet :-PWhen this is all over we're going to have OpenSSL, OpenSSL-1 and OpenSSL-2. Everyone will still use OpenSSL.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @jpstacey PolicymakersIn my mind ICT stands for "Sup Dude I Heard You Liked Comms So I Put A Landline In Your RAID Array So You Can Comms While You Information"
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron There's a stardog waiting in the sky... http://t.co/HDuAKLEArEHappy azaleas are happy. :-) #greenthumb http://t.co/DOEWw95xhN@s7ephen @Balgan Thanks!
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron The combination of polyphasic sleep with alcohol consumption is a transhumanist combinatoric problem worthy of Hilbert. :-PI love the smell of facepalm in the morning.@s7ephen @Balgan Where'd you get 'em from?I Got Dem Ol' Jetlag Blues Again Mama!Schiphol is good for my Fitbit stats. :-P
Internet on buses, internet on planes, internet in space...what's next, internet in the grave? :-P
@bascule I'm not which is more pernicious, the hidden ace or the thought of its possible existence.@Infosecjen @ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman Fair enough. No sense having dessert while the appetizers are still on the table.@Infosecjen @ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman No, Anathem is better.@blackswanburst My reference is Hoffman's scintillating biography but here's this => http://t.co/EfBpoSqWUHErdös' slang was even tastier than Newspeak. I'm henceforth appropriating the SF notion.@jcoglan `man setfacl`@ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman Ever after, I could not look at my caps-lock in *quite* the same way.@joshcorman Thanks, Josh, you ain't too shabby yourself! ;-)@pendrift Mahvelous, dahling, carry on then. :-PHappy International Day of Human Space Flight. April 12 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the 1st human in space #YURIGAGARIN http://t.co/F2YOE0OeGe
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @pendrift Context?
@gepeto42 Likewise, Guillaume!
Arachnarchy: I for one welcome our new eight-legged overlords.There's still an insane amount of snow on the ground in New Hampshire. o_O@Infosecjen Mos def!@0xabad1dea Great to finally meet you irl! You should totally come to @brucon this year. :-)Finally made it to #srcbos. Great vibe, great talks, great con! To all the volunteers who made it happen: jolly good work, y'all!A llama dressed as Batman. I repeat: A LLAMA DRESSED AS BATMAN. http://t.co/l0Bra4hJaZ
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron http://t.co/kQtnpBDoGO is literally the best thing ever. Wonder if it randomly sneaks in real git man pages? Impossible to tell.
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Things that might be nice: If our complex-network-protocol-implementing code didn't share memory with our important-system-data code.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @dildog Strings considered as a Freudian method of inquiry. :-P@kaepora you see, in contrast to http://t.co/El37XNlgFO, it's OK for OpenSSL to put everyone at risk and neglect its own infrastructure.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @dildog That was a creativity hash function.@matthew_d_green @thegrugq @kennwhite Lance that boil!The creator of OpenSSL has announced a new project to create a library for networked medical devices "as a fun way to learn Lisp".
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Fuck it, I'm sending these one-time pads to the print shop.Double-plus ow. :-P
Upgrade your OpenVPN, people.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron If only cert revocation was as easy as updating an entry in DNS.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron A major OpenSSH vuln right about now would be the coup de grace. #heartbleed
@joshcorman /me waves #srcbosand @adamshostack and @jjx will be our two super-duper keynotes in September. There are very few excuses not to attend…
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron yes, you read that right : @joegrand will teach his hardware hacking training at BruCON. Only time to be hosted in Europe in 2014!
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Blogpost: BruCON 2014 - First Announcements: Hello there BruCONneers! Over the past few months we've been bus... http://t.co/je29ZnUMR5
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Boston, I am in you.
