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16 MeV deuteron @treyka Brussels, Belgium

bit-flipper; voracious inquirer; bag of wet meat bound together by an ethic, sinews, and a dash of empathy; kicking against the pricks;

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En route to @emfcamp, $spawn0 sleeping on my lap.Judging people based on their taste in newsprint...
Little bit seems to like Martha Argerich's Partidas as much as I do. :-)@blackswanburst Dearly hoping that external factors permit my attendance. :-)@blackswanburst Is that your talk or someone else's?Some days sure do feel thirty hours long...I turn to Twitter in need of distraction, only to be confronted by the dreck of humanity. When did death threats become a popular pastime?!@dildog Imagining an alternate universe in which Frau Blucher and General Jack D. Ripper pair up...@sixty4k @jtimberman Github is truly bat country.Dr Strangelove last night, The Great Dictator tonight...feels like there's a trifecta lurking there.<derogatory comment about lawyers />
Recently discovered that one of my best friends had yet to watch Dr. Strangelove. That situation has now been rectified. :-)1925: The Isolator (http://t.co/0Mbuu9iFA1) http://t.co/W4WMcoVK7R
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Well said >> "@451wendy: For those of you who want to help, I made a list. http://t.co/Mj460yXifS"
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Good to be home! Nothing quite like using one's own bathroom. :-)
@pheezy That's obviously an off-the-cuff stab at branding.@pheezy Like, a blue-tinged pro-life movement?Watching mailing list traffic flash past and just not giving a shit for a change. :-)My head looks like a hairy beet, too long forgotten in the back of the pantry.#Marijuana #weed is a date rape drug that will make you gay and vulnerable to AIDS http://t.co/p5w1WHNFOL http://t.co/R1NlQdp9RJ
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Day at the beach...ahhh...
Struck by the sheer force of the Angolan flag: a sickle and a machete is pretty damned hardcore.@tricaud It's your birthday! :-P cc @fewdisc @_CLX @shitbeakersaysForgiveness is the answer, unless the person being forgiven doesn't understand that means to not do the same thing again.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @Dymaxion @MarkDSimmons Perhaps the best part of that tale is how the evidence gathering against the FBI took place. #fivefingersubpoenaA soup bowl full of coffee oughta do the trick! http://t.co/Vqey6nwHVh
OH: 'Maybe he's just, like, Portuguese goth.'@denartha @djon3s With six fingers on his left hand?@denartha @djon3s Stretching across 2001-2008.
@djon3s @denartha Oh, you mean grown-ups? :-P@djon3s @denartha 5+ years was enough for me.@denartha @djon3s Either Brussels or Prague. I'm sure about number two, though.Lisbon is my second favorite city in Europe.I'll see your work-life balance, and raise you a reassuring internal narrative.
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My body is a temple. As in, increasingly irrelevant to the needs of younger demographics.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Considering that it was organized in one day, that party was pretty nuts!@blackswanburst Farmers?@blackswanburst And good food!Success can only be measured in two things: gardens and libraries. Access to, not necessarily ownership of.
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RT @kg_ubu: Charles Mingus wrote a book about his technique on how to toilet train your cat: http://t.co/DecN59zBtk
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Electrabel confirms Doel 4 nuclear power plant sabotage (high-pressure turbine lube oil system) http://t.co/9ne3W1p2ff
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Naps are like compound interest for time.
Quite looking forward to having a proper house-warming party in September.@451wendy Heartfelt sympathiesRepotting plants and listening to Bach partidas while little bit works a new puzzle.
