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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@neilcybart a subsistence innovation is not a "sustaining innovation"@ReformedBroker but these are not independent factors. The correlation is 80% or more."..Who began his career as a walker of Hollywood wives".
@counternotions @gassee @goldkorn 杀鸡给猴看@FortuneMagazine does Apple, with $200bn cash, $230bn in annual revenue, need to be saved? Is it in trouble? #wtfWow, where am I going to stay next time I'm in Tokyo? Only Hotel I know in Tokyo is closing. pre, during, and post plastic surgery?@jandawson no joint on air interview either.@backlon noThe Chinese American cook who tested the 14th Amendment in SCOTUS in 1895: @mims @wsj wrong. own an car and a chauffeur@george_chen pay dividend with borrowed money? it will work for sure.@george_chen @stephenmcdonell can we have this guy come over and arrest some CNBC talking heads? the world is better off w/o them.@emanuelderman actually, its the third party apps. Apple just enables them.
@briandavidearp @Floridi true for New Yorkers (formerly New Amsterdam).@zijing_wu @tombuerkle wouldn't it be nice if CNBC talking heads are forced to confess their sins of talking their own books?MTV is still a thing in 2015? Where is Adam Curry?When every US reporter is making fun of Chinese economic statistics, I begin to think the numbers may be accurate. People's daily - NYT@marcoarment i heard two people died of Plague from El Capitan@felixsalmon no. youtube is not even available in China.@shawnmilrad no, only Taifeng@bwmhelp stock broker?So Canadians are to Americans what the Mongols were to the Chinese. do you sell LTE router that can convert LTE signal to wifi and can be used as a part of shared data plan? Like mifi, but better.@pschiller @lisapjackson no bun at all. Just eat the meat.@conradhackett @fmanjoo your colors are wrong. Should be half in Blue and other half in red.
@jowens510 @MarketWatch @jbooton hey news flash: Apple's general counsel makes more dough than you.@george_chen how do they control "expectation"? mind control?
@tombuerkle @reuters FBI insists on having a backdoor to the drones.@mgsiegler is it a VZ mifi? my Verizon mifi is a big data leaker.@charlesarthur @gassee if we don't, sell all your shares immediately.@neilcybart let's see, watch, tv, advertise, fashion, music, automobile, solar, forestry, home builders, china analysts, seems all related.@neilcybart that was a Falun Gong convention, wow, the Chinese government can't be pleased.@neilcybart will we see Zedd performing at the special event? a stage rehearsal perhaps? better than U2.@mims Best Buy CEO has an answer:
@nntaleb @EmanuelDerman $20k/year for a Bloomberg login is a huge price umbrella for startups.@nntaleb @EmanuelDerman is there a mathematical model explaining why Bloomberg's Terminal business model hasn't been disrupted yet?Dan Loeb’s Ashley Madison profile includes a birthday that matches Loeb’s but makes him six years younger. #liar did Luca personally sign the invite?@maggienyt @nytimes that's because there is nothing to the story other than that NYT had an ax to grind with the Clintons since 1992.9/9/2015 is reserved. is that a term used for weather control by decree? Or your roommate's English is confused
@barronstechblog yes@BenedictEvans @inafried you are not thinking different.@fmanjoo @bxchen is that the same Iphone-has-no-chance-in-Japan mr. chen? If so, not reading.@barronstechblog bad linkit took a dead panda baby for the Dow to surge 600 pt. coincidence? i think not.@sm_sears because a Panda baby is dead.@neilcybart i thought Windows phone should be number 2 by now according to some research firm named IDC@mims but not before VOX fails.@johnjharwood @marcorubio why is that a bad thing? it proves America is still the greatest country.@nyetwork thanks. Is there an analytical proof not involving brute force elimination by machines?@george_chen and GS board director Rajat Gupta was in jail for insider trading.@george_chen They did arrest a top bankers from GS, Robert Freeman, for insider trading.@nyetwork @AlgebraFact @Javi that's not a proof for any number beyond 40585.
Tried to prove this statement over happy hour, I failed. @Javi can you prove that statement?Best Buy CEO talking about Apple Watch demands: @eric_analytics @neilcybart Tim Cook >>> some random small hedge fund guy.@eric_analytics @neilcybart Apple's general counsel makes much more money than some random lawyers on twitter.@dcurtis like everyone else, make an appointment using your AppStore app and stop whining.@kenli729 fail. my corner store will deliver my booze in under 10 minutes.@johnjharwood so @jebbush loves Mexican Anchor babies and hates Asian Anchor babies?@obrien @msquinn until Uber allow dogs to ride in the cars, it's still better owning a car. traveling with my dog is priceless.@emanuelderman mostly domestic savings. the guy issued warning about China collapse in 2009, what's the expiration date for his call?@BaldingsWorld @tomphillipsin @Brenda_Kelly RMB loosely pegged to $, a weakened dollar helps china export to euro zone, jpn and UK.@BaldingsWorld @tomphillipsin @Brenda_Kelly actually, the two day selloff strengthened €,£, and ¥ against $, china's real objective.
@eric_analytics if certain superlatives on CNBC are banned, the market would function better.@eric_analytics they always do. I wish we'd ban certain words on CNBC.PSA: China's stock market is not very important to Its real economy. Its leaders don't really care, Hence the half-hearted intervention.China's markets open down 6.4 percent. If this leads to another fall in NYSE I'm going all in. China's falls means nothing. It's a casino.
Retweeted by Joe Zou.@MikeBloomberg is keeping scores: Bush Clarifies That He’s Concerned About Asian 'Anchor Babies,' Not Hispanic Ones @business obviously Michael Bloomberg is keeping scores.@austenallred exhibit A right here: FortuneMagazine: Apple CEO Tim Cook may be in trouble with the SEC @alexouzounis after I read that iEconomy series by NYT that I knew was a hatchet job, I stopped reading all NYT reportings.@rebeccaballhaus even after what he said about hedge fund guys?@carlquintanilla does this mean @cnbc will stop inciting panic now? no?@ericjackson @fmanjoo why not, for you to carp at this is beyond pathetic.It takes one to know one: screens: beautiful day outside and the market is off the low, $aapl goes green. Not bad really. still using flash? time to switch to HTML5!@neilcybart the note said nothing specific about the future sales, only July and August. he's well covered.Cash has options value, it's time to think about exercising some of the options.
@isomorphisms @felixsalmon economists like to pretend they are mathematician.@isomorphisms @felixsalmon sounds like a Stanford macroeconomist speaking.@neilcybart so flat ytd, just like us.@EmanuelDerman that's a known unknown. The guy in charge of anti-corruption, Wang Qishan, is the cleanest (never married and no kids help).@EmanuelDerman not free but probably among the cleanest,@MacRumors yup@benthompson @drance @counternotions not to mention the shape of wrists is rectangular
The reason that Japan's economy is not going to be fixed by printing money.
@CNBC is he bullish on oil in Yen term or Yuan term?@abnormalreturns because of efficient market?@neilcybart @Reuters great timing. The guy's stock grant priced 20% lower.@neilcybart another 50% to go.
@counternotions f) open relationship startup@carlquintanilla @BW_React People will just shop at places where apple pay works.
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