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bit-flipper; stochastic admixture of signal and noise; kicking against the pricks;

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Ooph...thank god it's Friday. Spent the whole week faffing about with the CRITs API.Just found myself attempting emacs keybindings in notepad.exe :-P
Sisyphus was a king of Ephyra. He was punished to reach inbox zero each day, only to receive email each night, and to repeat this forever.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae How many should I print? :D http://t.co/14yko6clwH
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Normalizing US-Cuban relations? What's next? Finally ending the war on drugs?Claridryl cannot be unseen o_O
Prenups, ftw!
@thequux Man, wow, I just saw this and boy am I sorry to have missed the jambalaya! How about dinner this week?
@petehindle I've never had a machine that would randomly require a reboot for the keyboard and/or wifi to start working again.The Surface Pro 2 stands is the single greatest consumer disappointment of my lifetime. What an overpriced piece of shit!
fscking systemd #stabstabstab
Nattering nitwits numbing neurons...Q: What kind of person sends LinkedIn requests to complete strangers without so much as a cover letter? A: recruiteris asshaticusGorgeous morning in Bxl :-D
Somehow inflight wifi *still* makes me feel like I'm living in the future.
Murphy, you bastard!
next-generation marketing hypeRSA emails getting caught by my spam filter? Yeah, I'd say that's about right...
$witticism so y'all know my uptime is unbroken
@blackswanburst Couldn't possibly find a more flamboyant necktie, could ya? :-P
The FS-ISAC EU summit is definitely *not* the usual security con.
@chriskottom Oh, you're right! Derp. Obviously too busy to attend if I'm too busy to know when the event has just happened! :-PMornin', y'all!@chriskottom Maybe. You?
I'll be taking a social media vacation for a while. If you need to contact me, email or phone.
"These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others." --Groucho MarxMaybe start a zine... :-POne of these days I'm going to just up and quit this twitter shitter.@mattblaze @BiellaColeman @marciahofmann Most films use one of a handful of payroll companies. IMDB gets a lot of their data from these.
'The transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest preoccupation of man...some art we must disintegrate...the Greeks too are finished...''History doesn't repeat itself, but it [sic: sure as fuck] does rhyme.' --Samuel Clemens"I haven't fucked much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future."Feeling my oats, for reasons which shall remain undisclosed for now. Suffice it to say I'll be first in line for a cyborg upgrade.Could have been written about today's gov. MY “@JohnFugelsang: FDR. http://t.co/feAgje9axN
Retweeted by lapsus linguae nom! http://t.co/PWkRkQCAzcThe dumb thing about 2FA is that no matter how many 2FA dongles you have, it's never 3FA. http://t.co/4kMopCSrGH
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Dreamt I was about to eat a bite of the best blackberry cobbler I've seen in my life...and I woke up before the fork hit my mouth. Argh!
Strike my previous comment about the lovely weekend; the bloody North Sea just blew in to remind us of what's coming. :-PHaunted by peculiar deja vu...oh, that's it, working another beautiful weekend away. :-/In my professional opinion I don't believe this tribe wishes contact with the outside world... http://t.co/woEJJjY0bn
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @snow_jennifer @dixis ...guess I can just get drunk and reread ancient journals on my 40th birthday. :-P@snow_jennifer @dixis That's insanely awesome! I so wish I'd done that...@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux But to your earlier point, this merits a more nuanced discussion than 140 char blocks can support.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux Nope. I can only stand to follow him sporadically, so I must've missed it.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux "Oh, Weev..." response comes dangerously close to passively condoning the message.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux ...old libertarian trope of defending to the death someone's right to free expression but sometimes the...@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux ...or said worse in past and I'm uninformed. It comforts me that you call it reprehensible. There's the...@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux The set of things equally (or more) reprehensible than this present case is small. Perhaps he's done...@snow_jennifer Begs the question, have you managed to keep that vow? :-)
@maradydd @thequux Unfortunately that's not possible as I'm on a deadline. Apero?