@warrenhenning 'zactly! Heart attack on a plate, with mushroom cream sauce. :-)Just went through an entire thing of butter in under 24 hours. Awesome!@biosshadow And god help you if you try *combining* the aforementioned. #dontletyourfoodtouch@biosshadow My kid eats plain rice, yogurt, bread, french fries, salami, fruit, and hot dogs. That's *it*.Picky eaters are a cook's torment.@blueben Oh, that was straight up ad-lib.I wish I were a better man than I am. Maybe one day I will be.@denartha We're all capable of nightmarish things about which we prefer to live in denial.@denartha I'm sorry, man.@thegrugq Carrier pigeons equipped with cyanide capsules?Me to backend eng: isn't it boring programming something with no visual output? Them: it's like reading a novel not a picturebook. OOO BURN
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron The adults tried to intervene, but hyped up on birthday cake, Rupert wrestled his siblings like a child possessed http://t.co/l96PVwc3Gl
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Fact: most religions began as trolling that subsequently got out of hand.Maybe *ten* is a more appropriate age for demolishing her faith in humanity.Little squirrel just plopped herself down in my lap with a copy of Maus. Not sure how to explain the Holocaust to a four-year old.Hrm, my signal-to-noise ratio got a bit out of whack for a minute there.#Russian 'humanitarian missions' in #Latvia 1940, #Prague 1968, #Hungary 1956. @DeWilcz @PeterRiebeek1 #Ukraine http://t.co/F7oa0QFmHw
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @hpk42 Man, that sucks! I hope he feels better soon. :-/@blueben Celebrity-worship is a substitute for outmoded saint veneration, with controversy taking the place of miracle.@rabite You're a braver man than I, dude.I hate death in general and suicide in particular but I don't see the point in an apoplexia of celebrity-worship, what with everything else.@rabite Man, you put a drop of peppermint oil in the play-doh and people are out for your friggin' skin!@rabite Shitake, man, is this the level of hatred you engage with on a daily basis?Twitter: all the dignity of a suicide, but fewer calories. Pish. Reach out and fucking touch someone.Would that there was a bonfire of sufficient mass such that we could touch one another; touch whom that you yet may.Pish#censoredGrieve for the people who might've grieved for you.Don't beggar false grief for someone you didn't know.We are all such naive, hopeful scum. Mass extinction, bah! No prospects beyond this planet. Nanooh-nanooh, what's the point?L'enfer, c'est les autres, motherfucker!@quarsan Sheer exhaustion does not equate to inhumanity.@quarsan Quite on the contrary, I've spent much of my life on the receiving end of such threats.@quarsan Look, I'm facing a watershed of protest. In *no* way do I wish to diminish the pain of a suicide.@quarsan Man, once held my best friend's broken body in my arms and prayed like nobody. I don't intentionally fuck with that shit.@denartha It's complicated, y'know?@quarsan Geez, that was not at all my aim in a RT. :-/@quarsan And, to be perfectly fair, @rabite is not for the weak of stomach.@quarsan @rabite Hey, man, I hear you but that's still a bit cold.@vplus We went to school together, no?People mourn the death of a single celebrity more than the death of thousands of Gazans over decades of attritive genocide and torture.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Good news? The sun ain't gone nova, no major asteroid strikes, and ya don't yet know whether it's cancer or heart disease. Buck the fuck up.After having a number of friends off themselves, I'm like, lean on me as much as you need to but kill yourself and I'll piss on your grave.Talk to someone. Talk to someone. Talk to someone. Talk to someone. Talk to someone. Depression doesn't give a shit who you are.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Life hack: be nice to people.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Do not take your life. Please reach out to someone. Call the sucide hot line. You are worth it.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron http://t.co/f7NtAwRctk http://t.co/EysUSpRkrW
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Mork from Ork: Rare evidence that aliens can be smart, clever, articulate & funny. Robin Williams, RIP
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Sonuvavitch, we just watched Jumanji. Goddammit.@leighalytle Jesus, keep up your pernicious rationality and you'll claw the cold pizza right out of my hand. :-/@leighalytle Um, beer?@leighalytle It's like the difference between an observable and an indicator of compromise.@leighalytle Nothing screams 'fun' like a biopsy. :-PFucker is shamelessly mooning Brussels. http://t.co/MYEx1nd6oc@leighalytle Blood
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