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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@techmeme @amir good luck with that.
@PDChina @ChuBailiang the man carrying Ebola?@ChuBailiang it's true. why hasn't nytimes said the same thing?When did police work become a profession where the risk factor to the cop must be zero? There's some risk! "Protect and serve" refers to us!
Retweeted by Joe Zou@AP mugshot please!Egypt calls on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in #Ferguson http://t.co/r4pZ1uKScZ http://t.co/BDSwDATZD1
Retweeted by Joe Zou@tprophet one dollar move in AAPL stock = $6 billion! why bother with $2 billion?@daringfireball care to post some claim chowder?@thedomino we are already above all time high for total return investors.@thedomino not if you add back the dividend received!@waltbtig @marceloclaure until they get LTE coverage up, no pricing schemes can save them.@akaDashan do it in January in Canada. It would be more impressive than doing it in August.
@reformedbroker it's so much easier to shout China, Europe and Japan than reading 10Q and listening to ER conference calls.@withoutdoing @comradewong like 90% of NYTimes stories.@R_Scott_Martin what app send you the notification?
Russian+Chinese leaders call for UN intervention in restive American town of Ferguson, racked by sectarian conflict http://t.co/Xtq8j984ap
Retweeted by Joe Zou@GSElevator guess you still haven't made it. partners at GS don't leave Hampton on Sunday. They fly Monday morning.@BenedictEvans 5C is the choice of late buyers. 5s&5c launched on china mobile 5 months late. Relative strength of 5c increases with time.@BenedictEvans tim cook said on the conference call, installment plan actually helped iPhones sell.@BenedictEvans @FinsUpDNC that's not what Tim cook said on the conference call.@BenedictEvans @FinsUpDNC you need to compare 5c to last year's 4S, not 5S. 5c is doing well in china relative to 4S.@counternotions they don't go extinct, they just evolve into a different species.@ianbremmer the Chinese fought Chinese military equipment in Vietnam.@voxdotcom I call that BS.Puppy swimming and fetch https://t.co/xpvge5hftc@BenedictEvans or the "same store" sale equivalent, same product line sales and margin comp?Just because a cat is black doesn't mean it can't call pigs black: “@rupertmurdoch:NSA privacy invasion bad, but nothing compared to Google”@raykwong a bit misleading. Who depend on China for GDP Growth is more important than % of absolutely GDP.@monkbent @hunterwalk @tealtan the credibility of Wapo is now lower than Rupert Murdoch's NYPO.@george_chen @OCLPHK in about 10 years, Shanghai will render honkong irrelevant economically, so they will just make it 1C1S.by the 3rd rotation, you'd have ε left in your account.
@BenedictEvans not so sure about that. Will they have means to view today's video format? Will today's video content still exist in 200 y?@turleymuller I think Apple is following ITunes Genius play list approach.@turleymuller maybe because "people who download twitter app also download these app"? Apple would know from its data.@brianshall @turleymuller and we have different utility function.@turleymuller @brianshall twitter related suggestions are listed. It's similar to amazon product recommendation.@brianshall @turleymuller those are highly rated apps following twitter. They are not junk. The search is clever actually.@brianshall @turleymuller it seen ok to me? http://t.co/wY2xvojlSd@jonfortt @kaylatausche more impressive of you do it voluntarily.@jonfortt @kaylatausche not impressed. Try it in January when it's -5 degree outside.Not impressed by this ice bucket thing in August. Try it again in January and I might be impressed. #ALSIceBucketChallenge
@ZhouFengSuo @WSJ reporters lack common sense.@wsj somehow the number doesn't seem right. 100 million is 7% of entire China's population. NO, I don't think 7% of Chinese left China.
this shows that iWatch is water proof: Tim Cook taking the ice bucket challenge http://t.co/VVYlux5PKY http://t.co/c1X8NXeFSV@comradewong for a nytimes reporter, you are quite naive.@comradewong too soon to tell. Wait till the cop is acquitted.@TheDomino did Cooperman sell Seaworld before yesterday?Play time https://t.co/w0hHDlIqz8@TheStalwart Gleenwood's assistant?@TheDomino @ScottWapnerCNBC but did they get out before yesterday's crash? Or they sold and took a huge loss?@hblodget @jyarow they have more share in Japan than in US@asymco cars kill, tablet only causes divorce.@hblodget @jyarow 5% Mac PC share translates to more than 50% PC profit share. 15% iPhone market share -> 75% smart phone profit share!@ReformedBroker @YahooFinance how to crash the party?@cultofmac I don't see any ice in the water.
