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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@SAI what about renewal? I'm not renewing.@CNBC @ArjunKharpal cnbc is already obsolete, why are you still on air?If you tilt your head just so, the Amazon press release reveals the true earnings numbers with Dynamic Perspective.
Retweeted by Joe ZouIs is wrong to enjoy a moment of Schadenfreude? $amzn #ponzi #greaterfool http://t.co/SgAol0jcOr@firstadopter Manhattan mini storage has more pricing power than amzn cloud storage.$amzn cloud service and Manhattan mini storage are both storage services, Manhattan storage has more pricing power due to space scarcity!There are no #greaterfools than Amazon share holders. $amzn stock is like a zero-coupon perpetual bond.That $amzn is a Ponzi scheme is becoming clearer with each quarterly report. The higher the "revenue", the larger the loss. #GreaterFool“@turleymuller: Jeff Bozo say he gonna make it up on volume $AMZN” V*0=0 where V is any volume number, real or imaginary.
Wall Street equivalent of one-hit wonder. http://t.co/SkUivZylYv@EmanuelDerman @BV @Noahpinion so economists are just like the strippers at hostess bars where traders frequent.3/3 @BV @Noahpinion as I've said before, in my time, economists were there to keep clients entertained, not traders informed.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@SarahFKessler @george_chen unfair to whom? Jeff Bezos?@RichBTIG @WaltBTIG total ad budget grows with the world's GDP, it can't possibly support all these ad-supported businesses. Goog, FB, etc.@WaltBTIG is that just contracted upgrade or Next?@BCAppelbaum @counterparties my gym instructor once told me I should rest 1 day per work week so I can have 5% more time to recover.@hblodget wrong, the BRICS had 50% ipad growth! those are most price sensitive places than developed countries. Blame longer upgrade cycle!@watchtoddrun better than TOAD.@MikeBloomberg you should stay there and not coming back to NYC.@jonfortt where is your reporter's cynicism?@PeterCHoran @pkafka @Apple @hblodget more BS from Henry iPhone-dead-in-the-water Blodget.@felixsalmon SAS transAtlantic flight had it 10 years ago. You've been flying wrong airlines.@ReformedBroker some Herbal tea might help.@jonfortt do you think the IBM deal and wsj story of 80mm iPhone 6 were timed to manage iPad short fall and lower than expected ip sales?@WaltBTIG @siromega @gazelle most don't "sell", they just give the older model to their kids, parents, or cousins..
@tim i thought i heard 25% on the call@tim @fastft @danieleran what about itunes/app store?@macrumors @hsumra i hope so. don't want my mac and iOS devices all brick at the same time.App store revenue vs. Google Play strs revenue. $AAPL $GOOG http://t.co/9ZSKyLsPZD@eyoonCNBC you should write why Samsung should worry about Xiaomi. Using apple as linkbait is so last year.@BenedictEvans says who? http://t.co/39EDOQtnoE@counternotions @asymco Tim's $130 billion puts scared a lot of monkeys.@FinancialTimes actuall iTunes and App Store revenues have the highest growth rate.@BenedictEvans and add stickers!@WaltBTIG carriers have wrong mind set. They should encourage data consumptions by giving subscribers the newest devices.@BenedictEvans but US has been won at the high end.@BenedictEvans disagree. Many ipad owner will upgrade to one with Touch ID.@BenedictEvans people are holding back for Touch ID.@CoryTV @ericjackson Mac is cannibalizing ipad, not a really bad trade.@WaltBTIG let us know when the market assigns a 20x multiple to the share price.@dougkass who's Sandy Koufax?@eyoonCNBC Samsung is doomed, Not Apple. One new fake takes on the older fake.@eyoonCNBC no.