This is me, holding up a bag of half-chewed human fetuses. *But* I'm against the man so vociferously support me, oh genius internet friends.If it was *anybody* other than Saint Weev the Improperly Prosecuted, would 1/1000 of these folks stand up for him?Remember Jan Palach? Didn't think so. All we are are hooks in an eternally idiotic Kansas revival act.Virtue is a one-way function between sociopathy and victimization.Before I die, I do believe I shall kick a motherfucker in the teeth, if only just once.NEaaS: naked emperors as-a-service@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux But I'm willing to get schooled, if there's some logic behind your position.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux If I expressed similar opinions, I highly doubt you'd give me a pass.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux Would gladly do so. Clearly I either misunderstand your position or else vehemently disagree with it.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux There is often a firmament beneath the basement. Prejudice cuts both ways.I'm gonna crank the Velvets up and hope that we don't have to answer with our very lives.I think I hate my body...and all that it requires in this world.The older I get, the more I realise to what extent youth, is in fact, wasted on the young. And I cannot do anything to ameliorate that.@maradydd @sergeybratus @thequux Weev?!?! Still a heroic prophet figure?That thing where you're mere nanometers away from crossing a threshold and interminably chasing down a stupid typo.Commune? Check. Foreign ministry? Check. Police? Check. Now back to normal work, to my great relief. :-DOffended ideologues are like snapping turtles: can't be placated and won't let go until the next full moon.
Can more well known security researchers document their hardware and runtime environments this thoroughly? http://t.co/pI8lUgXZRe :) :)
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @leighalytle @cherssen @wimremes It's plenty easy to burn your face off using the standard microdot recipes.@leighalytle @cherssen @wimremes +1The most powerful impediment I've seen to software project agility is JIRA. How come it's so popular?
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1: "That probably cost us 5 man days". 2: "Person days." 1: "Sorry, I'm a terrible person." 2: "No, you're a terrible man." #Ijustgottold
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Media, considered as a binary stream, is copyrightable. Were it factored into a polynomial equation, would that fall under the same rubric?Intellectual property law in essence assigns to entities total ownership of specific, finite (albeit large) numbers. That shit cracks me up.(That is to say, in terms of code maturity, not the release number itself.)Major release iteration should be logarithmic, not linear. ;-)For Halloween this year I'm planning to go as a webinar.Sontag snuggles in a bear suit #heroshot #exploreeverything http://t.co/174DVfMAra
Retweeted by lapsus linguae "There are days like that. Everybody you meet is a dope. You begin to look at yourself in the glass and wonder." --Raymond Chandler@pendrift Yes, there's a meeting coming up soon to see how we can get rid of him. "Schizoid" is a decent working approximation.@pendrift His issue was my daughter. She was just talking normally while we were carrying out the recycling and he fucking terrorized her.Batshit crazy neighbor didn't call the cops after all. So disappoint.@xme @BruCON 15f, let's use base-42. :-P@xme Honest mistake. 0x7de wasn't intuitively obvious when we first cracked open that box of wristbands. :-P"Warren Buffett's Best Productivity Hack Is A Simple 2-List System" Interesting Article http://t.co/y2oRKH3LnO
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @xme 0x07? 0x06, wasn't it?A haskeller with an empty cup talks about walking into a bar, pouring a beer. They raise the cup to their mouth and it's suddenly full.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @xme Obvious typo in that last but you get the point...@xme Probably not. When the finally machines throw humanity up against a wall, sentient printers will doubtless be leading the revolution.@xme At least printers don't execute Javascript ;-)If only Microsoft was switching to posix like apple did with OS10
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @joshcorman @wimremes TV-Be-Gone + CNN Center == lulz #innocentfaceHe's a multiple-diagnosis psych case, if ever I saw one.... threatening to call the cops, and terrifying my daughter. I told him to fucking call them and frankly I hope that the asshole did so.Carrying out the recycling at the perfectly reasonable hour of 18h, my insane downstairs neighbor cursed me out at the top of his voice...
Philip Marlowe was the Chuck Norris of incident response.Walled gardens are the zombie apocalypse of the internet.What the world needs now is more infosec cons like I need a hole in my bash.Funny to think that if I do my job right this little quantum will quickly outpace my abilities, yet likely face no fewer frustrations.Is there such a thing as too much Wilson Pickett? Highly doubtful!
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