Today's secret word is 'quiescent'.@georgestarcher That may be true but your dogs don't really have any other responsibilities, do they? ;-)
@joshcorman @attritionorg @selenakyle You talking Dim Sum? #nomnomnomhttp://t.co/JjHlaROue8 <-- Dan Geer, as essential a read as ever for security professionals who want to understand.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Play outdoors. http://t.co/tj6mPJWqLp
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @maradydd Fuck, yeah! :-Doh no: there's a Belgian metal band called Resistance. my Flickr searches are ruined forever.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron ooh ooh new STIX documentation website! http://t.co/vATbxVxKkn
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @rattis Because Belgium, I reckon@rattis @blueclock @dicknieuwenhuis Federal Police riot response trucksIt's a bit of a mess in Brussels today. Stay safe RT @dicknieuwenhuis: Rond Point Schuman Brussels http://t.co/SOXbL4ieMk
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron “Using Frankencerts for Automated Adversarial Testing of Certificate Validation in SSL/TLS Implementations” #PDF https://t.co/ZTKyezax7t
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron That link's behind an IEEE paywall, btw. :-/Nice LangSec article in the new IEEE S&W (Beyond Planted Bugs in "Trusting Trust": The Input-Processing Frontier) => http://t.co/OymDnPYieR
Friends don't let friends derisively short-change the Thingularity as the IoT. (This has been a public service announcement.)
1952: Eisenhower in “I Like Ike” glasses (http://t.co/ki3k7IUFN6) http://t.co/62gaXAYWlw
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @treyford Nice one, dude! I'll *definitely* be coming to @bsideslondon now. :-DMake sure to check out our sponsors http://t.co/F1rocEGuT9 for next week's #srcbos! Tickets still available, too! http://t.co/SiWNO8ULQX
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Meerkat astronomers! Great artwork around the #SKAtelescope via @JuliaRMaddock, drawing by @MG_presents #SKAprecursor http://t.co/qrkzb6xpH9
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron That bizarre thing where as the parent of a small child you catch yourself referring to yourself in the third person.@jilliancyork Those anniversaries can be so painful. Grief diminishes like ripples in a pond...full of Jell-O. :-|@mlocasto :-DEvery designer of any sort should look carefully at this Tumblr. And giggle and wince. http://t.co/Gm3LI29TYE
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Man the Kaiju are obviously restless of late
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron
@treyford ...and by the number oIo... :-PThat moment when you wish your goddamned wifi was housed inside a Faraday cage. :-/@mlocasto What base is that figure you mentioned? :-P #unitsmatter@phooky @travisgoodspeed TwitterMQ?RT @mlocasto: @treyka Santa came early. <= that's what $pronoun said!@mlocasto That's a pretty good night for you, no? :-PYo, I heard you like random oracles so I put a one-way hash function in your lifestream. Hope you like money! ;-)@fak3r That's okay, it's only the manifestation of previously unrecognized monetary deflation. :-)Fuck a duck, it comes complete with cloud!My x201 Thinkpad is getting rather long in the tooth. What's the better option, a Dell Venue 11 Pro, a MS Surface Pro 2, or something else?GaSaaS: giving a shit as-a-service
last few weeks to register for our Rapid RE class at #Brucon Spring Training. http://t.co/EQHxlMDron New mobile material being released
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@patrickdebois Figures; traffic's clearly the primary cultural heritage in play. :-PWindow-shopping in @kevin2kelly's Cool Tools and thinking it's probably a good thing I don't have an APO box. :-P
Implicit order of operations: 1) cure for cancer 2) colonization of Mars 3) US adopts metric system 4) UTC universally adopted@arclight Mandrake?
@maradydd Canned air also works. ;-)Dev: "It works on my machine, just not on the server." Me: "Ok, backup your mail. We're putting your laptop into production."
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @Aggress IKR? Like, shit or get off the pot already. Hate that crap. What's the gender-neutral equivalent of 'grow a pair'?Wonderful logic... http://t.co/GaHao2CBx8
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @hypatiadotca Funny, Slashdot was once an integral part of my working life. Now it feels like AOL.@demon117 Ooh, we should talk...@demon117 CLI doohickies, ftw!
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