@Reuters no, Rupert is no match for CCP.@BenedictEvans you sure most PCs are shared? what does the letter "P" stand for? I never share my MacBook Air. Never.When strategic message becomes ‘They’re forcing us to kill children,’ strategy is in trouble. As US learned. http://t.co/5OVVLpvY4x
Retweeted by Joe Zou@MikhailT @tim settings -> general -> diagnostic & usage@nytimesscience who are "we"? Some don't.@lulupho @BenedictEvans they are probably talking about convertible bonds, not freemium app models.@TechCrunch shouldn't the title be 69% of android developers are below app property line? #linkbait@ZwebackHD pinkberry is still in business?@stevecheney @howardlindzon it propagates information and enhances market efficiency.@stevecheney how is that any different than leaking it to wsj or Bloomberg reporters? #disruption@counternotions power > extra cash when ones wealth > $X@gigaom not quite, existing members price was unchanged, wait till they actually raise price..@SenJohnMcCain you are NOT a shadow president, why do you have to make a statement about every statement the President makes?@BenedictEvans rest assured that USPS is more secure than paypal.@BenedictEvans don't use Dropbox.
@BenedictEvans fad..@spz_trader @TheStalwart any economist who claims his or her forecasting model accurate to 0.1% is clueless.US workers productivity gain has stalled. I think social media like FB are to blame. 15 min./day wasted on FB equal to 3% lost productivity.A new class system determined by data is both creepy & plausible: poor are tracked while rich can pay for anonymity. http://t.co/1ziWylm986
Retweeted by Joe Zou@elfrank_ab @levie they use black cars.@levie yellow cab in NYC was and still is very affordable. Uber is nice and i use it. But it is neither creating net jobs nor cheaper.“CNN reporter reassigned to Moscow after calling Israelis during Palestinian ... http://t.co/DYtsmyGPdS” "free press" has its limit.@ellpenny hell no, go get a room.@SAI this is one of 100 things proving @businessinsider editors are really jerks.@AtJuanMedina @levie no, more time means more time on the beach.@levie uber does not create net job gain. It simply takes away traditional taxi drivers's jobs. Don't believe the hype.@StockTwits so many charts, so little information.
@hodgman @DrNick513 you forgot that there are many subs on Grindr.@ChuBailiang 10 is a bad number in Chinese numerology! Xi can't be too pleased.@Jim_Edwards guess BI is short of page clicks this month, and you need this trolling piece to make the quota. #linkbait whore.@morningmoneyben @JohnJHarwood exactly, how do they know policy won't change again? These kinds of projections are useless.@clusterstock hope they are not serving oysters from the Hudson.@morningmoneyben @JohnJHarwood why should I believe the projection that it is coming back in a few years? They were so wrong before.@hblodget @fmanjoo @Jim_Edwards true link-bait whore.
“@CCTV_America: China to loan Argentina $7.5 billion for power, rail projects” perpetual loan? good luck getting paid back.@stocktwits @vconomics @asymco yet, they still forecast 5-year revenue and EPS. LOL@BenedictEvans in cities like NYC where co-op apartments are the majority, @airbnb will not be welcomed. Co-op boards will never allow it.
Elop is the latest in a string of high-profile execs moving up the ranks despite being a dud http://t.co/uf3YlM0Sh0 http://t.co/eQfdcH5XEr
Retweeted by Joe Zou@SammyWalrusIV or just mind f**k with Rupert.@SammyWalrusIV baseball, basketball, think sports anywhere, any devices?@SammyWalrusIV oh, because it's in play and they have the cash.@SammyWalrusIV just buy time warner and have bob iger run it.@ericjackson but not stupid acquisitions using alibaba proceeds.@ianbremmer there is the motivation for the Ukraine military to shut down the plane.$msft firing 18,000 people, 12,000 of those are at its Nokia division. 12000 must be half of Finland's population or something.@carlquintanilla @SquawkAlley @CNBC Finnish unemployment is about to surge.
@TProphet @pinguino butt plug@WaltBTIG not on Verizon.Hedge funds' definition of alpha: α=ε·β, where 0< ε <1. #DeliveringAlpha #BS@WaltBTIG yes, but you don't and shouldn't use your iphone while driving. You do use both iphone and ipad at the same time.@WaltBTIG not necessary, your phone can AirPlay everything on to your car.lol RT @carlquintanilla: This is now making the rounds. (via @SaraEisen) $TWX $FOXA http://t.co/RsTc2QwbPg
Retweeted by Joe Zou@ObsoleteDogma does the Newsweek reporter still have a job?@GuyJohnsonTV @BloombergTV no traffic on the road, why not Just drive a honda?
@PhilipWen11 what about dingos?So iBM is one of the new product categories promised by Tim Cook? $aapl $IBM@asymco someone should call them out next time he or she is on their shows.
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