Beijing People's Armed Police Landed in Ferguson, MO? http://t.co/UR10IqP1pEWhite House refuses U.N. offer of a peace keeping force from France, Qatar and Morocco to be deployed to one of its states called Missouri.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@george_chen @chiyin_sim from mainland to HK, Macau and Taiwan are inter-domestic departures.@jonfortt they better move fast. It's most profitable PC customer is about to switch to ARM's chip.@jonfortt thanks. Communication 101, don't assume your audience know what you're talking about. was looking up ticker ALS, there isn't one.@jonfortt what's ALS?Richard Kinder guaranteed 5% div. yld growing at 10% a year till 2020. That's 15% annual return. do the math: 1.15^5= 2. #nobrainer $KMI@ReformedBroker @RBAdvisors but you forgot everyone is ABOVE Average!
@FacesPics Genetically modified? Or naturally mutated?@marketwatch both are horribleBallmer considers Potential new names for LA Clippers: LA Zunes, LA Developers, LA Surfaces, LA Windows, LAX Boxes.@SammyWalrusIV unfair to retail store workers who can't eat in stores.@SammyWalrusIV glad you don't run apple!
@benedictevans what are the numbers in brackets?@ericjackson @Yahoo so Jack Ma can send all yahoo emails back to Beijing? It'll never get approved by regulators around the world.a beautiful Monday morning made fabulous by $kmi, $kmp, and a family of deers! http://t.co/b91YEv46A6
@gruber need well-known VC to generate IPO buzz and them feed the muppets?Google tv remote has 78 buttons, Apple designers decided only 3 are needed. http://t.co/qb6izMo1LB@ReformedBroker no tax impact unless you sell. K-1 capital account balance becomes new Cost base.@engineerhunter $kmi is money good. Mr. Richard Kinder's personal fortune is tied to KMI.So $KMI buys out MLP $KMP to become a c-corp. next they will become a REIT!@CapitalObserver @UnionSquareGrp little antitrust risk and arb spread will be tiny.@CapitalObserver @UnionSquareGrp the arb spread will be tiny. don't expect big arb hedge. Stk open above 40 because 16% div hike post deal.@KevinKingsbury @JSKtrade 10% guided div. growth rate!@unionsquaregrp open up above $40 because 16% dividend hike for post deal $KMI and 10% div. growth till 2020. the arb spread will be tiny.$KMP= 2.1921*$KMI +$10.77, Post deal KMI dividend starts at $2 per share with expected 10% annual growth till 2020. http://t.co/59nNVCbQBvbest news of the weekend: “@DanaMattioli: Kinder Morgan to Consolidate in $70 Billion Deal $KMI $KMP http://t.co/OQdRPRDjhG@ianbremmer Rodham/Bush
Super moon over the harbor http://t.co/4vd4UKYVVK@EmanuelDerman @mzmyslowski I once saw a research paper by a Microsoft PhD on this, it sounded very convincing..@TMZ wait, you mean Aunt Jemima was really Aunt Harrington? I feel cheated all these years making wrong pancake! http://t.co/AHbI73OJ0x
Noted It's 8pm August 8, #888Apparently Pointer Sisters are performing live at the Blue Whale Low Tea. I say that as if I knew who Pointer Sisters were!@sama @fmanjoo is he saying august 8 is not a lucky day? Where are the Chinese buyers? #888@recode no@benedictevans you forget airport extreme and time capsule@sammywalrusiv you meant Bezos?@BloombergNews @CoryTV how about a correction? http://t.co/HzD6AYh83a
@ChuBailiang but @BloombergNews didn't know that@rakeshlobster @BenBajarin iPhone has much higher resell value than plastic android phones. I think people are starting to realize that.@TheStalwart BI? No such thing.Fire Department Chopper buzz over residual fire at Fire Island Pines Meat Rack Section. https://t.co/BGUJHArLJJFire over Mount Everest of Fire Island Pines, Meat Rack District. https://t.co/2gGv4uI3Q4Fire over Mount Everest, Fire Island Pines, Meat Rack District. http://t.co/iMTwrvwaje@JoshConstine it's a Ponzi scheme.
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