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bit-flipper; voracious inquirer; philosopher without portfolio; kicking against the pricks;

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@Dymaxion A useful idiot? When times are rough, the tough can subsist on naught save for tap water and back-handed compliments. :-P
Congress (n.): a unit of measure, roughly equivalent to an imperial magnetar of derp.The limits on your enlightenment come not from the age you stopped going to school but from the age you stopped being curious
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Boys: watching My Little Pony. Me: wondering why no one owns http://t.co/PqSgdsYy6J. Problem solved. Now What?!? The mind boggles.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Refactoring is the nerd equivalent to "turning big rocks into little rocks".
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @gattaca Type-checking, ftw!
This remember next time brother invite you Afghan "training camp." http://t.co/SXU3OvYreL
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @kylemaxwell @krypt3ia Cut them down and count their rings?@lusis Hanlon's Mach3?
@maradydd @quinnnorton Spare Oom? That's just past the lamppost, no?@maradydd Huzzah! Calooh callay!Pop culture as a matryoshka-like reliquary of unquestioning idiocy.@warrenhenning It's called 'gitlab'Twitter rage is quite a poor simulcrum for actually cutting someone a new one, face-to-face. #whatisyourmajormalfunctionOH "aber es ist a extrem geile can of worms"
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron If you're going to engage in bear-baiting, you'd best watch out for the maw.@mckeay @gattaca Have either of you visited Krakow previously?No fucking comment.Obama ordered to divulge legal basis for killing Americans with drones http://t.co/tAOIzKdgn9
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron $mutt & I got caught out in a frenetic rainstorm; you can tell us apart by the number of limbs touching the ground.Idempotency can be a real PITA to achieve. :-/@Infosecjen @amatwyshyn @justineaitel That's fine, but it'd be much better with Sriracha! ;-)Hackers on a train...the future is here, it's just not evenly validated yet.
A newborn baby can be rather a magical creature.
@f1nux Klout would be slightly less crap if they gave credit for tweets deleted before posting.$dog making the weirdest noises whilst dreaming. Clicking claws on tile tells me that the chase is on.
@SushiDude @beauwoods @wimremes @thegrugq is a play on 'turducken'; thought everybody already knew that.@marshray I would like to nominate you for a fucking medal, sir! cc @quine @thegrugqit's been a while since I posted a link to The Rules, so here it is again (updated irregularly): http://t.co/rvFgIktwyv #fb
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @quinnnorton I recommend being born an heiress, if at all possible.MT @terryteachout the nerdiest thing I've ever seen in my life, which undoubtedly explains why I like it so much http://t.co/R8ZRLxa6T7 #fb
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron This Easter, do something inspired by God's love, even if it's just sending your child to a distant planet to be tortured and killed.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron "I said Georgia, Oh Georgia, No peace I find, As the tweets drag on, Keeps Georgia on my mind..." ♫ ♫ ♫Python 2.7 has been out for *four* freaking years. Why the crap is EPEL still hung up on 2.6? I suspect BS open-source politics. :-/@joy_anna_banana Yup!Little bit helped daddy clean his glasses, using the power of lip gloss! http://t.co/8fAuWNNIWw
Sometimes I look at the internet and think: "Mommy, mommy, they bulldozed my playground and built a ... mall ... on it."
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron #Heartbleed showed how important IT automation is for security, & it also lets you respond fast to biz demands. http://t.co/5UbG1mM3x5
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron NSFLBD: Not safe for local broadcast domain #usethevpnlukeMy latest take on security metrics for #DFIR with Dan Geer is online for free now at Dan's site (pdf) http://t.co/W4MsRWdl6A
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron
Early registration for the LangSec IEEE Workshop http://t.co/Nmr90ZZYlU (May 18, San Jose, Fairmont Hotel) ends on April 19. Register! :)
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron The retail industry finally gets its intel-sharing ISAC: http://t.co/1ORLA0FbBn -- we previewed this last month: http://t.co/QVe1IKsihH
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron
If you're *always* in the weeds, it's time to step back and reexamine your methods.A life of constant stress is like kryptonite for epiphanies.Children are nature's consummate social engineers.@biosshadow Just rent a botnet :-PWhen this is all over we're going to have OpenSSL, OpenSSL-1 and OpenSSL-2. Everyone will still use OpenSSL.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @jpstacey PolicymakersIn my mind ICT stands for "Sup Dude I Heard You Liked Comms So I Put A Landline In Your RAID Array So You Can Comms While You Information"
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron There's a stardog waiting in the sky... http://t.co/HDuAKLEArEHappy azaleas are happy. :-) #greenthumb http://t.co/DOEWw95xhN@s7ephen @Balgan Thanks!
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron The combination of polyphasic sleep with alcohol consumption is a transhumanist combinatoric problem worthy of Hilbert. :-PI love the smell of facepalm in the morning.@s7ephen @Balgan Where'd you get 'em from?I Got Dem Ol' Jetlag Blues Again Mama!Schiphol is good for my Fitbit stats. :-P
Internet on buses, internet on planes, internet in space...what's next, internet in the grave? :-P
@bascule I'm not which is more pernicious, the hidden ace or the thought of its possible existence.@Infosecjen @ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman Fair enough. No sense having dessert while the appetizers are still on the table.@Infosecjen @ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman No, Anathem is better.@blackswanburst My reference is Hoffman's scintillating biography but here's this => http://t.co/EfBpoSqWUHErdös' slang was even tastier than Newspeak. I'm henceforth appropriating the SF notion.@jcoglan `man setfacl`@ChrisJohnRiley @joshcorman Ever after, I could not look at my caps-lock in *quite* the same way.@joshcorman Thanks, Josh, you ain't too shabby yourself! ;-)@pendrift Mahvelous, dahling, carry on then. :-PHappy International Day of Human Space Flight. April 12 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the 1st human in space #YURIGAGARIN http://t.co/F2YOE0OeGe
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @pendrift Context?
@gepeto42 Likewise, Guillaume!Arachnarchy: I for one welcome our new eight-legged overlords.There's still an insane amount of snow on the ground in New Hampshire. o_O@Infosecjen Mos def!
@0xabad1dea Great to finally meet you irl! You should totally come to @brucon this year. :-)Finally made it to #srcbos. Great vibe, great talks, great con! To all the volunteers who made it happen: jolly good work, y'all!A llama dressed as Batman. I repeat: A LLAMA DRESSED AS BATMAN. http://t.co/l0Bra4hJaZ
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron http://t.co/kQtnpBDoGO is literally the best thing ever. Wonder if it randomly sneaks in real git man pages? Impossible to tell.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron
Things that might be nice: If our complex-network-protocol-implementing code didn't share memory with our important-system-data code.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @dildog Strings considered as a Freudian method of inquiry. :-P@kaepora you see, in contrast to http://t.co/El37XNlgFO, it's OK for OpenSSL to put everyone at risk and neglect its own infrastructure.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @dildog That was a creativity hash function.@matthew_d_green @thegrugq @kennwhite Lance that boil!The creator of OpenSSL has announced a new project to create a library for networked medical devices "as a fun way to learn Lisp".
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Fuck it, I'm sending these one-time pads to the print shop.Double-plus ow. :-P
Upgrade your OpenVPN, people.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron If only cert revocation was as easy as updating an entry in DNS.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron A major OpenSSH vuln right about now would be the coup de grace. #heartbleed@joshcorman /me waves #srcbos
and @adamshostack and @jjx will be our two super-duper keynotes in September. There are very few excuses not to attend…
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron yes, you read that right : @joegrand will teach his hardware hacking training at BruCON. Only time to be hosted in Europe in 2014!
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Blogpost: BruCON 2014 - First Announcements: Hello there BruCONneers! Over the past few months we've been bus... http://t.co/je29ZnUMR5
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Boston, I am in you.
Today's secret word is 'quiescent'.@georgestarcher That may be true but your dogs don't really have any other responsibilities, do they? ;-)
@joshcorman @attritionorg @selenakyle You talking Dim Sum? #nomnomnomhttp://t.co/JjHlaROue8 <-- Dan Geer, as essential a read as ever for security professionals who want to understand.
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron Play outdoors. http://t.co/tj6mPJWqLp
Retweeted by 16 MeV deuteron @maradydd Fuck, yeah! :-D
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